25 Interesting facts about the bible

Interesting facts about the bible

In Christianity, Islam, Samaritans, Rastafarian, and Judaism, including several other faiths, the bible is a sacred collection of religious texts, scriptures, and writings. It is presented in the anthology, a compilation of a wide range of readers, all linked to the beliefs and collective revelations regarding God. The texts focus on theologically historical accounts, prayers, parables, hymns, proverbs, admonitions, poetry, didactic letters, prophecies, and essays.

The bible is often considered the product of divine inspiration by the believers. Traditionally, the board included in the bible is often known as the canon. They mainly indicate the traditional views of the collection regarding the true and proper representation of God’s will and words. Among different Christian groups, the attitude towards the bible also differs. The protestant churches mainly focus on sola scriptura or known as the scripture.

In contrast, the high church Anglicans, eastern orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics, and Methodists stress the importance and harmony of the Bible and the sacred traditions. The Bible has a profound impact in the western world, especially on history and literature. The Gutenberg bible was the first-ever bible book printed with the movable type. 

Interesting facts about the bible

Originally, the Bible was written in three different languages- the bible was written in three other languages: Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew. Most of the old statements in the bible have been reported in Hebrew because the original readers spoke this language. Only a few statements have been recorded in Aramaic. Still, all the new testaments of the bible are written in the Greek language only because at that time, Greek was the most commonly spoken language.

The bible is made up of 611,000 words- the bible word count in its original languages is estimated to be 611,000 words long, making it longer than the Moby Dick and is as long as the infamous harry potter saga.

Traditionally the bible was written by more than 40 writers in total- traditionally, the bible book mainly was attributed to the heroes of Christian and Jewish faiths. While the first five books are mostly credited to Moses, the remaining books are credited to the prophets. 

The holy book was written by people belonging to a diverse occupational background- it is estimated that half of the bible has been written by Psalms, with several parts, including the Ecclesiastes and proverbs, have been penned by the kings. While tentmakers have penned down the rest, another part of this holy book, farmers, homeless prophets, fishermen, a professional scribe, pastors, and a doctor.

Jeremiah – the longest book in the bible- prophet Jeremiah wrote the longest book in the bible, and the book is based upon the current arrangement of the bible books. But if we consider the longest book in the old school way, then the two-part books of the kings can be regarded as the longest book in the bible.

3 John – the shortest bible book- the bible book called 3 John is considered the most straightforward bible book and can be ready within a minute. The second most concise book is right before 3 John called 2 John.

Books containing the old testament are differently arranged in the Judaism- the English bibles that we use are the group of bibles organized loosely according to the literature. But in the Old Testament books, the first-ever book is the book of the first law, while the second book contains Israel’s history in its promised land, and then the book of poetry and wisdom comes succeeded by the book written by the prophets.

The Bible contains around 185 songs in it- the book penned by the Psalms contains around 150 songs. But in both the new and old testaments, people always sing the songs containing the events around God and about god. If you count the portions of the respective scriptures labeled only as the psalm, song, chant, or the dirge, then 185 songs are the bare minimum count.

Over centuries the Authorship of Hebrews has remained anonymous- several books containing the old testaments are written by unknown, and the tradition has never identified the author from Esther, Joshua kings, or their jobs. Also, several books containing traditional authors have been edited and penned down by various other people.

The trinity word has never been mentioned in the books of the bible- one of the common beliefs among the Christians is that God exists eternally in 3 different persons, the father, the holy spirit, and the son Jesus Christ. All these three persons are considered divine in the scripture of sacred books.

The books of the bible were written in three different continents- initially, the bible was written in three different continents, and the central part of the bible was written in Israel itself. At the same time, some good chunks of Jeremiah were penned down in Egypt, and the other parts of this holy book were written in the cities of Europe.

The bossiest book of the bible is the book of James- the book of James is considered the bossiest in the books of bibles. This book contains the highest concentrations of words compared to the other group of books.

The division of the books into first and second parts- in old times, the printing of such massive tones of words from each book of the bible at the same time was nearly impossible. So to avoid this problem, some of the books of the bible have been divided into two parts, such as the 1 and 2 kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles, and the 1 and 2 Samuel book.

Interesting facts about the bible

The oldest living person in the bible- Methuselah – from the bible, Methuselah is considered the most senior person who has ever lived. It is estimated that he lived for about 969 years altogether, but later it was thought of as mistranslation and is believed to have lived for 969 lunar months since the early Judaic tribes mostly used the lunar months for gauging their time.

Yahweh sues Israel for breaching the contract- according to the old testaments, Yahweh or the god sues Israel for breaching the contract. And it is the only instance in the whole bible where god has initiated a lawsuit against humans.

God killed more people than Satan – according to some of the stories in the book of bibles, Satan has killed only 10 people while god itself has killed a minimum of 2,400,000 people.

Jerusalem, the city of pure gold and glass- the new testaments in the Bible book have mentioned that an enormous city called Jerusalem will descend from heaven. This city will be made up of pure gold and clear glass and will have a dimension of about 1.9 million squares in miles. 

The longest word in the bible- mahershalalhashbaz – mahershalalhashbaz is considered the longest word in the books of the bible. This word is found in Isaiah 8:3, and the literal meaning of this word is swift is the spoil, and speedy is the plunder.

The old testaments are followed by the major religions- the most prominent religions, including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, mainly follow the old testaments in the Bible book. But when it comes to the new testaments, specific differences in beliefs arise among the groups.

Origin of Islam- according to some studies, it is believed that the origin of Islam took place from Ishmael. Ishmael was the son of Abraham from one of his concubines named Hagar. 

The bible consists of only 12 prophets in total – in the holy book of the bible, around 12 prophets are mentioned in total, and all of them are attributed with the old testament. These 12 prophets are Joel, Hosea, Jonah, Amos, Micah, Obadiah, Nahum, Haggai, Zephaniah, Zechariah, Malachi, and Habakkuk.

The first-ever man to ever print the bible in English – William Tyndale- William Tyndale was to produce an English version of the bible. He was burned for producing this English version of the bible because, according to the Catholic Church, translating the books of the bible to English from Latin could lead to misinterpretations.

The country with the highest number of bible production- with over 600 employees, the amity printing company, located in the Nanjing of china, continuously produces bibles every year. Therefore, China is considered the world’s current largest bible-producing country.

The bible doesn’t have an account of the total number of children and women – in the bible, the total number of children and women are not recorded when talking about the population. The bible has only recorded the number of men.

25. The bible had shown historical accuracy- when several disciples and authors were penning down the new testaments, some historians also penned down about the same events in the Bible. Tacitus and Flavius Josephus are the historians who showed new testaments’ accuracy in their writings.

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