30 Interesting Crypto Currency facts May Amaze You

Cryptocurrencies will open your investments to new possibilities. It is a new type of digital currency that can be used to sell and buy things and have the potential to store and grow value that has caught the eye of millions of investors. There are several cryptocurrencies available in the market and the most valuable from one of these is bitcoin.

cryptocurrency facts

Bitcoin is a Greek terminology that means “private or hidden”. Bitcoin has value as people it does due to having a value of demand, value to grow like similar to gold the investors are very must interested in it. Bitcoins traders have had a bumpy ride over the past 13 years for the investors.

Interesting Facts About Crypto Currency

Estimation of four million bitcoins lost

Study shows that around 4 million bitcoins are lost forever. As of 20% of bitcoins are lost and most coins are lost due to most of the accounts being forgotten for years. These lost bitcoins are from the early stage of the coins like most of the bitcoins buyers have lost their key to their account.

Life in crypto before Bitcoin

Bitcoin has dominated a good space in cryptocurrencies for so long year’s. As many of the investors suggest that bitcoin is the real and original cryptocurrency. As bitcoin to be called as first established cryptocurrency.

The mysterious bitcoin creator

The creator of the worlds biggest cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto is a mystery for more than 13 years. As the identity of the bitcoin creator has never been confirmed. Satoshi Nakamoto is a computer programmer who has created digital currency bitcoin possesses five per cent of the entire cryptocurrency. But the mystery of no identity is a disturbance to cryptocurrency.

The most expensive pizza

In the year May 2010, Laszlo hanyecz has agreed to pay 10,000 bitcoins for two papa johns pizza delivery. May 22 is to be called a pizza Bitcoin day. Laszlo if from Florida has done the first bitcoin transactions. So in the year 2021, these 2 pizzas cost around $630million.

There are around 6000 different cryptocurrencies

There are around 6000 cryptocurrencies in 2021. There was only a handful of digital currency in 2013 but the interest of investors in digital currencies have increased more cryptocurrencies.

The market size of cryptocurrency in 2026

The changes of cryptocurrency market size growth are very high as per the reports market size of the digital currency in 2021 is around 1.6 billion and in the year 2026, it will be 2.2billions. It is mostly due to digital and popular assets like bitcoins and ethereum.

The value for bitcoin in 2010

Bitcoin first started trading at 0.0008$ in the year 2010 and in July 2010 at 0.08$. In the year 2009, the price was 0$. Laszlo hazyecz from Florida was the first man to do a transaction of bitcoin for buying 2 pizzas in 10000 bitcoins.

Highest google search in 2017

Bitcoin amongst top searches in google. Bitcoin got a higher search volume as investors are very interested in digital currency price values. The main search existed “how to buy bitcoin” and “bitcoin prices”.

Anyone can create a digital currency

You can create your cryptocurrency but it doesn’t mean that anyone going to buy it. As bitcoin doesn’t tell that one currency to rule them all. There are around 5000+ cryptocurrencies throughout the world and there is a great chance of an increase in the market values of cryptocurrencies in the future.

Social media post every 3 seconds

Every 3 seconds, a new post of Bitcoin digital currency is social media. The worlds social media markets and financial markets are very interested in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin’s are advanced with both popularity and technological advancement.

Blockchain biggest technology evolution

Blockchain has evolve one of the most valuable inventions after the internet in the recent few years. Blockchain is valuable for any sort of transactions and investments in blockchain till the year 2023 would reach up to 16$ billion dollars easily. As people are very happy and interested to lead their digital assets.

Crypto good for Games

Cryptocurrency is becoming the future of online games as 75% of online gamers are looking for virtual assets for a digital currency that they could easily sell and buy online.

Nigeria was the leading country

Nigerians are more open to crypto. Africa’s largest economy is a part of cryptocurrency. Nigerians are leading, most top to crypto trading and spending as this country also leading per capita for bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in the world.

