Interesting Facts About Cricket Bat

Cricket !! The name is perhaps sufficient to acknowledge its love in people’s hearts. People consider it as one of the most vital game in this world. The game consists of two teams which include 11 players on each team. The aim of this game is quite simple, it is to score the highest number of runs. This game has a massive fan following in two countries, i.e. India and England. So what do you require to play this sport? Well, it is a bat and a ball. So what is a bat? A bat is a specialized piece of equipment that is used by the batters in the sport of cricket to hit the ball. It is one of the most prevalent games in the world.

Facts About Cricket Bat

Usually a cane handle is fixed to a flat pointed wood blade in order to make perfect balance. It may also be used as a batter-making ground to avoid a run-out. The use of this bat was first mentioned in 1624. Many amazing facts and figures are related to these three letter words, ‘bat’. Bat is not only just an instrument in this game, and it is a game changer.

Interesting facts about Cricket Bat

Early History : It was the year 1624 when the term ‘Cricket Bat’ was used for the first time. It happened because a player is said to have hit a fielder with his cricket bat to prevent them from taking a catch. Unfortunately, the fielder was killed in the process, and his assailant was taken to court.

Cricket Bat

Oldest Cricket bat !! : It is believed that the oldest bat is from the year 1729. The bat carries the curved design, which was prevalent in cricket then. The bat is displayed in the Sandham Room at The Oval Cricket ground. If you are a die-hard cricket fan, you must visit the Sandham Room.

Evolution of Cricket Bat in 18th – 19th centuries : The first bats were remarkably similar to hockey sticks. The initial bats had thin blades and a hook at the end. During the initial days of cricket, these bats were widely used. However, they started to die out in the early years of the seventeenth century because the bats were not feasible enough to play cricket. The bats with a curved end started to be phased in before the advent of round arm bowling saw bats develop into something resembling the modern bats we use today.

Cricket Bat

Invention of Cricket Bat : So when was cricket invented? Do you have any ideas for readers? Some historians believe it was the year 1624 when its name was mentioned. While some other groups of people firmly believe that it was Charles Richardson, a pupil of Brunel and the first Chief Engineer of the Severn Railway Tunnel, who invented the cricket bat during the 1880s.

White Willow : With all the rules and trends of cricket changing, one thing that has stayed untouched is that most cricket bats are made from willow. However, there was one significant visible difference between the bats belonging to the early 18th century and the ones belonging after that period.

Until the 19th century, the cricket bat was tailored from the willow tree’s heartwood, making bats from that era appear darker in color. By 1890, a revolution came in which bat manufacturers used sapwood from the willow tree, which gave bats a lighter shade with the trend of white willow experience.

Cricket Bat

Types of Cricket Bats : Do you know How Many types of cricket bats there are? There are four types of cricket bats: English Willow, Kashmir willow, Softball Cricket bats, and Training cricket bats.

Which cricket bat has the most significant sweet spot? : SG Legend cricket bat.The sweet spot on the SG Legend cricket bat is massive and encompasses every aspect of the bat, including toes and shoulders. 

Cricket Bats with Bow !! : Cricket has an enormous bow, and the larger bow acts as a counterbalance, raising the center of gravity of the cricket bat. A bat with a large bow and a lower middle can feel the same as a straight blade with a higher middle.

Cricket Bat

Early Cricket Bats : The earliest cricket bats were curbed and seen like hockey sticks that are being used today. These bats were more suited to the game at the time, which exclusively saw underarm bowling. During the 1770s, round arm bowling was introduced, and bats became parallel and used even width down both sides.

The Dimensions changed after a century !! : The width of the bat during 1771 had been set at 4.25 inches, and that has been changed a point since then. In 1835, a law was framed that stated that Cricket bats could be no more than 83 inches in length. Isn’t it amazing that Law changed after a century?

MCC laws : Over time, the design and dimension of cricket increased thus, the game’s law has to be reacted at the same pace. An incident took place in 1771 during the match of Reigate Vs Hambledon, a player, striding to the wicket using a bag wide as a stump. These incidents changed board members’ perception, and cricket law alteration began. In the same year, the regulation width of cricket bats was set as 4.25 inches by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

Cricket Bat

ICC Bat Size Laws : New laws regarding the size of bats were introduced in 2017 by ICC. Under this law, the length of the bat will remain unchanged at 38 inches. The bat must not be more than 108 mm in width, 67 mm in depth, and 40 mm on the edges. It is an essential law because the game had to start in favor of batsmen.

21st Century!! : With the introduction of many forms of cricket, T20 is quite prominent among the fans. The bats evolved once again !! Many bats became heavier, around 3.2 lbs in use. As the new millennium progressed, two issues grabbed the attention of the ICC. The area of concern was the depth of the new boat, and the other was the size of the edges.

Revolution of 20th century : The actual evolution of cricket began in the 1900s. Despite the playing of England and Australia in 1877, cricket became famous as a global sport in the new century. New members like South Africa, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan were welcomed to the family. Most of the era’s incredible battles and fast blowers appeared in the 20th century. So to keep the pace of cricket bat development, the game needed to undergo some changes.

Cricket Bat

What is the most potent bat? : Well, batsman use different bats as per the requirements. Those who loves to hit perfectly uses swing Ash bats and frequently hitters uses maple bats. It is considered as one of the strongest because of the materials used.

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