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India is popularly known as the land of diverse cultures or land of unity in diversity. People of various religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian live together happily in the same land. India is mother to 1.38 billion people and ranks second in terms of population in the world. If you are keen on the ancient culture and tradition, visiting India can be one of your best options.

It has secured the seventh position in the world in terms of area. It is also regarded as a land of wonders. Literally speaking, Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world. It has a lot of historic significance. The word India is originally from the river Sindhu, generally referred to as the Indus River. India was also called Bharat after the name of a legendary emperor.

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It is agrarian because most of the people, nearly 70 per cent, are engaged in agriculture and farming. This makes up the foundation of the country. Economic wise, India has the fifth position globally, having a GDP of about 2.65 trillion dollars. It is renowned for marvellous mountains, spectacular greenery, exceptional beaches, majestic lakes, art, culture, traditions and customs.

It is located in a geographically perfect position. On the north, India is well protected by mountains and is surrounded by different water bodies like the Arabian Sea on the west, the Indian Ocean on the south, and the Bay of Bengal on the East. This geographic location is quite perfect for various types of agriculture and farming, leading to the country’s overall economic growth.

Facts About India

Facts About India

Culture of India : India culture itself is a very different world to explore. It is the fusion of traditional customs, ancient beliefs, ethical values and artefacts. Indian cultures are strongly connected to Indian history. They came to India mostly by immigration and colonization. The ancient cultures, tradition, religious belief, mathematics, diverse language, math, novel and movies shows the significance of Indian culture in the modern World.

Enormous languages : India is a linguistically diverse country. It has 22 recognized major languages. More than 400 languages that are spoken in India which do not have any recognition and are used by the local people. Some of these languages and dialects have also dried out.

Imagine going to India without knowing this fact and getting confused after listening to different languages. Therefore, you must do your homework well before visiting India. The diverse language enhances your interest to know about more interesting facts about India.

Biggest film Industry in the world : Movies are one of the best methods for time to pass and relax your mind. The Indian film industry is known as Bollywood. It has its leagues and recognition worldwide, and it produces around 1100 films each year. Another interesting fact about India is the high selling of tickets globally. The total number of Bollywood tickets sold globally was 3.5 million, 0.9 million more than that of Hollywood movies.


King of fruits, Mango : Mango is a delicious fruit mostly available in the summers in India’s tropical and subtropical regions. You will get surprised to know about the interesting facts of India is the largest producer and consumer of Mangoes in the world.

1500 varieties of Mango : You will be astonished to know that India currently produces about 1500 different mango varieties and exports them to other countries. So, next time you visit India, don’t forget to taste their mangoes.

High rate of Car accidents : According to the British Medical Journal, 0.2 million people die every year in accidents which is more than any other country in the entire world.

Guinness World Records : so far, India has made many world records. Some of the world records are very weird. For example- the longest moustache in the world was of Ram Singh Chauhan, around 4.29 meters in length.


Marvellous ISRO : ISRO has made exceptional achievements in the domain of astronomy and space technologies. One of its spectacular achievements was discovering water on the moon by ISRO Chandrayan in September 2009.

M.O.M, mars mission : ISRO has never failed to surprise the world. India was the first country to send a spacecraft to Mars on its first attempt successfully. M.O.M, also known as the MARS ORBITER MISSION, was launched in November 2013 and had been orbiting since September 2014 in Space.

Humayun’s Tomb : The garden tomb is a rock-cut tomb is another interesting fact about India. It is regarded as the site of the burial of Jesus by some people. It is in the memory of Mughal emperor Humayun and is located in New Delhi. Humayun tomb is the world’s first garden tomb.

Discovery of zero : one of the most majestic discoveries of the ancient era was the discovery of zero. It plays a key role in mathematics as the additive identity of rational numbers, integers and many others. Aryabhatta discovered it in the mid-fifth century.

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Significance of May 26th : May 26th is celebrated as science day in Switzerland, but it has special significance in India. This day is celebrated in honour of A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who studied physics and aerospace. Popularly regarded as the Missile Man of India because of developing exceptional missiles.

Ancient civilization, Indus valley civilization : Indus valley civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Also known as Harappan civilization. It is 4500 years old, making it the second oldest civilization in the world. The people in that time developed weights and measures and also developed new art, culture and tradition.

Perplexing Indiana : People are mostly confused about interesting facts about Indiana and India. They like to assume that Indiana is a place in India, but actually, Indiana is a U.S. state in the midwestern United States. It was taken as the nineteenth state of the U.S. state on 11 December 1816.

