Interesting Facts about Houses

Our life has three necessities from the very ancient period. Those are food, water, and shelter. All the organisms in the world need proper shelter to be safe from harsh environmental conditions. Humans are no exceptions. We have wandered for protection from the very beginning of human existence. Now that we have modernized, we live in houses. Previously, people lived in kutcha houses, followed by the period of pucca homes. Nowadays, people live in well-furnished houses or flats.

Interesting Facts about Houses

Facts about Houses

Brass doorknobs are healthy!

Doork nobs are often very neglected objects in a house. But it is also crucial to build your doorknobs with suitable material. The most suitable material for your doorknobs is brass. It is because it doesn’t allow the growth of fungus, bacteria, or virus on it. This is because the brass doorknobs have self-cleansing ability due to the brass ions, which are toxic to the microorganisms. So, hold the brass and be healthy. 

The overhanging roof is beneficial

Have you ever wondered why the roof is continuously overhanging over the house? There is a good reason behind this type of roof architecture of the roof. This reduces the risk of the shingles falling off the earl. In addition, it maintains the longevity of the roof. The roof acts as a protective cover over the shingles and prevents the water or high-speed wind from damaging it. 

Type of roofs depends on your place

We have several patterns of house. But if you look or observe closely, you can see that a particular area has a specific type of roof. For example, if you live in a snowy area, the roofs are often pointed. This is done so that the snow can fall off the sides and not accumulate over the roof and weigh it down. On the other hand, the roofs tend to be flatter in hot or warm areas. 

The house’s color tells us when it was built

 Have you ever visited an old valley or monuments and wondered when it was built? Well, you can easily predict the age of a house by looking at the color of the house or the monument. The condition is that it is not recently renovated or painted. In the 70s and 80s, the houses were preferably painted yellow and brown. Therefore, if you see a house painted in yellow or brown, you can quickly tell it was constructed in the 70s and 80s.

Facts about Houses

Balusters term derived from a fruit 

The balusters are very common in luxury houses. However, the structure of balusters these days is different from what it was before, and it had a more curved shape, and thus it was known as the baluster. The Baluster term is an Italian word that means pomegranate flowers. 

Farmhouse being red is an old-fashioned tradition

You must have observed that most of the farmhouses are red. In the farms, the barns and farmhouses are often seen painted in the red color. This came as practice from the previous generation. They painted their barns red because they didn’t have enough money to buy other colors. So, they substituted the paint by using rust, the red iron oxide. 

Victorian home is assembled like a dollhouse

You may have seen the assembled dollhouse. The dollhouse comes in pieces, and you can easily create it from a dollhouse. You will be surprised that many of the Victorian houses are built in the format of a dollhouse. You can purchase the house components and assemble them like a dollhouse, and it is not only easy but also cheaper. 

The first housewarming party was literally “housewarming.”

Giving a housewarming party is a common tradition after entering or building a new house. The tradition of housewarming is ancient. The first housewarming made the house warm, and it was because the guests brought firewood and lit the fire. This was done to ward off any negative energy and bring positive energy to the house. 

Facts about Houses

Space under cabinets is not just for storage 

Space under the cabinets is not just for storing the food or keeping any other item, and it is used for another reason. This provides a space for keeping your leg comfortably while cooking or washing the dishes. This area is known as the toe kick in the layman’s language.

The place under your sink is not meant for storage

You all might have observed a space under the sink, commonly used to keep cleaning products and washcloths. However, this cabinet under the sink is made to easily access the pipes, especially the plumber, in case it is blocked or not functioning correctly. 

Roof’s shape can help you to know the age of the house

There are several ways by which you can tell the age of a house. One of the methods is by looking at the shape of the roof. Different types of roofs shapes were built in different eras. Therefore, by looking at the roof shape, you predict the age of the house. 

The bird box is not meant for the birds 

You may have seen the birds making nests in your homes. There is a corner made by the overhanging roof and the siding of your houses. Many birds make their nests here. Therefore, it came to be known as the bird box. But it is not made for the birds. 

Facts about Houses

Older homes have real flowers on the walls

The older houses often have plastered walls, and flowers can be seen. These are believed to be the real flowers pressed with the help of plastered material on the wall. 

Juliet balconies 

The balconies built at shorter heights are often referred to as the Juliet balconies. This trend came after the famous play – Romeo, and Juliet. 

Thermostats position changes the readings 

Thermostats are generally meant to maintain the temperature of the house. However, the location of the thermostats can often mess with the readings. As a result, the temperature of the house is not maintained correctly. Therefore, thermostats must be placed away from direct sunlight or heating sources. 

Door’s color may increase the price of your house 

It has been shown in many surveys that the color of the door plays a significant role in selling a home. Dark-colored doors, especially white-colored ones, increase the value of the house. 

Facts about Houses

The story of two faucets 

Two faucets were initially built to provide safe drinking water to the people. The cold water faucet was connected to the treated water supply and was safe to use. However, the warm faucet was not safe to use due to several reasons.

Garages can’t fit the cars

In many studies, it has been shown that the garages are not enough for storing the cars. It is not because the cars don’t fit in the garages, but because many people store different objects and fill up the space in a garage.

Yellow exterior earns more money

If your exteriors are yellow, they will likely attract more buyers. The yellow color gives a furnished and well-finished look to the house and often sells more than traditional painted houses.

New generation lives in a larger area

It has been shown in the studies that the new generations are living in larger houses than the previous generation. It is said that the new home is 30 percent larger than the homes built 4-5 decades ago. However, this fact is not actually in the case of flats as they are comparatively more minor.

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