Interesting Facts about April

Facts about April

Every month of the year is exceptional as each of them has different qualities and drawbacks. Rainy season brings very much happiness, romance, and fun in people’s lives while summer gives sun kissed experiences to the people. These seasons are experienced by the people in the first half of every year, and that is why … Read more

Interesting Facts about IPL May Blow Your Mind

Facts About IPL

The fifteenth edition of the Indian Premier League is yet to start in a while, and there is going to be a craze about it in a few days. The craze is justified as the IPL has become a money-making event for the organizers, players, and the parties involved. It is not a goody-goody type … Read more

Interesting Facts about momos

Facts about momos

The history of momo in Nepal is ancient. It goes back to as early as the fourteenth century. It was initially an authentic Newari food consumed in the Kathmandu valley, and it was later introduced to Tibet, China, etc. Now it has gone as far as Japan. This transmission was possible because a Nepalese princess … Read more

Interesting Facts about Nectarine

Facts about Nectarine

Nature gives us amply with both hands. We are gifted beautiful flowers, fruits, vegetables, and much more. Not only are we gifted with these things, but we can get sound nourishment from these things. Most fruits or flower fruits contain ingredients that are beneficial for human health. Nectarines or peaches, which is the most common … Read more