Interesting Facts About Birthday

Birthday is a day to acknowledge ourselves. The older we become, the wiser our thoughts become. Birthdays are not just about a revolution around the sun. It’s about a change of lifestyle, reviews, and being approachable to life. It gives us immense pleasure to be the light of our hope to be better and more efficient. It was the only day when our mum smiled, and we cried.

Interesting Facts About Birthday

Facts About Birthday

Origin of Birthday: Isn’t it interesting to know how Birthday’s concept was introduced. Mu Theories, Thesis, and conspiracies are made regarding this 8-letter word. Some sources believe that back then, 3000 years before the Common Era, The mighty Egyptians introduced the concept of Birthdays to celebrate their god or Demigod. The 1st existing proof was given from the Holy Bible.

Herodotus theory of birthday: It gives evidence of the 5th century, and The Persians celebrate birthdays. The rich had different traditions and customs than the poor. They are wholly baked cows, camels, and large ruminants, whereas the poor eat smaller ones. This would be an example of different classes of a society celebrating a birthday and a social division status.

Greek and Roman Tradition: This group of people had a unique style of celebrating as they always focused on modernity and prosperity. They celebrated their Birthday with cakes filled with nuts, candles, and different flavors. Over time or as time passed, many traditions got blended so did the style of birthday celebration. Romans had their own rules where only famous men were allowed to celebrate their birthdays, and women weren’t allowed until the 12 century. Yes, patriarchy does exist!!

Facts About Birthday

Indian System: It’s a day of celebration for every individual. Indians do not believe in the custom of cutting the cake. This system has its beauty, like its own culture of “unity in diversity.” People visit the temple in the early morning. Donate food, money, and clothes to poor ones and quality time with family.

Pagan Culture : This culture has its own story to tell.  On their birthday, evil spirits visit the globe, and to protect the birthday person, they surround him and make him merry so that evil spirits will scare him and fly away.

Chinese birthday: Chinese are always known for their rules and customs, and they solely follow their customers as a mark of respect. The family elders and members will gather around 1year old child and. Award the child with numerous gifts like books, toys, utensils, etc. The child chooses a gift, which is considered his future!

Facts About Birthday

Birthday in the Japanese System: They are people of systematic and chronology. They believe in hard work and Determination. On the 3rd,5th, and 7th birthdays the children are allowed to participate in the “seven Five Three” festival, and participants are allowed to visit shrines to pray for strength, prosperity, and longevity. They prefer quality over quantity.

Birthday cake: The main course of any Birthday party. In the global era, the cake has reserved the title of a staple in every birthday celebration. Not only on birthdays but also at weddings. The cakes have made a lot of history on world record and how expensive the banquet can be. The first birthday cakes were made in Germany for children’s birthday celebrations. The cakes weren’t tasty, sweet, with no flavour, chocolate and nuts. Overall it tasted blant. The cake is mainly comprised of Bread with a rough texture.

Largest Birthday cake: One of the most significant birthday cakes in the world was made for the Centennial Birthday of Las Vegas. That’s almost the weight of an African elephant! We hope there were plenty of friends invited because we’re guessing there were plenty of slices to go around. Germans have a very interesting trend of setting candles on the cake According to the person’s age. If a person turns 100, then 100 candles will be added.

Facts About Birthday

Birthday Gift: The most beautiful gift is for those people who turn 100 or 105 in the UK. The highness herself sends a telegram to the birthday person. So eat healthily and stay healthy. According to Chinese culture, the red wrapper around the gift is a sign of Good luck and Healthy life. Anne Frank’s world-famous diary was given to her for her 13th birthday. Which later became massive evidence against the Nazis, and it is included in courses of CBSE. Birthday present as evidence.

Birthday dates: Leap Year Birthday is celebrated on 1st March. When a person’s birth date and age are the same, it is called a golden birthday, and a person born in 2000 is quite lucky.

  • William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday.
  • 5th of September -the Birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teachers Day. Children’s Day in India is celebrated as Jawaharlal Nehru. 
  • The most popular month of birthdays is August, and about 9% of the world’s birthdays fall in this month.

Facts About Birthday

Statistics of Birthday : Almost 31,536,000 seconds have passed. Your hair has grown 12 centimeters, and your nails 4 centimeters.

  • You’ve taken 15,768,000 breaths.
  • You’ll have had about 1460 dreams.
  • Over 76.5 million people have been born.
  • 2,688,000 liters of blood have been pumped through your body.

Birthday and Personality: If we go beyond science and focus on astrology then yes, It affects us. People born in spring or autumn are more likely to have hyperthymic temperaments. People with winter birthdays tend to have the least irritable temperaments.  Infants born in April and May tend to have lower aggression and better effortful control. Men born in autumn tend to rate higher for disorderliness.

A perfect doesn’t exist because everyone has their unique style and flavor. Some celebrate with gaiety, pomp, and joy, and some with solitude.  But at the end of the day, it gives hope for a better version of yourself.

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