Interesting Facts about Gumdrop Candies

Gumdrop candies, more popularly known as gummy candies, are liked by everyone regardless of whether they are children or adults. Moreover, these gumdrop candies have the power to evoke nostalgic feelings in us, which carry us to our good old childhood days. The gumdrop candies or gummy candies are beautiful both in outlook and taste. Here are some fascinating facts on gumdrop candies for everyone who loves these gummy candies. These facts will help you to have a better perspective on gumdrop candies.

Facts about Gumdrop Candies

Interesting Facts about Gumdrop Candies

What are gumdrop candies?

Gumdrop candies are among the many types of candy that are very popular among both children and adults. It is a type of gummy candies, and these are manufactured based on gelatin or pectin and have bright colors and attractive shapes.

Flavours of gumdrop candies

The gumdrop candies are found in many flavors. The most popular flavors of gumdrop candies are grape, orange, cheery, orange, clove, cinnamon, mint, etc. A class of gummies called spicy gummies, which have various flavors, also has vast popularity these days. 

Shape and color

The gumdrops candies are found in large varieties of shapes and colors. Generally, the gummy candies are shaped like a dome, as the drops in the name gumdrops suggest. Sometimes, it is found in other shapes, like the ones with flattened tops. Gumdrop candies are brightly colored with orange, green, red, yellow, etc. They are pectin or gelatin-based candies that are coated with granulated sugar. 

Invention of gumdrops

Percy Trusdale invented the popular gumdrops in 1801. He was a candy manufacturer by profession, and it was out of his curiosity to bring varieties in candies that he came up with gumdrop candies. During that time, it was a hard sweet derived from fruit gelatin. But, there is no such evidence regarding the same, and there are still many debates about the history and invention of gumdrops. 

Facts about Gumdrop Candies

The culture of gumdrops

During the second half of the nineteenth century, gumdrop candies became more popular. It was known as an American standard for decades and was also a synonym for sweetness and sweetheart. It was named gumdrops due to its conical shape. 

Weight of a gumdrop

There are many varieties even among gumdrops, and their weight varies from one to another. A spice stick gum drop weighs almost 9 grams, a spice drop weighs 24 grams, a small gumdrop weighs 3 grams, a medium gum drop weighs 4 grams, a large gumdrop weighs 11 grams, and a jelly ring weighs 10 grams, and so on.

Recipe of gumdrops

We can make gumdrop candies even at our homes. Here is an easy recipe for it. In a large bowl, pour half a cup of cold water and add 30 grams of unflavoured gelatin. Let it sit for a while, about 10 to 15 minutes. In a saucepan, pour ¾ cup of water and add 2 cups of sugar. Boil this solution with a high flame. Once boiled, turn down the flame to a simmering level for 5 minutes until the solution becomes a little thicker. Add this solution to the gelatin mixture that was prepared and kept earlier. Keep on stirring the mix while adding the solution to it.

Facts about Gumdrop Candies

Take some bowls according to the number of colors and flavors you want to make the gumdrop candies. Pour the mixture equally into these bowls. Put 4 to 5 drops of food color in each bowl and also add half a teaspoon of essence or extract of the flavour you wish to. After mixing it correctly, please take out a mold and spray it with some cooking oil. Pour the mixture into the mold and keep it in the refrigerator for about 8 hours. Take out the candies after 8 hours and coat them with sugar. Your homemade gumdrop candy is ready, and it is that easy. 

Are gumdrops vegan?

There may be people among us who use only vegan products and are concerned whether these gumdrops are vegan. For their consideration, there are two types of gumdrops: vegan and not. The vegan gumdrops like dots do not use gelatin, and they are generally vegan products. The gumdrops which use gelatin in their ingredient list are known to be not vegan, as we must have known. 

Gumdrops can be frozen

Can gum drops be frozen or not? Is it a common question among people who wish to preserve and use them for a long? Yes, we can freeze gum drops and use them. They can be appropriately stored in a freezer in a sealed container or freezer bag to prevent contamination. Frozen gumdrops can be used upto a period of 3 months. 

What after the expiry date?

Although there have been no evidence or situations when the consumption of candy past the expiry dates has caused any kinds of health issues, the candy’s flavor and quality might change after the expiry date. These expiry dates of gumdrop candies act more like guidelines for having them. Thus, consuming these candies before their expiry date is advisable to have their good flavour and quality.

Facts about Gumdrop Candies

National Gumdrop day

February 15, 2022, is celebrated as the national gumdrop day. It is an extraordinary celebration event for all gumdrop lovers and a chance for those who have not tried gumdrops until now. The national gumdrop day celebrates everything related to gumdrops, including their mysterious history. It is also a great event where we can have as many varieties of gumdrops as we wish to. People make choices between the fruity and spicy types.

People celebrate gumdrop day in a variety of ways. Many dresses up for the national gumdrop day with outfits like gummies. There would also be a party time whose theme is based on gumdrops. The snacks at the party will be nothing except gumdrops. It is also the day when people find time to make gumdrop crafts in diffrent sizes and shapes. It is also the precious time at which many people learn to make gumdrops. People also share their love and care for each other by sharing gumdrops. 

Gumdrops and Jujubes

Jujubes are another type of candy thought to be gumdrop candies due to their close resemblance to gumdrop candies. But they both are entirely different. Jujube is not candy but a sweet and edible fruit found in the trees of African and Mediterranean origin. As we have discussed, Gumdrops are candies made from gelatin with flavoring agents and coated in sugar. 

Facts about Gumdrop Candies

Spice gumdrops

Spice gumdrops, more commonly known as spice drops, vary among gumdrop candies. It is a fact that only gumdrop candies would have such a variety in candies. Today’s spice drops are generally made out of corn syrup, sugar, corn, corn starch, natural and artificial flavors, etc. The general spice drop flavors are cinnamon represented by red color drops, peppermint by white, spearmint by green, sassafras by yellow, licorice by black, and clove in orange color. The general gumdrop candies and spice drops show differences not only in their size but in their flavors too. 

Gumdrops brands

Many brands are producing good quality gumdrop candies and spice drops. Chuckles, dots, jelly baby, Turkish delight, wine gum, etc., are some pioneers.

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