These Interesting Facts About Color Blue May Amaze You

Colors make our life beautiful and fascinating. The world is made up of a variety of colors. It makes the surroundings exciting and bearable. Every color has its significance and importance. Some colors represent mellow and peaceful, while some warn that they are dangerous too. We all notice color at some point in our lives, whether choosing the color of a new car or the unflattering color of yet another bride’s maid dress.

No matter what, color can make a difference. Blue is a color that everyone loves. It has fascinated a lot of people, civilizations, and creative minds. Blue has its share of stories, facts, and significance. It gives things the form of paintings, gems, and stones. Here are some fantastic facts about the color blue.

Interesting facts about color Blue

Blue before it was called blue – All the colors we see today existed long before we came or existed when the planet was formed. Gradually people recognized them one by one, and when the language evolved, they got its name. It is believed that the blue color got the last of its name. According to some sources, about 5000 years ago, no civilization with blue in their dictionary perceived it through vision. They considered blue as dark wine or colorless.

A renowned psychologist has even recorded his experience with the Himba tribe of Namibia. He showed them setoff colors, but they needed to recognize pretty blue things from the set of different colors. It indicated that they needed to learn to name the color as they failed to recognize it. Thus, the color blue is a recent phenomenon that became a part of our vocabulary about a few hundred years ago. The Egyptian Civilization gave it the name of the blue color. They produced the blue color from the Stone called Lapis Lazuli.

Characteristics – It is said that when a person sees blue color, it adds a calming effect to nerves. Whether it is a sea, sky, or any blue flower, they all tend to bring peace because of their vastness and soothing effect. Some also say that blue can be associated with tranquility, relaxation, and calmness. As per the sayings of some renowned scientists, it relieves stress and pressure. That’s why keeping a stressed or psychologically disturbed person in a blue environment can be therapeutic.

Light blue exhibits health, tranquility, healing, softness, and understanding. The dark one indicates seriousness, knowledge, power, and integrity. It also represents wisdom, truth, trust, honesty, faith, confidence, and loyalty.

Sky and Sea – Have you ever wondered why the sky and sea appear blue? Scientists explain that the science behind the appearance of the sky and Sea is blue due to the scattering of visible light. A British Physicist explained the reason for the appearance of the blue color in the sky. We all are well aware of the fact that every color has its wavelength in the visible spectrum of light. Blue has the shortest and red has the longest wavelength.

Since the blue color has the shortest wavelength, it gets scattered by oxygen and nitrogen molecules, and our eyes see bluer than any other color. The same phenomenon occurs in the sea too. The sea, too, reflects and scatters the blue color because of its shortest wavelength, which is absorbed by the sea, and the color gets stuck in the belly.

Man’s Favorite – After several surveys and research studies in the past, the experts have concluded that most women prefer to wear blue because they think men like it. It is common to see more men wearing blue denim than other colors.

Why do we eat blue? – Blue is the mainstay in the collection of colors for creators like painters, designers, sculptors, and movie makers. However, the food industry still needs to approve this mainstay color!! If you have visited any grocery or departmental store, you must have noticed food items with red, yellow, black, or brown colors. We rarely see cooks and chefs using black color to prepare food.

Different cookies were baked in six colors: red, yellow, purple, green, orange, and yellow. When it was offered to people, most chose cookies other than blue. It indicated that people prefer something other than food dipped in blue. Although the blue color soothes nerves, consumers hesitate to consume it because it doesn’t produce the carving effect on the minds and senses of people when used in foods.

Blue eyes – Blue eyes are pretty attractive. People with blue eyes are considered one of the most pretty blue things living on this planet. However, few people have blue eyes. You might be surprised that the reason for people having blue eyes is almost similar to why the sky and Sea appear blue. The appearance of blue eyes is due to the Tyndall effect. It is similar to Raleigh scattering in the sky and Sea.

Some people’s eyes appear blue due to the presence of less melanin in the irises of the eyes. It results in the absorption of short-wavelength blue light. This blue light, in turn, reflected towards the observer making eyes blue.

Rarest color – Yes! You read it right. Blue is the rarest color in nature. It is above the sky, surrounded by blue seas and the ocean. Still, it is the rarest color. The formation of the blue color has mind-blowing chemistry, physics, and evolution. They aren’t pigments but microscopic structures that continue to fascinate scientists like butterflies. Sometimes we need clarification on blue and purple, for example, Blueberries.

The blue whale is closer to the gray color, although its name has the color blue. Even blue eyes aren’t blue, and they are the rarest eye color too.

Culture – Isn’t it interesting that blue has such significance depending on the country. The blue color is also called color symbolism. Blue means fidelity. In the west, blue is associated with sadness and lowness, which we say’ feeling blue. In Hinduism, it represents love and divine joy.

Uniform – Have you ever noticed that many countries use blue as a significant color, especially police uniforms? In the 17th century, it was first used by Germany as an army uniform.

In the 18th century, color was swept by the American revolution. To protect their pastel dye industry which was being destroyed by the imported dye, they manufactured blue-colored uniforms. Today the color blue is considered a symbol of liberty and revolution.

Facts About Color Blue

Calming – Blue is considered the color of relaxation, lowers blood pressure, and reduces appetite. The blue color has both history and popularity. Indigo and Robin’s egg blue has made trendy comebacks in home decor and fashion. Even Louis XVI. appreciated the beauty of the pale blue, using it as the primary color of the court of Versailles. If you are interested in investing in a stable color that much of the world loves and continues to have value.

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