33 Interesting facts about India may amaze you

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INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT INDIA India is popularly known as the land of diverse cultures or land of unity in diversity. People of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian live together happily in the same land. India is mother to 1.38 billion people and ranks second in terms of population in the world. If you … Read more

43 interesting facts about canada may surprize you

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It is also sometimes referred to as mini-Hindustan because 4% of its population are of Indian origin. Most people are Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati. The word “Canada” comes from the Huron-Iroquois word Kanata, which means village or settlement. Subsequently, it was referred to as a collection of Huts. It has the second largest area in … Read more


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Nowadays, people are mostly involved in two things that are phone and work. They seriously lack time for themselves. Even on their off days, they decide to stay in and rest. This is their everyday busy, boring schedule. Are you one of them who is hell worn out of this schedule and looking for something … Read more

32 Interesting facts about Iceland may blow your mind


In the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is a Nordic island country that is the most sparsely populated in Europe. The capital of this country is Reykjavik and also this is largest city here. Over two-thirds of the country’s population resides in Reykjavik and its surrounding southwest areas of the country. Now the question is what the … Read more

33 Australia Interesting Facts that may surprise you


Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is a sovereign country that includes the Australian continent’s mainland and the island of Tasmania, and several other smaller islands. By area of Oceania, it is considered the largest country and is the sixth-largest country in the world. The country has a population of nearly 26 million … Read more

40 Interesting Facts About New Zealand Might Be Surprize You

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New Zealand is an island country and is home to around a 4.5million people. It has two main islands named north and south islands, and most of the population here lives on the north island. It is famous mainly for its renowned rugby sports. New Zealand is derived from a Dutch province called e total … Read more