These 24 Facts About Chocolate May Amaze You

Food is something that people survive for and work hard for throughout their life. However, food has not remained limited in today’s world. A lot of new and incredible varieties and tastes of food have been introduced for people’s consumption, and getting bites of most of them has become the dream of every foodie in the world.

The different tastes of food have a different impact on the moods and habits of people. Bitter foods may not taste good but are very healthy for the consumption of people. The same goes for sour; however, this case is the opposite of spicy and sweet. There are mainly two types of people who love sweets and the others who love spicy food.

Chocolates are considered one of the most impressive innovations to date and will continue to be very important throughout the world, even in the future. Among all the creative and widely used sweet dishes and recipes, chocolate is considered the best one from its introduction until today.

Chocolate has a remarkable impact on people’s mindset, moods, and feelings as they can eat chocolates anytime and make their moods better with it. For the same reason, knowing some incredible & Interesting facts about chocolate will make you know this product is a much better way and eat it most appropriately.

Chocolate has a lot of unique and incredible characteristics, and identifying them in the right way is the most important thing for sure. The first and most important thing about chocolate was first invented or produced in 1750 BC.

Facts About Chocolate

Formation of 1 pound of Chocolate Among the various interesting Fun facts about chocolate, this is one of the most important for chocolate industries and factories. It decides the whole business setup of those industries accordingly.

Chocolate Crops cause significant losses to the Farmers – Around 30-35% of chocolate crops are destroyed during their extraction itself. Therefore, farmers and harvesters suffer a significant loss of these crops right in the field.

Chocolate production origins from the Seed – This is one of the most interesting facts about chocolates that have been identified to date, as this takes people back to the invention of chocolate and its creation. Chocolate is made from seeds, even if it comes from a tree that bears fruits. This changes the structure and formation of chocolate to the fullest for sure.

Single Cacao Tree, Tremendous Beans – A single cacao tree can produce around 400-450 beans, and this is a huge number for sure. That is why a single tree can provide significant benefits to the cultivators and harvesters and the ones who pick up raw cacao material from the market for the manufacture of chocolate.

The ratio of Coffee & Chocolate – When considering the various unique Facts about chocolates and making use of them daily, you should think about the ratio of Coffee and chocolate to the fullest. A single cup of decaf coffee has as much caffeine in it as a single cup of chocolate milk.

Name of the Plant that produces Chocolate – The name of the cacao plant from which chocolate is produced is called Theobroma Cacao. This name was given to the plant by the father of plant taxonomy and one of the most renowned biologists Carolus Linnaeus. The meaning behind this scientific name is ‘‘food of the Gods’’.

Moderate Enjoyment of Chocolate does not Increase Amount of Fats in the Body – If chocolate is consumed in a moderate amount, it does not increase any extra fat in the body that is usually done by other cholesterol-rich ingredients.

Africa contains the Highest Number of Chocolate Farms – West Africa is a place where the highest number of chocolate farms are present. These farms range from about 1-1.5 million in their number, which marks about 60-70% of the world’s total production. This automatically proves that Africa and some other nearby continents have tremendous utilization of chocolate for sure.

The cacao-producing capacity of Trees is Limited – Cacao trees may live even 100-200 years or more but can’t produce cacao till then. Many cacao trees produce chocolate-manufacturing cacao only for about 20-25 years of their age and not more than that. After this age, they only grow by stems and length.

Cote d’Ivoire’s Chocolate Production – Cote d’Ivoire single-handedly produces around 35-40% of the world’s total chocolate, and this is something that is a very proud fact about chocolate that the whole world should know and recognize.

Size of Chocolate Farms in Western Africa – Western Africa has a wide range of chocolate farms all around the place. A single cocoa farm is around 8-10 acres in this place, which offers the world’s most significant cocoa production in West Africa without any doubt.

It is usually noticed that the companies that produce things own the farms related to that respective thing. However, in the case of chocolate, this scenario is the opposite. More than half of the chocolate-producing farms are owned individually and not by the companies that produce different products.

The sale of Chocolate was made in a Print Shop – A print shop owned by Benjamin Franklin sold chocolate in the olden days. At that time, it became trendy and widespread because of its fantastic taste and creative appearance.

The use of Cocoa as Currency – Cocoa was a very popular and precious thing among the Mesoamericans back then, and that is why it was considered necessary for usage as currency.

Relation between Chocolate and West African Families – This may seem a little strange to hear, but most West African families that produce cocoa or chocolate have eight members in their families. This strange connection is noticed immensely in this region, which is why it has become quite an interesting fact about chocolate worldwide.

Cocoa Pod Statue – Indonesia is very fond of chocolate, which is why its farming committee has taken the initiative to build a cocoa pod holding statue in their locality.

Production of Beverages from Fermentation of Cacao Pod – Cacao pod is used to ferment and make different beverages from it. This was done effectively by the ancient chocolate harvesters and manufacturers. This created a new type of cacao pod product and made it widespread within a brief period.

Dependency of People on Cocoa Production for Livelihood – Cocoa production is carried out immensely throughout the world, and many people have their livelihoods based on this production.

Around 35-45 million people have their whole livelihoods (along with their families) dependent on cocoa production to the fullest. This makes it the most important crop grown not only in one state or country but the whole world for sure.

Rich Cocoa Dowries of Spanish Royalties – In ancient times, Spanish royalties used to give cakes made of chocolate in dowries. This was to symbolize sweetness, unity, and kindness among the two families, especially from the bride’s side to the groom.

Consumption of Cacao by Aztec Emperor – Montezuma, the Aztec emperor, had a very different and unique habit related to chocolate. He drank around 40-50 cups of cacao daily and used to enjoy it to the fullest. He spent a considerable portion of his country’s income on the purchase of cacao at that time.

Production of Chocolate Bar takes Time – A single chocolate bar is produced in about 2-3 days precisely. So, it is considered a comparatively lengthy process than regular chocolate products.

Cocoa is called ‘Cacao’ in Spanish – In Spanish, cocoa is called ‘cacao .’ Cacao is considered another name for cocoa or chocolate in its raw or harvested bean form.

Champagne and Dark Chocolate is a Bad Combination – Champagne gives an extreme acidic reaction if drunk with chocolate, and that too in its dark form. So, you should always choose white chocolate with wine or champagne and not at all dark chocolate.

Chocolate is not so Healthy for Pets –Your pets (dogs & cats) may fall sick because of chocolate consumption, so you should make sure that all the chocolate products that humans consume should be kept miles away from your pets.

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Initial Production of Cacao Beans –The initial production of cacao beans is possible only after 4-5 years of the growth of the cocoa tree.

All the above interesting & Fun facts about chocolate will make you get attracted to this product much more for sure. Chocolate can be roasted & fermented in different ways so that a lot of new eatables can be produced from the same.

The innovation of different products of chocolate makes your mood better and improves your day to the fullest. Therefore, chocolate can be used in many ways in a lot of different dishes daily, and that is why considering chocolate for your moods and tastes will never be a wrong choice for yourself at all for sure.

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