Maximum vegetarians in the world : According to a survey report, 20 to 40 percent of people in India are vegetarians. They like to have non-meat foods. One of the largest populations of non-meat eaters.

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Delicacies of India : Interesting facts on Indian culture and food will make you surprise. Indian foods are popular across the whole world. Famous mouth watering foods like panipuri, chole bhature, mutter paneer, vada paaun, samosa have made their place in the hearts of many people. These foods are so delicious that people of other countries also like to consume foods from Indian cuisine. We can’t believe that Chicken tikka masala is the national dish of Britain. It is one of the  

Spectacular Taj Mahal : It is a highly rated international tourist attraction centre in India. It took 22 years to build the Taj Mahal. Its structure is symmetric and proportionate from every angle. The construction cost of the Taj Mahal was 32 million rupees at that time, and now the cost would be expected to be nearly 52.8 billion rupees. It was made in honour of the most loved wife of Shah Jahan that is Mumtaz Mahal, in 1631.

Cricket loving nation : The love of Indian people for cricket is enormous. India has the highest cricket ground globally, which is around 2144 meters above the main sea level. It is located in Chail.

Magical, Manali : If you are a nature lover visiting India, then Manali must be on your bucket list. It is a renowned hill station in Himachal Pradesh. It attracts most tourists due to its majestic view of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges engulfed by snow.

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Golden temple : It is one of the most visited places in the world and is located in Amritsar. The temple is mostly made of gold making it a tourist crowded place in the country.

A sacred animal, Cow : In western countries, people eat beef as a delicacy, but it is illegal to kill a cow in India. The laws formed by the government protects them. They are treated as auspicious animals and are worshipped during the religious festivals. Not only do Indian people value milk, but they also use cow dung and urine in lots. It is one of the interesting facts on Indian culture.

Chess : This game makes the brain of the people very sharp. It is one of the most advanced board games in the World. It originated in India and then travelled to the western and European countries.

Snakes and Ladders : If you are a gamer at any point in your life, you must have played this wonderful game. This board game was successfully made in India, and then it travelled to other countries and got recognized there.

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Center of Outsourcing : One of the interesting facts about India is that they play a key role in outsourcing. Sixty-seven percent of outsourcing is done in India that accounts for about 150 billion dollars. Hence India is also regarded as the king and queen of outsourcing.

Taxila : Taxila is also known as Takshashila. It is one of the world’s oldest recognized universities. It was there from 1700 B.C. in parts of India and Pakistan.

Khari Baoli : Indian people love spices. This message is probably known to most people in the world. Spices are the flavouring agents that add a unique taste to the food. Asia’s largest world sale spice market is in Khari Baoli.

English speaking country : We all know that people mostly speak English in western countries. It would help if you were perplexed to know that India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world.

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Shakuntala Devi : She is mostly regarded as a Human Computer. She can calculate mathematics problems faster than a supercomputer. She was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka. She has made many world records and become a pride for India.

World’s wettest place : Being a tropical country, India also has its fair share of rainfall. It is quite shocking to know that there is a place in Meghalaya popularly known as Mawsynram where the annual rainfall exceeds 10,000 mm, and it holds the world record of being the wettest place in the world.

Temple of rats : India is a mysterious place to visit. Nobody knows how many secrets are being shrouded in mystery. Thousands of rats have inhabited a temple in Rajasthan. Those rats are called “kababs” and are considered auspicious beings by the local people. The temple has a huge number of curious visitors.

Eating with their fingers : Different countries all over the world have varied and diverse table etiquettes. But in India people love to eat with their fingers including rice, meats and vegetables. Some people even argue that eating with fingers adds more flavour to the original dish.

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Huge demand for newspapers : James Ellis rightly states that newspapers are the world’s mirror. It provides information and news about various parts of the world. India has the second-largest market of newspapers in the world.

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India is a place having all kinds of tourist’s destinations. Be it mountains, beaches, seas, deserts, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, exceptional greens and many others are present in India. It is also home to diversified architecture filled with monuments, palaces, mosques, temples and ancient remnants. Art and culture are deeply rooted in their history. Not only about the places, but India is also quite different in terms of morals and views.


The very fact that people of many religions live together and happily in India is enough to prove that India is a peaceful country to live in. It is the world’s largest democracy which provides the people with the freedom to speak, write and stand up against evil doings. Many people visit India as it provides limitless travel opportunities and helps them learn about its rich culture and heritage.

Travelling in India can provide you with a lot of electrifying experiences. It will grow more in different aspects of life and help you understand the true meaning behind your existence in this world. Make sure to know about all these facts before you visit India, and it will help you a lot.

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