Turkey has the highest adoption

Bitcoin adoption retains been increasing in Turkey as the regional currency. The development of the crypto community in Turkey has directly gone wild since 2017. Unfortunately, however, while there has existed significant attention in cryptocurrencies, until previously, it was difficult to say the exact about blockchain technology.

2021 cryptocurrency confidence is 100%

Cryptocurrency price has brought a wild lift so far in 2021 and Cryptocurrency is a long-term interest chance. While cryptocurrencies however have a long means to go before being untrusted as rated and go-to enterprise and specialized devices.

Bitcoins users in the USA

More than 20% of adults and around 14% of the adult population uses bitcoin in the country. The majority of 75% of crypto owners in the USA fall between the age of 25 to 44 age. A number of business accepts bitcoins in the country.

China is the largest miner

China is to call one of the biggest cryptocurrency miners. Whereas hong kong is the second largest in the world. Whereas the USA has become an epicentre for mining crypto.

Countries to ban cryptos

While bitcoin is authorized in different parts of the globe, a few regions exist wary because of its volatility, significance, inferred threat to new monetary systems, and chains to illegal activities like drug trafficking and wealth laundering. The countries to ban cryptos are china, Russia, Vietnam.

Transaction cost normal bank fees

A transaction fee is spent when a distinct amount of cryptocurrency is substituted from one wallet to another. In some trials, a flat fee is usable but in common, the bigger your transaction, the extra you’ll pay. Transaction fees are creative in essence and can vary founded on how involved the blockchain exists.

Bitcoin ATM in Canada and USA

There is a large number of bitcoin ATMs throughout the world and in the USA there are around 48000 bitcoin arms in USA and Canada has around 2000.

Ripple XRP in japan

Ripple’s first On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) assistance implementation in Japan, assigning the stage to drive further adoption of crypto-enabled services in the country and clearing an XRP to fiat remittance alley for the Filipino diaspora. According to Ripple, it’s an expensive affair because Japan remains one of the increased remittance costs in the world.

The US has 60% of bitcoin ATMs

The ambition is restricted within the US as of presently. The United States of America(US) leads with crypto ATMs, and according to Coin ATM Radar, there prevailed an additional 24,700 Bitcoin ATMs in the US as of September 2021. By May 2021, the number of crypto ATMs retains developed greatly to over 38,000.

Documentary on Netflix as bitcoin

Netflix has announced a slate of upcoming real crime documentaries. The documentary “Trust No One-The Hunt For The Crypto King” will debut in 2022 on Netflix. It centres around an organization of cryptocurrency investors turned amateur investigators. However, it should at least explicit the attention toward one of the more interesting crypto cases of last years.

More than 2300 business accepts Bitcoins in the US

Around 23000 business accepts bitcoin in the country and 440 California business accepts bitcoins as Bitcoin enters day to day financial process of the crypto world.

Chinese trader commits suicide

A Chinese Bitcoin trader retains committed suicide after he forfeited the investor’s currency in a leveraged trade stance. He lost around 2000bitcoins in a 1000x leverage bet.

Who owns bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most financial mysteries of the world as the true identity of bitcoin inventor is still a mystery to everyone. Even people don’t know Satoshi is a single person or a group of teams.

If you lose a crypto wallet you lose money

The responsibility for protecting your digital currency by it is your hand. As 20% of bitcoins are lost due to account holders forgetting their keys and loss of wallet passwords. It is important to safely store your cryptos.

Bitcoin price has grown 66%

Bitcoin has benefited a lot from investors in the past months. As in the year, 2021 Bitcoin has risen 66% whereas other leading digital currency ethereum has railed over 200%. Since in the year 2010 the value of a single bitcoin was 10 penny. Now as in the year price reached up to $60000.

2013 has become a decisive price year

2013 has been an excessive year for bitcoin. As in the early October, the price of digital currency was around $123 by December it went down to $1,156 as there were a lot of price bubbles during all the 13 years for the investors.


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