Interesting Facts About Life

small tree in hands

“You belong here, in this world of air and fire, you were born to walk on this land. All the words above the sea belong to you.” The definition of life has long been challenging for scientists and philosophers. Life is a process, not a substance. A need for knowledge of the characteristics of living … Read more

Interesting Facts About Laughing


The ultimate aim of everyone’s life would be to become happy. People find happiness in different ways. Laughing is considered one of the most suitable ways to express joy. Laughing can be sought as an extreme of a happy mind too. The advantages that laughter provides to each individual are immense. Besides the benefits that … Read more

Interesting Facts About September Month

September Month

September is considered the end of summer and the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. September is considered the harvest month and home to the Autumn season around the globe. September is also marked by numerous holidays, allowing us to learn more about this month.The old Roman Calendar, introduced by Romulus around 700 BC, … Read more

Interesting Facts About Yellow Color

Yellow Color

The word Yellow is derived from old English gold, which means yellow and yellowish. It has a wavelength that ranges from 575-585 nm. It is considered the primary color in the subtractive color system used in paintings or color painting. Suppose you think of the RGB color model. In that case, it is used to create … Read more

Interesting Facts About Gold Medal

Gold Medal

Gold medal, this is something we all are fascinated with. The gold medal is awarded for the highest achievement in a non-military field. It uses at least a fraction of gold in the form of plating or alloying in its manufacture. Since the eighteenth century, they have been awarded in the arts field. Gold medals … Read more