Interesting Facts About FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup was founded in 1930, and since then, it has been conducted every four years. Teams worldwide participate in this vast football league, and the winners are forever recognized as an essential part of history. Also, some countries have made their mark very strong with their versatile and unique players. Players like Ronaldo, Klose, and many others have achieved records in this field, and football is known to a great extent because of these successful players themselves.

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FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) governs all the tournaments and competitions of football throughout the world. FIFA authority is the official permission-giver of all the football leagues, and only this permission can make these games and leagues international and legal. There has been a considerable history regarding FIFA, and many players have emerged as the world’s renowned faces of football.

Interesting Facts About FIFA World Cup


FIFA World Cup is the most Watched Event worldwide – There have been a lot of events that are very popular not only in a single country but throughout the world. However, FIFA World Cup has always been the most popular and watched event by everyone, and this is undoubtedly its superpower.

Football Fans consume a lot of Alcohol in the FIFA games – A lot of Alcohol is consumed throughout the FIFA games, which is why it has been recorded that in these tournaments, the world’s most Alcohol is consumed. This is undoubtedly not a good record or one to be proud of, but eventually, this record has made FIFA games known to more and more people worldwide.

Players are not allowed to have sexual Engagements before their Games – It is extraordinary that FIFA doesn’t allow the players of all the teams to have any sexual engagement before their games or plays. This has not happened in the history of any game or tournament & that is why it has surely blown the minds of all who know this fact.


The Payout to FIFA World Cup winner – The winner of the FIFA World Cup gets around $35-38 million dollars, which is undoubtedly a massive reward for all the winners. This amount keeps changing every year, but the tentative range always remains the same, and that keeps all the teams attracted to the trophy.

To Date, 21 Editions in 17 Countries have Hosted FIFA World Cup – Right from the start of FIFA till today, around 21 Editions of the World Cup have been conducted, and around 17 countries have hosted them.

Most successful in FIFA World Cup: The most prosperous countries in the FIFA World Cup are Brazil, Italy, Germany, and many others. These have received a lot of FIFA finals, have also played most of the matches in this league, and have scored a lot in them, which made them much ahead of the others in FIFA history.

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Croatia always donates all its Winning Amounts to Charity – Croatia is the only country that always donates all of its winning amounts to charity whenever it wins the FIFA World Cup. This is undoubtedly a great thing to do, and this always gives Croatia an upper hand in the FIFA world cup league.

Turkish player has achieved a record of Fastest Goals – Throughout the FIFA World Cup history, only a Turkish player has achieved the record of fastest goals in very little time. This has undoubtedly given pride to the Turkey team and has recorded it in golden words whenever FIFA is spoken about worldwide.

FIFA is also called the United Nations of Football – FIFA is also called the United Nations of Football because more than 20-30 countries participate in this league.

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Ronaldo & Klose are the Highest Goals Scorer players – Among all the football players, Ronaldo & Klose have become the highest goals scorer players in the history of FIFA.

Jose Batista was given the Fastest-Ever Red Card – A single football player Jose Batista has become the fastest-ever red card receiver throughout FIFA.

2 Oldest Football Players in FIFA World Cup History – There have been not only one but 2 of the oldest football players who have played in FIFA World Cup matches. Among these, one was of 43 years while the other was of around 45 years, and this has not happened in any other football tournament or play at except for FIFA World Cup.

Team Brazil successfully became the Top 4 almost 10-11 Times – Brazil has been the most successful team among all the 27-32 countries or teams that play in FIFA games. Brazil is in the top 4 for not one or two but almost 10-11 times. This has been one of the best achievements that any country or team has received in the history of the FIFA World Cup.

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Only Brazil & Germany has played throughout the FIFA World Cup – Throughout the FIFA World Cup, only two countries played every year, and those countries are Brazil and Germany. Both these countries have successfully chosen to play in FIFA World Cup every year, and both have emerged very impactful in them.

Around 6 Weeks of resting of Players is the declaration of Injured – The injury rules of the FIFA World Cup are very different from the regular games and tournaments. This is because, usually, in other games, players are considered injured when they are weak in their play due to their physical condition. But in the case of the FIFA World Cup, players who have not played for six consecutive weeks are the only ones who will be considered injured.

The First-Ever Winter Edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held in 2022 – FIFA World Cup has always been held before the winter season starts, but this year (i.e., 2022), due to the pandemic conditions, it has been shifted to the winter months. For the first time, FIFA World Cup will be held in the winter season, which has made history on the football field even before getting started.

Facts About FIFA World Cup

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Who selects the host of the FIFA World Cup?

The host of the FIFA World Cup is selected by the FIFA Executive Committee every time the games are held. 

Is it very safe to attend the FIFA World Cup?

Yes, a live audience is more than welcome in all of the FIFA World Cup games with the assurance that their safety will not be compromised in even a single game.

What is the requirement for attending the FIFA World Cup games?

A Fan ID is one of the basic requirements for attending the FIFA World Cup games. Everyone who wishes to enter the stadium should have their respective fan IDs, without which entry for them is completely banned. 

 What will be the total cost of attending a FIFA World Cup game?

The total cost of attending a FIFA World Cup game depends on the length of your stay in the game and also your seat location in the stadium.

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