Interesting Facts About Cheesecake

We are blessed with such wide delicious varieties of foods. Especially when it comes to the part of cakes, it is loved by billions worldwide. Although there are several varieties and flavors in cakes, one of the most favorite and delicious ones is cheesecakes.

We can even think of a cake that is more delicious than cheesecake. The texture and flavour of the cake seem to make it the best. For every cheesecake lover, here are some exciting and fun facts about cheesecake.

Interesting Facts about Cheesecake

The history of cheesecake Although cheesecake may seem to be a modern invention for many of us, it is not so. The cheesecake originated in Greece almost as far back as 2000 BC. It is also said that cheesecake was served to the athletes who participated in the first Olympic Games.

So, possibly it was done as healthy or energy-providing food to the athletes. It was also used in Greek wedding ceremonies, which they used as the wedding cake. After the Romans conquered Greece, they carried the cheesecake recipe to different parts of Europe.

The ancient cheesecake recipeAccording to the recipe of ancient Greeks, cheesecake is prepared from simple ingredients such as wheat flour, honey and most importantly, cheese. These are mixed and baked to form cheesecake.

Cheesecake in AmericaIt was the immigrants who brought and popularised cheesecake in America. But, the cheesecake in America varies from the Greek variety. William Lawrence developed the modern cheesecake as we saw it today in 1872. It was an accidental invention while looking for ways to create soft French cheese.

The Cheesecake Factory Inc.The Cheesecake Factory Inc. is the most popular and leading producer and distributor of cheesecake in the United States. It is a restaurant chain covering over 200 locations and specializes in cheesecake production.

They have an extensive and wide variety of cheesecake menus which constitute more than 250 cheesecake items that differ in flavour.

A giant cheesecakeThe giant cheesecake ever made is produced at Philadelphia Kraft foods in Mexico. This cheesecake weighed 4703 pounds. This event took place on 25th January 2009 in Mexico.

Types of cheesecakesCheesecakes can be broadly divided into two categories- Baked and no-bake cheesecakes. As the name suggests, no-bake cheesecakes do not undergo baking. This type of cheesecake is set by chilling in the fridge.

These are the cheesecakes that do not use eggs in them. On the other hand, baked cheesecakes undergo a baking process and have egg content in them.

Flavours in cheesecakes Cheesecakes are now made in a large variety of flavors. This includes popular flavors like vanilla, pumpkin, lemon, chocolate, and spices. According to the largest cheesecake producer, The Cheesecake factory, red velvet is considered to be the favorite flavour of Americans.

Cheesecake days In the USA, there are days celebrated even for different cheesecake flavors. National white chocolate cheesecake day is celebrated on March 6th of every year; National cherry cheesecake day on April 23rd, blueberry cheesecake day on the 26th of May, National pumpkin cheesecake day on October 1st, and The National Cheesecake day is on the 30th of July.

Most expensive cheesecakeThe Guinness World Record for most expensive cheesecake is held by the one produced at Rafele Ristorante in Manhattan. It cost USD 5000 and 5 days to prepare it.

The ingredients used in that cake were brought fresh from different parts of the globe, contributing to the more significant expense.

The cheesecake is not a cake It may seem surprising to many that cheesecake is not a cake. It is not a cake, instead it is more like a custard pie with a crust around it. It involves pouring a mixture of the flavour of our choice into the crust, which is baked after. Some are not baked but instead chilled in refrigerators for setting.

Nutritional valueAlthough a decadent dessert, cheesecake also holds a good amount of nutritional value. The cheese content in the cheesecake is the one that primarily contributes to its nutritional value.

Cheesecakes contain a good amount of protein and vitamin A, which are vital to our bodies. Although it has significant nutritional value, it is a high-calorie food. So, never over consume them.

The upper crust of cheesecakes The crust of cheesecakes can vary according to our likes. Some people use a cookie crumb base for the crust, whereas others use pastry. The choice is of the baker. There are also extensive styles that include incorporating digestive biscuits into the crust in cheesecakes.

One of the most versatile dessertsCheesecake is considered one of the most versatile and diverse desserts globally. The ingredients and recipe of cheesecakes vary from one place to another. The famous South African cheesecakes use ingredients such as whipped cream, cream cheese, gelatin, digestive biscuits etc for their preparation.

In contrast, the cheesecakes of the Philippines use ingredients such as crushed graham crackers, cream cheese, ube halaya etc. Contrary to other cheesecakes, it is usually found in purple color. Japanese cheesecake, often called Japanese cotton cheesecake uses butter, cream, cheese, eggs, and sugar for preparation.

Layers of cheesecakes Cheesecake is a dessert made in layers. The simpler cheesecakes consist of only single or double layers, which are comparatively easier to make. On the other hand, cheesecakes with multilayers are more complex to make and require more expertise and specialization. Different flavors can be incorporated into the cheesecake layers according to our tastes and preferences.

Postage stampsIt is a fact that there is a considerable section of society who does not like the idea of licking stamps. To make this enjoyable, the Austrian ice cream company Haagen Dazs has produced postage labels with the flavor of strawberry cheesecakes. This has made the postage stamp licking activity interesting for many.

Never over consume As with every other dessert, it is advisable not to consume too much cheesecake as they are a high-calorie food. A single slice of cheesecake will contain almost 250 calories, so we should be careful while consuming them to ensure that we do not overeat them.

Desserts are to be constantly consumed in small quantities to maintain good health. We must also follow proper exercise to burn the calories we intake for appropriate and healthy living.

Served with fruitsCheesecakes always go well with fruits. These are usually served with fruits like mangoes, figs etc. They also make excellent combinations with berries such as strawberries, blueberries etc. In short, cheesecakes can be served along with most fruits, increasing their health benefits.

High calorific value Rich source of nutrients and has high calorific value. A 100gm of cheesecake provides around 300 calories of energy. So those who need instant energy can consume this. While doing a trek or any other adventures journey this is a must kept food for the adventure seekers.


Cheesecakes are one of the most consumed desserts with millions of fans worldwide. There are a large number of recipes for cheesecakes which vary from one place to another. The option to create them with different flavors helps to satisfy people with different tastes and preferences. People from other parts of the world are finding new recipes for cheesecakes daily.

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