Interesting Facts About Cheesecake


We are blessed with such wide delicious varieties of foods. Especially when it comes to the part of cakes, it is loved by billions worldwide. Although there are several varieties and flavors in cakes, one of the most favorite and delicious ones is cheesecakes. We can even think of a cake that is more delicious … Read more

Interesting Facts about Yam

Facts about Yam

Fruits and vegetables are the best and most natural support systems of humans. Without these two components, people will have to suffer from starvation as, without the production of vegetables, no other essential and nutritious things can be prepared. Thus, vegetables especially hold a significant place in adding nutrition value to food & life of … Read more

Interesting Facts about Dragon fruit

Facts about Dragon fruit

The dragon fruit is originally named ‘pitaya’ or ‘pitahaya’ and is the fruit from the genus ‘Stenocereus’ in the family Cactaceae. Sweet pitayas are mainly of three types. Selenicereus undatus Selenicereus costaricensis Selenicereus megalanthus It is a tropical fruit that develops from a flower and has loads of nutrients. It helps to maintain health, but … Read more