Interesting Facts about February May Blow Your Mind

February is a month that brings amazingness and interesting things in the year, and it is the only month of the whole year that is unique in all aspects. Many things occur in this month that are very different from other months, so this month’s impact is vital in both astrological and manual aspects. February has always made a very impressive remark on the whole year of people, and that is why it qualifies all the parameters of uniqueness to the fullest.

Facts about February

Interesting Facts about February

February is a very significant month that brings differences for the remaining days of the year and the ideas and views of people. Scientists have been very eager to keep a continuous pace with the latest modifications to avoid missing out on any essential updates. From some such modifications and researches, geniuses have found out a lot of new and exciting facts about February, among which can be listed in brief as follows:

Duration of Leap Years and the 29th day of February – Duration of leap years occur every four years. That is why after every four years, February has 29 days in it & so, the calculation of the same becomes very comfortable.

Remaking of Roman Calendar by Julius Caesar – Julius Caesar remade the calendar, which is why the finalization of the February month in the calendar was done. This was added to the official Roman calendar in around 700 BC.

Fixed Birthstone and Flower for February Births – February has a fixed Birthstone, Amethyst, and a fixed flower, primrose. People born this month consider these things when checking their future predictions very significantly.

2 Zodiac Signs for February Month – The month of February is unique in the aspect of zodiac signs. It is the only month that consists of 2 zodiac signs, one is Aquarius, which lasts till 19th February, and the second is Pisces which lasts up to 20th February.

Facts about February

Consistent Decrease in the Length of February – The length of February has been consistently decreasing, and at a particular point, these days have also shifted to being 23 days in the month due to these constant changes.

Different Hemispheres have different times for February Month – The Southern Hemisphere has February as the last month of the summer season, whereas the Northern Hemisphere has it as the 3rd month of winter. However, in between these two hemispheres, February is considered similar to August.

Origin and Meaning of Word February – February originates from the Latin word ‘februum,’ which means purification. This Latin origin of February has been spelled and modified a lot of times, and this is how februum has evolved to become February.

Purification Process of February as a Ritual – February’s name was followed by a purification festival considered a Roman ritual. This festival acted as a spring cleaning ritual and brought great importance to the February month along with it as well.

February in Welsch Language – Welsh language spells February as ‘y mis bach,’ which means a little month. As February is the smallest month of the year, this is their way to express the uniqueness of February.

Addition of February in Roman Calendar at the End – Only January and February months were the last ones included in the Roman calendar.

Facts about February

The offering of Cakes to Gods in February – February is considered the cake month of the year, also called Solmonath, because it is short and still meaningful.

‘February’ is misspelled very frequently – February is misspelled very frequently by even massive printing places and well-known people. These printing places also include the White House that misprinted February once.

No Full Moon occurs in February – February consists of only 28 or 29 days which can surely bring a new moon. But, the 30th day required for the whole moon process to be completed is not present this month, and that is why February is the only month that does not experience a full moon at all.

February: The Black History Month – For more than 30-40 years, February was considered the Black History month of the year. Doing any vital work this month was considered very unlucky in many parts of the world.

Being Born as Leapers is very rare – About 1 in 1000-2000 people are born in February at the 29th date. This is an infrequent occurrence, and as a funny fact, they also celebrate their birthdays once in 4 years. These people are also called leaplings or leapers.

Same Day of the Week of 3 Months – There exist three months in a year in which the first week of their months starts with the same day. These months are February, March, as well as November & this is only the case when it is not a leap year.

Facts about February

The Beatles made History in the February month of 1964 – The Beatles appeared in their first TV show, ‘Ed Sullivan Show,’ in February 1964, and this marked a new turning point in the Hollywood music industry. This show was watched and appreciated by about 70-75 million Americans.

The US States entered into the Union in February – In This Month, the US States such as Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Mississippi got admitted to the Union. This marked a significant turning point for their growth and scientific progress undoubtedly.

Breaking apart incident of the ‘Columbia’ – In February of 2003, a Space Shuttle called ‘Columbia’ broke apart between the nonstop flight. This accident took place just 16 minutes before the shuttle’s landing & about seven members from the crew were killed in it.

Signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – The war between the US and Mexico ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which was signed in February. This marked a new way for peace and approaching satisfaction for the people.

Miscellaneous facts:

  • February is the shortest month according to the Gregorian and the Julian calendars, and this month only has 28/29 days, and this also fluctuates according to the leap year and average years. When learning about February, the concept of leap year cannot be ignored, and this is because the framework of this month is based entirely on the concept of leap year itself. So, if you properly know what a leap year is and how this is formed, it becomes easy for you to recognize how many days the February month of a particular year will contain.
  • A leap year, also called intercalary or bissextile year, is the one that has an additional day in it in February. The formation of leap year is such that it contains 366 days instead of 365 days in it and has an additional day as the 29th day of February month. Such a year has very much importance in the astrological world, and this year gives an additional day in February, increasing the importance of the respective month to the fullest.

No one should ignore all the above exciting things about February at all for sure. The astonishing facts about February will make you realize the importance of this month in the year to a much greater extent and undoubtedly prove the saying ‘Short and Sweet’ for it to the fullest.

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