Interesting Facts About Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold medal, this is something we all are fascinated with. The gold medal is awarded for the highest achievement in a non-military field. It uses at least a fraction of gold in the form of plating or alloying in its manufacture. Since the eighteenth century, they have been awarded in the arts field. Gold medals … Read more

Interesting Facts About July

Facts About JULY

Lying between June and August, July is the seventh month as per the Gregorian calendar. It symbolizes Freedom, Independence, and celebrations of country and culture. It is the beginning of the 2nd half of the year, and perhaps a better chance begins with new choices, new aspirations, and new audacity. If you haven’t planned your … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Babylonian Empire

Facts about the Babylonian Empire

Considered to be one of the most prosperous and happy civilizations. Initially, Babylonia was merely an ancient Akkadian-speaking state, which grew up and came to power after the fall of the Akkadian dynasty. It was the core, center, and heart of Mesopotamia civilization. The rule for around 300 years. Interesting Facts about the Babylonian Empire … Read more

Interesting facts about June

facts about June

Days are long, and the weather is warmer. The pride month, which holds the sixth position in the Gregorian calendar, is the month “June.” It comes from a Latin word called “lunis,” which generally refers to the Roman goddess. It is also considered Juno, and Juno is the counterpart of Greek Hera. Juno was an … Read more

Interesting Facts about April

Facts about April

Every month of the year is exceptional as each of them has different qualities and drawbacks. Rainy season brings very much happiness, romance, and fun in people’s lives while summer gives sun kissed experiences to the people. These seasons are experienced by the people in the first half of every year, and that is why … Read more