Interesting Facts About Tesla Flying Car


Technology around the world is developing at a rapid rate such that a lot of inventions are coming up each day. In the current situation where we are not as patient as our previous generations, and maximum emphasis is on saving time, inventions that can speed up our lives can easily gain widespread acceptance from … Read more

Interesting Facts about Oracle


We all are well aware of the role played by computer technology today. In the present world, where even the daily lives of common people are greatly influenced by computer technology, discussing Oracle Corporation is a worthy discussion. With the growth from a tiny company to one of the world’s largest producers of software products … Read more

Interesting Facts about SIM Cards

Facts about SIM Cards

Have you thought about what would have happened if we still didn’t have any electronic accessories around us? Our life today without electronic equipment is a total mess. We can entirely rely on different types of electronic gadgets to provide us with amazing help regarding our daily chores and some extra activities such as exercises, … Read more

Interesting Facts about 4G

Facts about 4G

4G is the 4th generation network above 3G and below 5G networks. It consists of broadband cellular network technology and provides the capabilities defined by ITU in IMT Advanced. In 2006, the first WiMAX was commercially applied in South Korea, and after that, it was spread in most parts of the world. The first commercial … Read more

Interesting Facts about QLED Screen

Facts about QLED Screen

We all recognize the importance of technology in our lives to the fullest, which is why it keeps on evolving with each passing day. Every new invention in this field brings something amazing and mesmerizing for the world to experience, and that is why it is almost impossible to neglect your life. Many technological inventions … Read more

Interesting facts about 5G network

facts about 5G network

In telecommunications, 5G stands for the fifth generational technology standard for the broadband of cellular networks. The 5G is considered the successor of the 4G networks, which provides connectivity to most current cellular phones. In 2019, various cellular phone companies started to deploy the network throughout the whole world. The GSM Association has predicted that … Read more