These 4 Amazing Facts About Tesla Phone May Blow Your Mind

Amazing Facts About TESLA Phone

Who has ever thought that smartphones will become an unconscious habit in our life? From morning on social media to evening at work, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Since the last decade, smartphones have become a revolutionary change in the world of science and technology. Many companies are competing to bring out the best technology ever possible in a smartphone. Companies like Samsung, Nokia, Redmi, oppo, vivo have made their place in the world of technology. In recent times, Tesla has become a star in the constellation of technology.


It has the most astonishing technology anyone has ever seen in their life. Tesla is an automobile company that came into existence in 2003. Its primary shareholder was Elon Musk. The company began to be in the news in 2020 due to their exceptional innovations. One of the hottest questions asked in the search engines is when will Tesla be releasing a smartphone? This year the company has officially declared that they will be releasing their smartphones in the market very soon. The phone will be called Tesla Model Pi.

Revolution of Tesla Smartphone

Most people have already started the discussion about the revolution that Tesla will be bringing into the market. In addition to that, other companies fear that they might suffer a great deal in this competitive race. However, it is unfortunate that the release date has been kept a secret by the company. Still, its appearance and features are making headlines. The designer of the tesla smartphone is Antonio De Rosa, a technological expert in making creative innovations for apple products.

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So far, the market experts have noted that the design of the smartphone is quite similar to the iphone 12. The phone has four cameras in a square frame, and its sides are rounded with a silvery tint is enough to show people that both the phones will have a certain resemblance, but that does not mean that it will not have any differences. Come on, we all are talking about Tesla, the revolutionary company that has not even left the opportunity to visit space. The gadget will be full of innovations.

Colour changing case of the Tesla smartphone is one of the most Interesting facts about Tesla smartphone. that has been developed with a photochromic coating that will sparkle with various colours under sunlight. Others will not see the front camera. It will probably be located in the display, and solar panels will be used to charge the smartphones. The models’ names, company logos, and the designer will be on the back panel.

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The developers have tried to bring out the best in features of tesla:

  • The gadget will support Starlink satellite internet.The researchers have said that the data download will be up to 210 megabytes per second.
  • The users can even use their gadgets to mine Marscoin cryptocurrency. So people can even make money by mining with delight.
  • It will support Neuralink technology that will directly get information from the brain.
  • The smartphone will be able to link with other Tesla devices.

Elon Musk neverending visionary has led him to achieve the unimaginable. He leads a marvellous group, SpaceX, which has made an extensive contract with NASA. The Tesla car is still making news as it is currently the best-selling plug-in and battery electric car manufacturer in the world. Another interesting facts of tesla smartphone is that it also exports its model across the world to more than 30 countries. The car can offer about 288 horsepower.

Tesla Model Pi Security

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The smartphone will support Starlink internet. Starlink is a satellite-based internet, and it was launched last year. However, researchers have discovered the Starlink satellite internet can be hacked easily. Elon Musks company has developed such a technique that can be a store house for storing user database and all the datas are end-to-end encrypted. This will provide people with safety. Moreover, some hackers have successfully interrupted the traffic.

They hacked the satellite channels and attacked with malicious programs. So, if buying a smartphone is a bullet in your bucket list, then make sure to know about protection and implement it on the phone. Some of the ways can be using the no-logging VPN, disabling GPS and antivirus software usage. These are some of the Interesting facts about tesla smartphones and the future of the upcoming generation.

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Technology is advancing day by day. Every day we come across newer technology and concepts. One such exemplary company is Tesla. They have brought many unimaginable and out of the blue products in the world’s trading market. There are several examples of insurgent products produced by them. There is no doubt that Tesla is emerging as a world-class company. The way the company is creating and integrating technology is really out of mind. We all know that the world is facing an environmental crisis in these times.

Considering this fact, Tesla has put forward its solution by making electric cars that will reduce fuel emissions, making the environment less polluted. The company is renowned for its remarkable technology that supplies the technology which is demanded in the market. The declaration for the release of the phone has already created chaos in the world. Its features are spectacular, and the display is also majestic. The most astounding features are Starlink and the neuro links. The Starlink feature states that you can be able to use the phone even in space.

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Imagine someday you became an astronaut and visited mars, and you called your mom from there telling her that you have successfully landed on mars without any interventions. That would be the most remarkable feature as far as aerospace is concerned. And about the impressive neural link feature, what to say? It will be able to connect with the brain, and can you imagine your phone connected to your brain and using it however you like without touching it.

It definitely will be a ten-on-ten feature if Tesla will be able to pull this off. However, it will be better to have hardware encryption that will protect the users from hacking. Still, it is a worthwhile phone to spend money on.

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