Interesting Facts about Christianity

Interesting Facts about Christianity

With more than 2.5 billion Christians worldwide, Christianity is the most followed religion globally. One of every three persons in the world follows Christianity. It is a monotheistic song, which means it has only one God.

Facts about Christianity

The 2.5 billion Christians worldwide follow Jesus as the messenger and son of God. Let us know some interesting and important facts about the Abrahamic religion.

1) The inception of Christianity: The inception of Christianity dates back to the 1st Century AD. When the Roman-Jewish historian Josephus presented the religious functioning in Ancient Judea, he mentioned the arrival of the Jewish Messiah based on apocalyptic literature of the first century. The first four canonical gospels, i.e., Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, were the source of the beginnings of the Ministry of Jesus.

2)    The three branches of Christianity: Christianity is mainly divided into three main branches: Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodox. Moreover, there are even more subdivisions within these three branches. Around half of all Christians are Catholics, hence holding the Pope as their highest spiritual leader.

3)    Christianity and the Roman Empire: It took hundreds of years for the Romans to legalise Christianity in 261 AD. The Roman Emperor Constantine favoured Christianity because it started slowly becoming popular among the masses. During the rule of Queen Elizabeth, the words “Roman Catholic” became common.

4)    The commandments of Christianity: Similar to other religions, Christianity and a set of rules that every Christian should obey. Moses was given the 10 commandments by God and are said to be the laws of God that are to be followed by every Christian.

Facts about Christianity

5)    The Sins in Christianity; There are four kinds of sins in Christianity according to the Holy Bible. The first is the Sin of Attitude or the Sin of false pride. False pride or having bitter envy is what everyone must avoid in their lives. This rattles relationships across the globe and brings about the downfall of oneself. The second is the Sin of Action, i.e., adultery, blasphemy, consumption of liquor, theft etc.

These are personal and societal issues that are to be avoided as much as possible for not just a Christian but every human being on the planet. The third is the Sin of neglect, i.e., not giving alms. The final and fourth sin is the Sin of Intent, i.e., having a malicious intent for an individual and expecting someone’s downfall.

6)    The Bible: It is a significant misconception that there only exists a single Holy Bible, but in fact, it’s not true. The Bible is an anthology of 66 books, having numerous authors. The first Bible can be traced back to 1455AD, known as the Gutenberg Bible.

Guttenberg’s Bible has been written and translated multiple times in more than 3000 languages in the last 1400 years. Present-day scholars and historians believe that the Bible is almost the same as it was written originally, hundreds of years ago.

7)    Role of Jesus: It is a matter of the fact that there are Christians who believe that Jesus wasn’t Jesus was a Jewish man prophesied as a Messiah, and they say that he does not bear the qualifications to be a Messiah.

Facts about Christianity

8)    Christianity, an Abrahamic Religion: An interesting fact about Christianity is that the same God exists for all three religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Their origins can be traced to the same source, Abraham, and hence, they are called Abrahamic religions. There exist many similarities as well differences between the three religions.

9)    Jerusalem, the holiest place: Jerusalem is a religious site for the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Every year millions of devotees worldwide visit Jerusalem and pray for themselves and their kins.

10) Jesus and The Seven Sacraments: Jesus led most of his life as a normal human being. Christ described the Seven Sacraments. The Seven Sacraments are Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage and Ordination

11) Heaven and Hell: The existence of Heaven and Hell is common to almost all religions, and Christianity is no exception. Heaven is believed to be a place where the Christians who are faithful and have committed almost no or a very few sins would leave for eternity with God and with all the Happiness. On the other hand, there exists hell, where the devil or Satan resides. Here all the unfaithful and Sinful Christians would live.

Facts about Christianity

12) The Last Supper; A painting regarded as one of the most iconic paintings in history is ‘The Last Supper. Several conspiracy theories have emerged regarding the painting for many years. The panting, as they say, conveys the sacrifice of Jesus.

13) Praying every day is not mandatory: Praying every day is not mandatory for a Christian. On the other hand, a Muslim must pray at least five times a day. A Christian should visit the church once a week and pray to Jesus for his goodwill and belongings.

14) Philippines and Christianity; there was a time when Filipinos practised Paganism, and the Spanish colonizers converted Filipinos into Christianity. Today, 90% of the population is Catholic or follows a different Christian sect.

15) The Spread of Christianity: The spread of Christianity has to do with missionaries and colonialism. In the present day, more than 315000 missionaries are travelling across the world to spread the roots of Christianity and the voice of Jesus.

Facts about Christianity

16) The Birth of Jesus: The exact date of birth of Jesus is still a mystery and a thing of debate among scholars and ancient historians. According to Dennis’ calendar, Jesus was born just after King Harold’s death.

17) The Holy Trinity; The principle of the Holy Trinity forms the core of Christianity. Before the inception of prayer, the Catholics say “the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. This is also referred to as the Holy Trinity. According to the beliefs, the Holy Trinity describes God’s three parts and how they form God in the entirety. Christians say that God himself is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This explains why everything God does is necessary for every being on this planet.

18) The Sabbath Day: On the Sabbath Day, people believed that God rested that day and they should rest as well. This went far, so much so that people started committing sins believing that God was resting and he wouldn’t bother to punish them that day. But today, the times have changed; people don’t believe in the Sabbath Day anymore.

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