26 Interesting facts about Christmas Tree May Amaze You

Interesting facts about Christmas Tree

The most exciting and awaited festival of the year is Christmas. This festival is celebrated every year on 25 December to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Mostly celebrated by the followers of Christianity, but in today’s era, it is celebrated by almost everyone irrespective of their religion. The festival has diverse customs. One of its most important customs is that of Thanksgiving, and it is a day where people are grateful to God for his blessing and towards all the good things they have. It is a festival full of customs and traditions. So, it usually takes a lot of time for detailed preparation.

facts about Christmas Tree

The preparation includes buying a Christmas tree, decorations, food items and gifts for friends and family. Nothing brings the same amount of joy as a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. Without the tree, the value of Christmas decreases. The Christmas tree decoration and lighting are a crucial part of Christmas. Both real and artificial trees can be used as Christmas trees. In the case of real trees, the evergreen fir tree has been used in Christmas traditionally since time immemorial. Pine trees are also popularly used since they are faster-growing trees and less expensive. To learn more interesting facts about Christmas tree, stay tuned to this article.

The following are certain Facts about Christmas Trees:

Hanged Upside Down: You might be astonished to know that Christmas trees are hung upside down like a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in Poland. The idea was of the Polish people, and they decorated the tree with fruits, nuts, and ribbons and then hung it from the ceiling.

Decoration of trees with spider webs: One of the interesting facts about Christmas tree is decorating them with spider webs. While the thought of it makes you cringe but, in reality, it is due to a heartwarming folktale. A poor widow found a Christmas tree accidentally and took it home to her children.

Unfortunately, she did not have money to decorate it, so she went to bed crying on Christmas Eve. The spiders heard her crying and created a glistening web around the tree, turning silver and gold. Therefore, spiders are considered as good luck insects in Ukraine.

Who put the first bulb on a Christmas tree? Undoubtedly, Thomas Eddison invented the electric bulb, but the first one to hang electric lights on a Christmas tree was his colleague and friend, Edward Johnson.

Setting Christmas trees on fire: One of the first tree decorating traditions was to set the first on fire. It starts with decorating the tree with paper flowers, singing and dancing around it, and lastly, lighting the entire thing on fire.

facts about Christmas Tree

Celebration with Firs: According to some reports, Romans were the first to celebrate Christmas with firs. Most researchers have explained that they picked evergreen trees as a symbol of eternal life.

Tale of Cherry Trees: Generally, fir trees and pine trees are taken as Christmas trees. However, once upon a time, Europeans also celebrated Christmas using Cherry trees, and they were attracted to the appealing flowers of the tree.

Christmas trees production: You must be shocked to know that Germany produces around 18 million Christmas trees, followed by France with 6 million trees annually.

Christmas tree consumption: During the Christmas season in the United States, around 25 to 30 million trees are consumed. The National Christmas Tree Association produced this report.

Christmas trees in the US: People sometimes believe that Christmas trees are planted in all states of the US, but that is not the case. It is planted only in three states, among which only two states, Oregon and North Carolina, produce the largest number of trees.

Sustainability of Christmas trees Farms: The concept widely accepted worldwide is that we plant two trees for every one tree cut. This approach helps to maintain production and consumption simultaneously. About 98 percent of Christmas trees are sustainable crops.

facts about Christmas Tree

A heartwarming thank-you gift: London’s Trafalgar Square Christmas tree is Norway’s annual thank you gift. In 1947, the people cut a 50- to the 60-year-old spruce tree and sent it to London to show their gratitude to England for supporting Norway in World War II.

Australian Christmas Trees: When you are told to think about Australian Christmas trees, you might end up imagining a pine or fir tree. But the reality is entirely different. Australian Christmas Trees are considered the largest parasite globally as they are aggressive and are a hemiparasitic type of mistletoe. The roots can spread up to 360 feet away. The tree has yellow and orange flower blooms giving it a charming appeal. It is nothing like pine or fir Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas Trees:  One of the first artificial Christmas trees was made from goose feathers and wire dyes. People do not have to stress about artificial Christmas trees. Also, it is way cheaper than the real ones. 

The largest artificial Christmas Tree was constructed in Colombo, Srilanka, using scrap metal and wood. It was around 236 feet tall and was recorded in world records for being the largest artificial Christmas tree. A big sum of 80,000 dollars was spent on its construction. However, it was dismantled as the people thought it looked more like a rocket than fir.

The popularity of Christmas Trees: Although it was a festival of Christians celebrated from ancient times, it was not famous among English speaking people. When Queen Victoria and the royal family sketched a portrait of a household fir tree, it truly became popular among their citizens.

Unique Christmas tree of Florida: Every year in a city of Florida, a Christmas tree is made out of 700 tons of sand, and it is considered the world’s largest Christmas tree made entirely of sand.

facts about Christmas Tree

There are many fires among the trees: Every year, Christmas trees cause around 160 fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2013 to 2017, the fires resulted in 10 million dollars in property damage and three deaths. So, whether your tree is real or artificial, could you keep it from heat sources?

Decorations of the Trees: Earlier, silver and metallic tinsel were used as decorations in the Christmas Trees, but both were proved to be very expensive for decorations. After that, copper and aluminium became the substitute.

Christmas Log: There are many ways to celebrate Christmas with a tree. It is depicted clearly by the Catalonian people. They celebrate with a Christmas log known as Caga Tio or poop log. It is kind of a weird way to celebrate it. The family put out a log of the funny face and red hat starting from 8 December. The children than feed it daily with dried fruits and nuts. Then on Christmas Eve, the children beat the log until it poops the feeds out.

Iconic Christmas garland: One of the popular traditions of America is the famous popcorn garland, and it is generally made from popcorn, cranberries, needle and dental floss. From the 1800s, Americans adopted decorating the trees with long strings of popcorn garland.

Tree Growth: Have you ever thought about how much time it takes one Christmas tree to grow? The answer to that question is nearly a decade, and it takes about 8 to 10 years to grow an average Christmas tree from 6 to 7 feet.

Recyclable trees: When the festival comes to an end, you can easily recycle the tree by many methods. You can turn it into mulch or compost, bury it in the soil to prevent erosion, or you can even donate it to the zoo to feed the hungry elephants.

facts about Christmas Tree

Famous Rockefeller Center: The famous tradition of Christmas in Rockefeller Center officially began in 1913. In 2004, the 550-pound Swarovski Crystal Star was used to top the Christmas tree, which continued. Since 2007, the tree has been lit by using 30,000 LEDs powered by solar panels.

First Christmas Tree ever recorded: The first-ever history of a decorated Christmas tree is from Latvia in 1510. People say that the tree was beautifully decorated with artificial roses.

Tree Farms in America: About 17,000 farms in America produce conifers for the festive market.

First Artificial Christmas Tree: The first-ever artificial Christmas tree was made by a US-based Addis Brush company in 1930. The company made the tree using brush bristles.

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Xmas is a festival of joy and happiness in everyone’s life. People are united on this occasion to share gifts, thoughts and have a meal together. The diverse culture and traditions of Christmas make it more entertaining. From decorating Christmas trees together to sharing gifts, Christmas has its style of building relationships. One of the important elements of Christmas is the Christmas tree.

Without it, Christmas is like a body without a soul. It symbolizes the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is often viewed as a symbol of immortality. However, the true meaning of the Christmas tree is deeply rooted in the history, culture and tradition of the ancient world. The above facts about Christmas tree will increase your fascination with the festival.

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