29 Interesting Sandwich facts May Amaze You

Sandwich Facts

A sandwich is a slice of bread or it is called as a bread roll on which some delicious additional foods are placed. There are huge number and different types of sandwiches available in the market. Sandwich has become a stable for lunch. The first subway sandwich market was open in the year 1965. The … Read more

Interesting Facts About Cheesecake


We are blessed with such wide delicious varieties of foods. Especially when it comes to the part of cakes, it is loved by billions worldwide. Although there are several varieties and flavors in cakes, one of the most favorite and delicious ones is cheesecakes. We can even think of a cake that is more delicious … Read more

Interesting facts about June

facts about june

Days are long, and the weather is warmer. The pride month, which holds the sixth position in the Gregorian calendar, is the month “June.” It comes from a Latin word called “lunis,” which generally refers to the Roman goddess. It is also considered Juno, and Juno is the counterpart of Greek Hera. Juno was an … Read more

16 Interesting Facts About The Color Orange May Amaze You

orange color

Color orange is an essential combination of yellow and red colors, and this keeps advancing as the different layers and shades of orange keep evolving. When new contracts are mixed with orange, incredible combinations are formed, and this is best known by those who are always in contact with colors. From the sun with the … Read more

15 Interesting Facts About The Color Grey May Amaze You

grey color

The color grey is usually considered an intermediate color between white and black. Grey is a very achromatic or neutral color which typically means “without color,” as it can be composed of both white and black. This achromatic color is the color of ash, lead, and a cloud-covered sky. The term “grey” is more common … Read more