Interesting Facts About Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Land of Maple Syrup has never failed to surprise the world with its iconic creations. One of them is popularly known by the name of Canada dry ginger ale. Most of you must be wondering what Canada dry ginger ale is? Why is it so popular, or what is so special about it? The answer might differ from person to person. Many will claim it for its health benefits, while others mostly prefer it because of its unique taste and flavour. Canada Dry has been a brand manufacturing soft drinks since 2008 and is owned by the American company Keurig Dr. Pepper.

Interesting facts about Canada Dry Ginger ale

The interesting name of the Drink: From the past century, the brand has been known mostly for its ginger ale, but along with it, the company produces several other soft drinks and a variety of mixers. Originally the company was founded in Canada, but today it has its production in several other countries, including Mexico, Chile, the United States, Japan, and the Middle East countries and Europe.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

John J. McLaughlin was the one who first produced the Canada dry pale ginger ale. He made it as a soft drink, but it was very less sweet compared to the ginger ales available at that time. Hence, as a result, he labeled the ginger ale as the dry ginger ale. This dry in the brand’s name originally means a dry wine and not sweet.

Canada Dry Ginger ale: Most of us do not know what exactly ginger ale is? Canada Dry Ginger ale is a carbonated soft drink flavored with spice ginger and a sweetener. Manufacturers mostly classify commercial ginger ale drinks like soda.

Ingredients of ginger ale: Preparation of ginger ale is quite simple. But have follow some standard procedures for quick preparation. Here the product is prepared with the fermentation of yeast, gibeger ale, sugar, ginger root, essence and water. A ginger bug is a culture of beneficial bacteria derived from the ginger beer plant accommodating Saccharomyces florentines and Lactobacillus hilgardii or fresh ginger root consisting of Lactobacillus bacteria and wild yeast. Yeast Fermentation causes carbonation resulting in a carbonated product. The presence of ethanol in ginger ale can be controlled by modifying the fermentation time. Processed ginger ale commonly contains:

  • Carbonated water.
  • A sweetener like sugar or high fructose corn syrup.
  • The ginger flavour might be artificial or natural.

The most popular ingredients are a complex mix of spices, fruits, and other flavors like lemon, lime, and cane sugar. Also, occasionally pineapple and honey are added.

Preservatives added: Commercial ginger ale is preserved by adding bactericide and pasteurization, which also helps regulate the pH level. Mostly by using the solution of salicylic acid, commercial ginger ale is preserved. Salicylic acid also has bactericidal and antiseptic properties. Because of higer carbonic acid concentration Canada dry Ginger ale is more acidic. It’s ph is about 2.82

Different types of ginger ale: Ginger ale is not limited to the dry type but also has several popular varieties. These varieties are as follows:

Regular type: This category consists of sodas, traditional ginger ales, which contain ginger, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, and carbonation. They may also consist of varied ingredients depending on the brand.

Dry-type: This category involves the most marketed soft drinks. The term dry describes the ginger ale comprising spicier or drier ginger flavour, having comparatively less sweet taste than the regular type. There is a special way for the processing of this ginger ale. If the concentration of ginger becomes more, then it is called Canada dry, bold ginger ale.

Diet type: This type has also created an uproar in the market as it contains calorie-free natural or artificial sweeteners in place of sugar. It is also referred to as Canada dry diet ginger ale. Your best type of ginger ale will depend on your personal preferences of taste and ingredients.

Uses of ginger ale: As a beverage: it is loved both as a soft drink and as a mixer in cocktails. It also acts as a non-alcoholic substitute for champagne or beer as they resemble each other in appearance. It is also included in beer to make shandy. For those who do not know what a shandy is? Shandy is a beer mixed with lemon or lime-flavored drink.

As a medicine: As ginger is incorporated in the ale, it is often recommended as a home remedy 

for different stomach and intestinal problems.

Benefits of ginger ale:

The ginger ale itself is not a healthy food since it has high sugar or fructose content. It might have the following benefits as ginger itself rules the traditional medicinal world. Canada dry, bold ginger ale has more amount of ginger, so that it might have the following benefits:

Reduce nausea: Ginger has been known to reduce stomach problems and nausea since time immemorial. Ginger consists of gingerols and shogaols, which are natural compounds that are known for their medicinal properties.

Antioxidant effects: Ginger is a natural source of antioxidants that protect the cells against free radicals and plays a role in other health-related problems.

Treating migraines: According to a study, ginger, when placed under the tongue, reduces migraine pain.

Reduce inflammation: Ginger contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects on the brain and joints.

Alternative of caffeinated beverages: Since ginger ale is naturally caffeine-free, it can be a potential alternative to cola and other caffeinated beverages. The health benefits listed above are based on the amount of ginger present in the ginger ale.

Nutrient information of Canada dry Ginger Ale:

Other benefits of the Canada dry ginger ale can be derived from its composition. It contains 138 calories, 0g fat, 49.7 g sodium, 36g carbohydrates, 35g sugars, 0g fiber, and 0g protein. This nutrition information of Canada’s dry ginger ale is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Carbohydrates: one of the standards of Canada dry is that of carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates are obtained from sugars, so they do not contribute to your healthy diet.

Fats: One of the major aspects of this drink is that it helps in avoiding trans fat as it has no fat.

Proteins: Since it has no protein, it does not offer the benefits of proteins.

Calories: Canada dry Ginger ale accounts for about 7% of a standard 2000 daily calorie diet. These calories have no meaning since they lack beneficial nutrients.

Downsides of Canada dry : Most of the brands of ginger ale are void of ginger. They do not use ginger root or ginger bug instead, they use ginger flavoring. As the drink is well known for its added sugar or high fructose corn syrup, it is not beneficial for your long-term consumption. It might result in me showing some adverse effects like weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and cavities.

We all are aware that consumption of sugary drinks results in weight gain, and acts as a potential source for developing diabetes and tooth decay. Due to this Canada dry diet, ginger ale is more preferred over the other ones. However, drinking once or twice will not have that negative impact on health. But in the long term, consumption might lead to health deterioration.

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