Interesting Facts about Helicopters

Many unique artificial creations have built a strong foundation for the world to rely on and evolve upon. Many hard-working and dedicated people made it possible to change the future of mankind by their inventions and successful implementations of the same as well. Among the numerous such innovative creations made by our ancestors, the helicopter is considered one of the most successful and consistent inventions of all time. In other words, the helicopter can also be called a particular type of rotorcraft that humans use to lift objects and create thrust for them while it is rotating in the sky itself.

Facts about Helicopters

The helicopter has given wings to humankind through which people can do all those works that may become next to impossible to be done from the land. The word Helicopter struck the mind of a French person and inventor named Gustave de Ponton d’Amécourt. He was the one to demonstrate a helicopter by a simple & small model that was steam-powered. Later, many developments took place in the concept of helicopters, and nowadays, we can see the most latest and innovative model of helicopters of all time. 

Interesting Facts about Helicopters

The helicopter is a fantastic creation that has helped in many purposes, especially for the air force. Right from the time of the invention of helicopters, they have facilitated a lot of helpful things to the people and are continuing to do so.

Helicopter facilitates Rescues that seem completely Impossible –The invention of the helicopter has made many rescues seemingly possible, and that is why the eligibility of the same is undoubtedly undoubted. Also, pilots of helicopters have always been very experienced and fierce ones who have broken the wall to save the lives of thousands of people till today. 

Leonardo da Vinci first Sketched Rudimentary Helicopter Models – It is believed that the helicopter is a recent invention; however, the fact is that Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to sketch a rudimentary helicopter model, which he was unable to bring into practice. 

Major Speed Milestones can be achieved with Helicopters –Helicopters can not only go high up in the sky but can also hit extreme speeds. The total estimated highest rate of the helicopter is around 290-295 mph which is undoubtedly not a very small number. 

Facts about Helicopters

Forest Fires can be Fought off with Helicopters – Apart from its use in transport and rescue missions, helicopters can also fight forest fires. Eliminating these fires becomes easier when water is used from a very high height on them through helicopters. 

A Separate Female Helicopter Pilots Organization exists –There exists a unique and separate organization for aspiring female helicopter pilots who urge to bring change to the world through their skills. This is done for recognizing women in the field of pilots as well. 

Introduction of Aerial Cinematography in 1945–In 1945, the first aerial cinematography took place, which was a very successful experiment for the entertainment industry. Since then, such experiments have been carried out regularly according to the requirements of movies and serials. 

Height Reach of Helicopters is Commendable –Helicopters can go to heights as high as 10000-20000 feet and that too without causing any harm to the health of people, including the pilots. Also, in 1972, one helicopter was even taken to the height of around 40,000-45,000 feet. 

Landing of Helicopters is possible even with Engine Die Out –Among all the other interesting facts about helicopters, one of the most recognized facts is that helicopters don’t need a complete engine for landing. Helicopters can be landed even if your machine is dying out completely. 

Facts about Helicopters

Specific Meaning of the Word ‘Helicopter’ –The word ‘helicopter’ is divided into two small words: ‘ helico’, meaning spiral-shaped, and ‘pter’, meaning consisting of a single wing. These two words have combined to make the complete external structure of a helicopter.

Mi-26: World’s Largest Helicopter – Mi26 has been considered the world’s largest helicopter invented to date because it can seat about 5-6 people in a single take-off without any harm at all.

Wedge-Tailed Eagle can attack Helicopters for its Nest Protection –The territorial nature of Australia’s most giant bird, the wedge-tailed eagle, is to such an extent that it can attack a whole helicopter and can disturb its flying if it feels danger around its nest. This is a dangerous thing for the pilots as they have to make sure to remain miles away from the nest of this animal if they are flying in that particular area.

Bill Gates Chartered all Helicopters to not Fly at all on his Wedding Day – On his wedding day, Bill Gates chartered all the helicopters in the country so that none of them flew during their wedding rituals. The reason behind this action is still unknown to the sources.

Jesus Nut that holds Helicopter Rotor Bolts –The rotor bolts of the complete helicopter are held upon a single nut called Jesus nut. The possibility of a helicopter crash is active only if any damage is caused to this nut & nothing else can make a helicopter crash. 

Facts about Helicopters

The Use of Helicopters in Cherry Farming –Not only for army and rescue purposes, but a helicopter is also used in cherry farming. After removing from trees, cherries are dried with the help of helicopters so that they don’t get damaged because of wetness. 

Deep Diamond Mine sucking Helicopters in it –An intense and impactful diamond mine called Mir Mine (currently inactive) is used for sucking off helicopters. Once helicopters are dropped off in these mines, not even a single part of those helicopters can be rescued. 

The Crash of Bin Laden’s Helicopter –Bin Laden’s helicopter crashed because a chain fence was used for his helicopter instead of the solid wall during his raid. This made the whole helicopter crash and give extremities to the pilot. 

Helicopter Battles in the Iran-Iraq War –Iran-Iraq war gained immense popularity because of the helicopter fights in it. Apart from the land fights between soldiers and with bombs, these aerial helicopter fights also caused a lot of damage to both countries. 

Facts about Helicopters

Women used Helicopters to Flee her Husband from Jail –To flee her husband from jail, a French woman learned to fly a helicopter, bought it, and went to prison to rescue her husband from prison. Her husband was put in jail for the robbery charge, and she implemented this way to make him fly off before the completion of his jail tenure. 

Philadelphia used Helicopters for Bomb-Dropping –In 1985, Philadelphian associates dropped bombs in 2 places, causing a massive loss of human life through helicopters. These places were hugely damaged and took a lot of time to recover from this destruction.

Presence of Numerous Anti-Helicopter Mines –There exist numerous anti-helicopter mines that are not in a single place but spread worldwide. These mines may harm a complete helicopter and that too without even a single chance of repair remaining at all. 

The helicopter is undoubtedly a significant and realistic invention, and to support this statement, the above interesting facts are enough. That is why if you want to know almost everything about helicopters in much more detail, then checking these interesting facts will be very worthy and authentic to the fullest.

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