Interesting Facts about April

Every month of the year is exceptional as each of them has different qualities and drawbacks. Rainy season brings very much happiness, romance, and fun in people’s lives while summer gives sun kissed experiences to the people. These seasons are experienced by the people in the first half of every year, and that is why the first half of the year is the most cherishing time of the whole year. In this first half, the month of April has exceptional importance, and this is known not only by a single country but also the entire world.

Facts about April

April is the fourth month of every year that has 30 days in it. Many international holidays occur this month, and that is why it has worldwide importance. Important days include National Love your Children Day, Jelly & Peanut Butter Day, World Autism Awareness Day, and many other days. Also, there are many interesting facts about April, after knowing which, April can become much more special for the people. Some of these most essential and very interesting facts about April can be explained briefly in the following segment very impactfully so that people can understand them much better.

Interesting Facts about April

Previous & Current Number of April Month – Currently, the number of April months throughout the year is 4th. But, previously, it was considered the 5th month of the year according to the Gregorian & Julian calendars. However, the calendars used worldwide now mention April as the 4th month of the year.

Addition of 30th Day in April – Initially, April had only 29 days in it, but eventually, the addition of the 30th day took place in this month because of some important reason. This happened when Julius Caesar made the introduction of the Julian calendar.

Seasonal Nature of April in Southern Hemisphere – In the Southern Hemisphere, April is seasonal, just like October, and that is why the nature of April month and its atmosphere is very different than the remaining three hemispheres. Only April marks this difference in the Southern Hemisphere among all the months.

Facts about April

Confusion on the Decision of Name of ‘April’ Month – April is the only month of the year whose name was not decided very quickly. It took a lot of time, energy, and hard thinking of the people to think for an appropriate name for this month. However, later the Romans were the ones to name this month as April, which is now recognized worldwide.

History of the April Month – The verb ‘aperire’ is the main word from which the April word was found. This verb means to open up to something unique or forthcoming. This means that April is the season of the growth of new trees, flowers, and many natural elements.

Diamond Birthstone of the April Born people – All the people who are born in April have their birthstone as diamonds. Wearing some jewelry made of a diamond can help them remain fresh, positive and feel a good vibe around them constantly. No other stone matches in this month apart from the diamond at all.

April Month is considered as the Month of Meteor Shower – Many other meteor showers happen in April month, and these meteor showers include Lyrids & Eta Aquariids that occur after around 21th April everywhere. Therefore, those who want to experience their first meteor shower should not miss this date at all for sure.

Facts about April

April is the month of Successful Personality Births – Many successful personalities, such as Queen Elizabeth II & Shakespeare, were born in April. This month is considered the most successful and accomplishing month that marks the birth of great personalities.

Zodiac Sign of April Born people – People born in April share a common zodiac sign, Aries. However, this month is split into two signs, among which Aries lies from 1-19 April, and from 20th April onwards, the zodiac sign becomes Taurus.

Titanic Hit Iceberg & Sank in April – The famous Titanic ship hit a massive iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912. This was indeed a very tragic water accident, and this ship sank after an enormous struggle for survival. Still, eventually, the accident happened very brutally, killing many people traveling in it on the spot & many were lost in the death of waters & were never found at all.

Ancient & Religious Importance – In ancient times, Goddess Venus considered April month a lot, and it was very close to them. That is why April month also holds an old as well as religious importance that is known worldwide.

Facts about April

April Fool’s Day & its Inspiration – The world-famous April Fool’s Day is noted to be inspired by the story of Geoffrey Chaucer. This story was introduced to the world in Canterbury Tales, which was named Nun’s Priest’s Tale and is very popular worldwide even today.

Olympics played in April in Athens after Huge Break – After about 1500 years, the 1st Olympics games were played in Athens on 6 April 1896. This marked a great recognition in the history of sports, and that is why this month is remembered for its immense contribution to sports throughout the world.

Occurrence of Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Explosion – On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant explosion took place, which took the lives of hundreds of innocent people and destroyed the future of a lot of generations that came ahead very brutally. The consequences of this disaster are still faced by the people there to some extent.

Hibernation of Small Animals happens – In April, small animals, both visible and not visible by naked eyes, carry out their hibernation process. That is why April holds much more critical throughout the lives of these animals.

Facts about April

Mating of Birds in North takes place in Summer – Birds are very happy to migrate in the North direction in April and continue their mating process there. That is why April is also called the mating period of the birds when they also take some amount of rest after migration.

Most Expensive Invention of Ford happened  – The most expensive invention of the Ford company, which was called the 1st Mustang, was made in April. This invention took place on April 17, 1964, which reached around $2,368 approximately & also marked its place in the history of April month.

Revolutionary War of Lexington & Concord took place – In 1775, the revolutionary war of Lexington & Concord broke, which happened on April 19th.  This war destroyed many families and took the lives of a lot of soldiers from both the countries. However, because of the revolutionary nature of this war, it is still remembered very actively.

The people should recognize all the above interesting facts about April so that this month becomes much more happening and enjoyable for everyone. The importance of this month is not for a single person but is spread all over the world, and that is why it holds not only specific but international importance. Therefore, understanding these interesting facts about April will undoubtedly bring much more clarification about this month.

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