25 Interesting Facts About December May Blow Your Mind

facts about december

According to the Gregorian and the Julian calendars, December is the last and the twelfth month of the entire year. This month is also among the seven months with a length of 31 days and in the last month. The month of December got its name from the Decem word in Latin, meaning ten. Initially, … Read more

30 Interesting cryptocurrency facts May Amaze You

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Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies will open your investments to new possibilities. It is a new type of digital currency that can be used to sell and buy things and have the potential to store and grow value that has caught the eye of millions of investors. There are several cryptocurrencies available in the market … Read more

21 interesting facts about color pink you didn’t know before

facts about color pink

Facts About Color Pink According to the surveys in the United States of America and Europe pink colour is mostly associated with sensitivity, politeness, charm, sweetness and also it has a palliative effect on people. Pink is a combination of red and white and is described as a tint. When humans see colours or simply … Read more

26 Interesting Facts About South Africa May Surprise You

Facts About South Africa

Most Interesting Facts About South Africa The official name of South Africa is the Republic of South Africa, located in the southern end of Africa. It is a country that is hard to forget once visited. It is one of the most exciting countries globally with its natural beauty, wildlife and sunshine. The country is … Read more

25 Interesting Facts About Color Black May Surprise You

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Facts about color black The black color is formed due to the absence of the complete absorption of visible light. Without any hue, it is one of the achromatic colors like gray and white and is often figuratively and symbolically used to represent the darkness. The colors black and white are typically used to represent … Read more

21 Most Amazing Sushi Facts May Amaze You

Sushi Facts

Sushi Facts A traditional staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine called sushi is usually made with vinegared rice and some salt and sugar. The dish is often accompanied by various other ingredients such as vegetables and seafood, often raw. The sushi presentations and their styles vary widely, but the most common ingredient key to the … Read more