Interesting Facts about Dewberry

Facts about Dewberry

Nature is one of the most beautiful things that Earth has ever experienced. Without suitable natural conditions, living on Earth would have been next to impossible. However, people nowadays forget to give the deserved respect to mother Earth and instead find ways to exploit it to a much greater extent. This is surely an awful … Read more

Interesting Facts about Figs

Facts about Figs

The world is filled with a lot of different living and non-living things. Living things are not only human beings but also animals and plants. Every living and non-living thing on earth has many interesting facts that most people are unaware of. Out of numerous plants, the fig is the one which is an Asian … Read more

Interesting Facts about Night

Facts about Night

The earth goes through its circular motion around the sun, and also it revolves around its axis. This is the everyday science we have learned through our schools and colleges. The resultant of this motion is the day and night we experience on this living planet. While there are a lot of mysteries still waiting … Read more

Interesting Facts about Perfumes

facts about perfumes

Generally, perfumes are a mixture of various aromatic compounds or fragrant essential oils and solvents and fixatives. They are typically in liquid form, which gives animals, the human body, objects, food, and various living spaces a pleasant and decent scent. In 1939, Leopold Ruzicka, the Nobel laureate of chemistry, stated that from the beginning days … Read more

Interesting Facts about Houses

Facts about Houses

Our life has three necessities from the very ancient period. Those are food, water, and shelter. All the organisms in the world need proper shelter to be safe from harsh environmental conditions. Humans are no exceptions. We have wandered for protection from the very beginning of human existence. Now that we have modernized, we live … Read more