28 interesting facts about Christmas may amaze you

One of the most popular and awaited festivals of winter is Christmas. Who in the world is not excited about Christmas? Traditionally, it is a festival of Christians, but in this era, everyone worldwide celebrates it irrespective of their religion. During this time, family and friends from different places unite to remember what they are grateful for and celebrate together. Christmas is also a beautiful time of giving.

facts about Christmas

At this festival family and friends give gifts to one another to express their love. Every year it falls on 25 December to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. The festival includes diverse customs such as exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, and of course, sharing meals with family.

Facts about Christmas

Jingle Bells: The original song of Christmas that is Jingle Bells was played as the first song in space. NASA’s Gemini 6A has the mood for Christmas and made history by playing the first song ever played in space.

Thanks giving song: The most well-known song of Christmas, Jingle Bells, was initially composed for thanksgiving. It was first collected by James Lord Pierpont in the 1850s in Savannah, Georgia, and was first performed during a thanksgiving concert at his church.

Hanging stockings: There is a widespread custom of hanging stockings at Christmas, and this tradition is related to a popular legend about marriage. 

NORAD Santa Tracker: This innovative device has been tracking Santa Claus since 1958 worldwide. This was due to a misunderstanding of a kid when she accidentally dialed Continental Air Defense Command, believing that she was calling Santa. The commander on duty then got the miraculous idea to track Santa’s travel to the delight of children worldwide.

Twelve Days of Days: It restricts the period between the birth of Christ and the coming of Magi, the three wise men. It begins on December 25 and continues till January 6th. It is believed that if you give all the gifts listed in the Twelve Days of Christmas, then it would be equal to 364 gifts.

facts about Christmas

Spiders for good luck: when you think about Christmas, the first things coming to your mind would be reindeers and polar bears. But particularly in Ukraine, spiders are considered as good luck for Christmas.

Sending letters to Santa: Children often write letters to Santa on what gift they want for Christmas. You might be stunned to know that you might be able to send letters to Santa in Canada. He has a postal code in Canada, and you can send letters to the address of Santa Claus, North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada. He has some people helping him so that he might keep up with your notes.

Expensive Christmas Tree: Christmas is incomplete without Christmas tree decorations. You must be astonished to know that there is a Christmas tree worth 15 million dollars in Spain, which is an interesting facts about Christmas.

Tinsel: Throwing some tinsel in the Christmas tree was the quick and cheap way to decorate it. Once upon a time, tinsel was made of real silver and was added to the top of the Christmas tree to reflect candlelight as there were real candles on Christmas trees.

High expenditure of Americans: According to specific surveys, it was found out that Americans are expected to spend around 850 dollars every year on Christmas gifts. However, they went overboard and spent nearly 1500 dollars on presents, according to a 2019 study.

facts about Christmas

Statue of Liberty: The most significant Christmas gift ever given in history was the Statue of Liberty. It is 150 feet tall and weighs around 225 tons, and it was the official most significant present given to the US by France.

Thomas Edison: Thomas Edison has engraved his roots deep in history with the invention of light bulbs and phonographs. But it is not known by many that he and his friend Edward H. Johnson were the first to wrap a strand of hand-wired red, white and blue bulbs around a Christmas tree.

The quirky tradition about Christmas tree pickle: The weird tradition in Christmas that the first child who will find the jar containing the pickle will win a prize or has the privilege of opening his gifts first.

Christmas Cards: We like to give our friends and family Christmas cards at Christmas. But do you know that the first Christmas card ever sent was worth around 30,000 dollars? On November 24, 2001, it was sold at an auction in Devizes, Wiltshire, UK. Recently it has been believed that more than 1 billion Christmas cards are sent to the US each year. The smallest Christmas card ever produced in the world was invisible.

Values of relations: The traditions and customs of Christmas show that it has a deep significance in the forties. According to some studies, this day has fewer breakups and a more significant number of proposals in a year.

facts about Christmas

Christmas snowflakes: Snowflakes have a deep relation with Christmas during the time of snowfall. Universal Studios of Japan created the largest Christmas snowflake ornament in October 2019, and it was over 10 feet tall and was recorded in the Guinness World Records. The tree upon which it was placed also holds the world records for the most lights on an artificial Christmas tree. The number of lights was around 591,840.

Disney World: Visiting Disney World during Christmas is a dream of many. Disney World looks like a piece of heaven at Christmas, and it is decorated with around 8.5 million lights making it a remarkable holiday destination to visit in winter.

The tradition of putting up Christmas Trees: Putting up a Christmas tree is around 500 years old. It is believed that Germans first started the Christmas tree tradition. The custom came to the US in the late 1700s or early 1800s through German settlers.

facts about Christmas

Types of Christmas Trees: There are numerous real Christmas trees rather than artificial ones. If you are going for a real Christmas tree, you have diverse options to choose from. There are around 630 species of conifers alone, including balsam fir, Douglas fir, and Fraser fir. Approximately 77 million Christmas trees are planted each year in about a 2000-acre area in the US.

Largest Elf gathering: You might be thinking that elves will be busy making gifts for children all around the year. But on an eventful day of November 25, 2014, around 1,762 elves united in Bangkok, Thailand. This day set the record of the largest gathering of Santa elves in history.

Christmas tree in Arizona: You have heard of real Christmas trees and artificial Christmas trees, but have you ever heard of a Christmas tree made of tumbleweeds? In Chandler, Arizona, you will find a Christmas tree made of tumbleweeds around 30-foot height, and it is made up of around 1200 tumbleweeds covered in glitter and 20 gallons of flame retardant to avoid catching fire.

facts about Christmas

Rid of Christmas tree: when Christmas is over, and you want to get rid of a real Christmas tree, you can donate it to the zoo where hungry elephants will have their delicious meal.

Poinsettias: One of the facts of Christmas is the charming Poinsettias. They have been considered a symbol of Christmas for over a century. These plants have beautiful red and green flowering, which depicts the vibrant colors of Christmas.

Numerous names of Santa: Santa is known by different names worldwide. He is called Mikulas in Hungary, Paper Noel in Brazil, Hoteiosho in Japan, Julenisse in Norway, and Pere Noel in France. He is also called by many other names internationally.

The high-earning job of Santa performers: many performers dressed up as a Christmas character each year to make extra money. If you are a performer who is taking up the role of Santa, then you have the potential to make up to 1200 dollars an hour.

facts about Christmas

Take Coca Cola on Santa Clothes: Before Coca-cola played its part, Santa used to wear a different color of clothes. Coca-cola decided to use red clothes on Santa for advertising. The crowd immensely accepted the overall look, and from then on, Santa was always seen in red clothes.

Religious symbols: One of the facts Christmas is that of the Christian wreaths. It was first regarded as the symbol of Christ. The holly represents the crown of thorns Jesus wore at his crucifixion, and red berries represent the blood he shed, green symbolizes life, and gold stands for royalty and light. The foliage of Christmas tree has a great significance. It means to show the existence of life in the darkest days

Weird beliefs: In the late 19th century, children started to leave behind cookies and milk for Santa if he was hungry. 

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Xmas is a festival that is celebrated all over the world with enthusiasm. People gather on this occasion to share gifts, thoughts and have a meal together. It is a festival celebrated to give importance to relations and friendship. No matter how busy you are, you must celebrate this festival with your families and friends to express your love and feelings to them. You must know about the above facts about Christmas as it will create more fascination towards the festival

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