Interesting Fact about Saturdays May Blow Your Mind

Saturday is one of the days in a week, which is also considered a weekend. This is the first official day of the weekend, mostly for lazy and sleepy nights. The day that most people are waiting for is to have fun on that day. In international standards, this is considered the sixth day of the week, but this is regarded as the seventh day in Abrahamic religion. In astrology,

Fact about Saturdays

Saturday is also associated with planet Saturn. Saturday night is one of the best nights for which most people wait for a whole week. For enjoyment, to release the stress of the entire week ato collect new and positive vibes for next week.

Interesting Fact about Saturdays

Legendary name: Saturday is named after the Roman god Saturn, and he is the god of generation, liberation, agriculture, and wealth. This name is also associated with the planet Saturn of our solar system.

Different names in different countries: countries have other names for Saturday. For example, in Japan, Saturday is also referred to as soil day, and some people relate this to planet Saturn, not god. In Korea, Saturday is referred to as earth day. Different regions have different names for this. In German, Saturday is also known as Samstag, taken from ancient Greek.

It is a strange day for TV: mostly different shows are shown on Saturday compared to other weekdays. In the UK, Saturday TV shows are popular for game shows and light entertainment. Saturday morning TV shows are mostly for children in the western world, and night shows are mostly for families.

Other weekdays are named according to the Germanic calendar, not Saturday: the name of weekdays is changed from roman to Germanic after Germanic deities, not in roman ones. But the Germanic calendar also stuck with the name Saturn because none of the Germanic gods is equivalent to Saturn.

Fact about Saturdays

Highly related to astrology: astrology is related to planet Saturn, and the astrological sign for this is Capricorn and Aquarius. This is the most important day in the Hindu religion.

Election day for many countries: Saturday is the only day when an election takes place in Australia. And this is the only day for the election in New Zealand.

Weekday for children: Saturday is the actual day of fun for children. In many countries, children get many shows on TV for entertainment purposes. In Sweden, Saturday is the only day children can eat candies, not on other days. This day is also known as sweet teeth day in Sweden because candies are legally allowed on this day only.

Best day to hunt vampires: in folklore, Saturday is considered the best day to hunt vampires because this is the day when they are restricted from entering their coffin. Also believed that if someone was born on Saturday, they could see a vampire normally invisible to common people. This is the day for vampire hunters, and this type of people are normally recruited for vampire hunting.

Day of sports: it is the day of sports. Most TV channels and radio channels are mostly booked for sports shows. This is the most common day for a domestic football match in the UK. This is considered a sporty day. Many game tournaments are also done on this day. School and college tournaments like football tournaments, basketball tournaments are organized on this day.

Day for pubs and bars: Most bars and pubs are open for only Saturday. Normally, they are close on other weekdays, but they get the maximum profit to compensate for additional days on Saturday nights. Reservation for bars and pubs on this day is normally difficult because most people pre-book for their day. Even restaurants, clubs are open late at night on this day. Saturday is denoted as a part-night of the week.

Fact about Saturdays

Black Saturday: not all Saturdays are fun days; some can also be devastating that one ever can imagine. Saturday is considered a black Saturday after Victoria, Australia’s deadly and devastating bushfire. That started in February &, 2009 and that was the worst bushfire in Australia.

The official day of rest: Saturday is the official day of rest in Israel. This is the day where most business and government offices are closed. Transportation, educational institutions remain closed on this day. A day when every person can release their stress of the whole week and take time for themselves and their family.

Family day: in many countries, Saturday is considered a family day when most people spend their time with their family. Most of the picnics and outings are planned for Saturday.

Saturday colour: every weekday has a different colour, and people consider that colour as lucky colour on that day. Like that, Saturday also has a different colour. For example, in Thailand, Saturday is known for its purple colour.

Religion point of view: according to the eastern orthodox church, it is the day to commemorate the mother of god and all saints. This is the most important day on which prayers are offered to dead people. Also, it was on Saturday when Jesus lay dead on the tomb. In the Hindu religion, this is considered an important day. On this day, people worship the god sani to resolve all their astrology issues.

Singing on a Saturday is not uncommon: from 1956, the Eurovision song contest’s final has always been hosted live only on Saturday. It is the most important for many other singing shows too. Many grand finals are always hosted on Saturday because viewers are more than other weekdays on this day.

Some countries don’t get Sunday off: in many countries, people do not get Sunday off, and they only get Saturday as their holiday. In Nepalese, Saturday is the only weekend, and it is also their last day of the week, not Sunday. Many countries celebrate Saturday as their weekend only, not Sunday or any other weekday.

Fact about Saturdays

Bath day: traditionally, Saturday is considered a bath day. In Scandinavia, this is regarded as the bath day. On Viking heritage, this is the day when Vikings take their weekly bath.

Socializing day:  Saturday is considered a socializing day. In the ’70s, this day was considered the most important day for socialization. Many movies like Saturday night fever helped for socializing. Many movies are available in the film hall only on Saturday nights. Late-night movies are in high demand these days. Even late-night parties are not uncommon on this day. 

Treated as fasting day: orthodox Christians treat it as a fasting day. Not all Saturdays are fasting days, which applies to some holy Saturdays when observers and worshipers had to do hard fasting. On this day, they follow strict fasting.

Some holy Saturdays: There is a day called Lazarus Saturday on the Christian calendar, and this is one of the important days on the calendar, which is one week before Palm Sunday. Not all Saturdays are holy Saturdays.

Laundry day: in Maori, this day is also known as Rahoroi, which means washing day. This is the day when normal people wash their church clothes before Sunday mass, and this is the day when many churches are also cleaned.

The sixth day of the week: in traditional Christianity, Saturday is considered the end of the week, not Sunday. And Sunday is regarded as the first day of the week. In Japan, Australia, and the US, Sunday is technically observed as the last day of the week, and many people consider it the sixth and penultimate day of the week.

Some songs related to Saturday: according to a rhyme of Monday’s child, if you are born on Saturday, you work hard for a living. ‘Saturday night’s alright for fighting’ is the famous song titled by Elton John’s that is related to Saturday.

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