Interesting Facts about Ice Creams May Surprise You

Ice creams are generally frozen sweetened food typically eaten as a dessert or a snack. Its ingredients usually consist of cream or milk, which are flavored with sweeteners, either with sugar or with an alternative form, along with some spices such as vanilla or cocoa generally accompanied by various fruits like peaches and strawberries. Ice creams can also be made by whisking off some flavored creams and then adding the liquid nitrogen together. In addition to stabilizers, food coloring is also added sometimes. Then this mixture is cooled down below the temperature of the freezing water point and then stirred in between to incorporate the air spaces by preventing the formation of detectable ice crystals.

facts about ice creams

The final result we get is a very smooth and semi-solid foam that stays in the solid forms at shallow temperatures but becomes malleable with the increase in temperatures. From country to country, the meaning of ice creams varies too. For example, in the United States, ice creams apply to a particular variety. Most governments generally regulate the use of various commercial terms according to the presence of the main ingredient’s relative quantity in it or notably the amount of cream present. The ice creams are generally served with other desert dishes like apple pie to increase the dish’s taste.

Interesting facts about ice creams

The invention of ice cream cones – in 1904, at the world’s fair held at St. Louis, Missouri, the concession vendors invented the ice cream cones. They were invented with the idea of people enjoying the fair while devouring their ice creams.

The country with the highest consumption of ice cream in the whole world – with an average of 7.5 gallons per person in a year, New Zealand holds the record for consuming the highest amount of ice creams in the whole world.

The most popular flavor of ice cream – the vanilla flavor tops the list of the most popular flavor of the ice cream in several ice cream-loving countries like Italy, New Zealand, Germany, the United States, Brazil, and china.

How the ice creams always end up having soft and fluffy textures – you might have observed that the ice creams always have a very soft and silky texture. This is because the ice cream consists of several microscopic, tiny air bubbles, which helps keep the surface fluffy and soft. When the ice cream melts, this small molecular structure breaks down, resulting in the air escaping. So when you refreeze it, you don’t end up with the same fluffy and same texture you had before.

facts about ice creams

The world’s largest ice cream cone – in 2015, Norway achieved the world record for making the world’s largest ice cream cone. This cone had an incredible height of about 10 feet.

The first-ever American to pen down the recipe of ice cream – Thomas Jefferson is considered the first-ever American to pen down the recipe of ice cream. Thomas penned down the recipe of vanilla-flavored ice creams as, till then, Cherry Garcia wasn’t invented yet.

The most popular nut chunk flavor in the US – In the united states of America, speaking of the chunks in ice cream, the most popular nut chunks are the pecans, whereas the strawberries are considered the most popular in terms of fruit chunk.

One of the food items missed in space stations – After the pizza and soda, NASA revealed that ice creams are one of the three foods missed the most by the astronauts during their space missions.

The ice cream headaches – sometimes, when you eat your ice creams a little too fast, you might have ended up with a headache. This is happening because when something very cold item touches your mouth’s roof, the blood vessels of your mouth that run straight to your brain get tensed up, and as a result, the blood gets trapped in your brain. The pressure exerted by this trapping of blood results in headaches. 

facts about ice creams

The ideal temperature for serving ice cream scoops – it has been observed that at a temperature maintaining a range between 8 to 10 degrees faranite, the ice cream served retains its soft and fluffy texture along with its flavor. Thus this temperature range has been considered the ideal temperature for scooping out and helping your ice creams.

The creamy ice creams – for making one gallon of ice creams, you need to take about 3 gallons of whole milk, resulting in a super creamy texture of your favorite ice creams.

The most expensive ice cream in the whole world – known by the name of black diamond, this ice cream is served by the Scoop café located in Dubai and is the most expensive ice cream in the whole world with a price tag of about $817 per scoop. The main ingredients of this ice cream consist of ambrosial Iranian saffron, Italian truffles, and about 23 karats of edible gold flakes.

The country that invented ice creams estimated that ice cream-like food was first eaten in china around 618 to 97 AD. It is considered that king Tang of Shang ordered his ice men to create a rich dish out of buffalo milk, camphor, and flour. And around 200 BC, a very new kind of ice cream was invented in china with the mixture of milk and rice, which was later frozen by packing it with snow.

Flavors of ice cream – it has been estimated that there are about 1000 different kinds of flavors available in ice creams, including chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and even avocado.

facts about ice creams

The grossest flavors of ice cream – with about 1000 different flavors, there are ice creams with the grossest flavors available. These flavors include oyster, ox- tongue, chicken fried stick, salad flavored, parmesan, and many more.

Ice cream is heavier than water is a myth – the ice creams generally constitute high-fat content, but the fat is always less dense than the water. Thus any ice cream will always have less density than any kind of aqueous solution. This proves that ice cream is heavier than the water is an absolute myth.

The world record holder for eating the most ice creams in one sitting – the world record for eating the most number of ice creams in one sitting is held by Miki Sudo of Las Vegas. She emerged victorious by setting the world record for ice cream eating by scarfing down about 16 pints of ice creams in less than six minutes.

The oldest ice cream company – the oldest ice cream company is the Bassetts ice creams, which is an American company. It was founded in 1861, and they are now in the sixth generation of their family-owned business.

facts about ice creams

The world’s biggest ice cream shop – with an area of 851 meters square of floor space, the ice cream farm of the United Kingdom holds the record of being the world’s largest ice cream shop. It is located in Tattenhall, UK, and sells over 50 different varieties and flavors of ice creams.

The busiest month in ice cream sales – most of the ice creams are made March through July, and July holds the record for the most active month in the sales of ice creams. As per the data, in the year 2019, about 6.4 billion pounds of ice cream was produced in the US itself.

The different types of ice creams available – there are about 12 different varieties of ice creams available, including all the various forms, shapes, and options. One such example is the Home stratosphere ice cream.

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