26 Interesting Facts About South Africa May Surprise You

Facts About South Africa

Most Interesting Facts About South Africa The official name of South Africa is the Republic of South Africa, located in the southern end of Africa. It is a country that is hard to forget once visited. It is one of the most exciting countries globally with its natural beauty, wildlife and sunshine. The country is … Read more

33 Interesting facts about India may amaze you

facts about india

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INDIA INTRODUCTION: India is popularly known as the land of diverse cultures or land of unity in diversity. People of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian live together happily in the same land. India is mother to 1.38 billion people and ranks second in terms of population in the world. If … Read more



Nowadays, people are mostly involved in two things that are phone and work. They seriously lack time for themselves. Even on their off days, they decide to stay in and rest. This is their everyday busy, boring schedule. Are you one of them who is hell worn out of this schedule and looking for something … Read more

30 Interesting Facts about Russia May Blow Your Mind

Facts about Russia

Facts about Russia The Russian Federation, known as Russia, is a transcontinental country that spans northern Asia and Eastern Europe. With an estimated landmass of about 17 million square kilometers, the area is considered the largest country in the whole world. The country encompasses more than one-eighth of the earth’s total inhabited area and crosses … Read more

Top 27 Interesting Facts Italy May Amaze You

Interesting Facts Italy

We all love pizza no matter where we come from, whenever we hear pizza we are reminded of Italy. This country has a cocktail of amazing delicacies, fresh wine and mesmerizing architecture with ecstatic views. It is one of the most visited countries in the world. Every traveller has Italy on their bucket list. We … Read more

27 Interesting Facts About USA May Blow Your Mind

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The United States of America, the land of free, consists of 50 states and, in many ways, is a nation like no other. The whole country has got loads to see, ranging from the shores of Florida to the iconic cities like New York. The government has a mixture of tropical and arctic climates in … Read more

Top 26 Interesting facts about Norway That Will Amaze You

Interesting facts about Norway It is located in the western part region of the Scandinavian peninsula. It is a country of natural beauty with some of the unique qualities offered by the nature such as the coast, mountains and waterfalls, glaciers and midnight sun. Nearly 70% country is covered by mountains, glaciers, moors and rivers. … Read more