These 43 Facts About Japan May Amaze You

Are you looking for a place to enjoy the scenic beauty and take a break to scale up your life? Then, Japan is the exact place you are looking for. It’s a heaven for the nature lover. One serene piece of paradise is Japan’s subtropical islands that are mostly visited due to their appealing beaches, pristine waterfalls, natural hot springs, and flush of beautiful trees.

If you are a beach lover, then Okinawa beach should be a must on your bucket list. The beaches are primarily famous for coral reefs, snorkelling, diving and provide a lovely view to the spectator’s eyes. The top tourist attraction centre in Japan is Mount Fuji. It is the tallest mountain in Japan, with a height of around 3,776 meters.

More than 1,00,000 people visit Japan for mountain climbing every year. It is like a sculpture made by the god himself. Who hasn’t heard of the mesmerizing cherry blossoms in Tokyo? One of the notable parks for cherry blossom viewing in Japan is Ueno Park. It is one of the places you must visit if you are a nature lover.

It has around 1200 trees that bloom during spring with soft variations of white to light pink colour. You also might be surprised to know that cherry blossom, popularly known as Sakura, is Japan’s national flower. Japan is known for its aesthetics and has a diverse culture, traditional and contemporary arts, and varied innovations and technologies.

Japan is the third-largest automobile manufacturing country in the world. With 125.47 million people, Japan ranks third in the nominal GDP list due to their export to significant industries like automobiles, electronics, iron and steel.

Some people also tend to compare Japan as a flower emerging from a bud due to its exceptional growth in many aspects. For learning more fun facts or interesting facts, stay tuned to this article.

Facts about Japan

High life expectancy rate – Japan has a tremendous life expectancy rate of about 80-85 years. More than 17000 people have lived for more than 100 years. This is due to their structured daily habits, which allows them to live for an astonishing period.

Tsukiji Fish Market – This is the largest fish markets around the world. It sells wholesale fish and seafood in large amounts and specializes in having tuna auctions regularly.

Basashi, Horsemeat – Japanese people enjoy having horse meat. It is considered one of their delicacies. It is generally served with soy sauce, chopped garlic and onions. It is served nearly raw cold.

Different writing systems – Generally, 4 writing systems are used in daily Japanese life. They are Romaji, Hiragana, Katakana and kanji. They have 2136 characters.

High rates of earthquakes hitting Japan – Earthquakes are considered as one of the deadly natural disasters that can cause horrifying destruction and death. As per Reports Near about 1500 earthquakes hits Japan every year. But they take the situation under control exceptionally.

Enormous volcanoes – Japan has around 110 active volcanoes that account for about 10 per cent of all the volcanoes in the world.

Japan main religion – Many people are wondering what is religion followed by Japanese people. According to recent studies, 51.8% of Japanese people are Shintoists or not religious,34.9% follow Buddhism, which is the indigenous religion of Japan, and few belong to Christianity.

The oldest company in the world – Kongo Gumi is the most ancient running business in the world. It helps in the construction of temples and shrines.

One of the largest populations in the world – Japan ranks 11th in terms of population in the world. It has a population of over 127 million people. And it is decreasing at an alarming rate due to the low birth rates.

High value in education – There are no workers in school to clean because students are taught to keep their environments clean. Students are allowed to give exams below 10 years of age because they want their children to incorporate morals in the initial years of their life.

QR Code – One of the revolutionary innovations that have completely shaken the whole world is the QR Code. Its use is endless in today’s world, starting from money transfers from banks to grocery stores and searching a topic via QR Code. It has proven its limitless worth in today’s world.

Economic Growth – Japan has the third-largest economy in the world due to its major export industries. According to some analyst predictions, the GDP of Japan is about to reach 5200 billion USD by the end of 2021. It’s crazy to see that much increase in the economic growth of Japan.

vending machine – For every 24 people, Japan has one vending machine. It is quite amusing to note that there are 5 million vending machines in Japan, around 40 per cent of its population.

Most of the zippers are made in Japan – If your zipper has YKK on it, then you know that it is made in Japan. Around 70 percent chances are there that your zipper is made in Japan.

Melons in Japan are very costly – Melons in Japan cost around 200 dollars because they play a crucial role in its gift-giving culture. They are given as a token of appreciation to loved ones in Japan.

The slurping of noodles is not nasty in Japan – Where in other countries, the slurping of noodles is considered quite rude. In Japan, it’s the opposite. They say people slurping are enjoying their food.

Eating alone is common – Most of us would have felt awkward or out of space when dining alone in a hotel or crowded place. But it is pretty common for Japanese people to have their food alone.

A large number of mountains present in Japan – More than 80% of Japan is mountainous. Japan has around 110 active volcanoes, which enables the landscape for skiing and climbing.

Cat Cafe – Japanese people are pretty noticeably attracted to cat cafes. The people are allowed to pet and play with cats in the café. Many people accept that the cat café gives them relaxation from stress and provides peace to their minds.

Zao Kitsune Mura Fox Village – It is kind of a heaven for animal lovers. It is also one of the high tourists attracted place. Foxes play freely in the forest, and people enjoy seeing them.

Rice Cooker – It is originated in Japan. Who knows that one humble creation would bring a revolution in the culinary world? Rice cooker has become one of the everyday used inventions for the people.

Emojis – The facial representation of a person in small pics undeniably brought chaos to the social media world. It was first originated in Japan. Its use in social media platforms has not decreased since its arrival.

Anime and mangas – Anime and manga are undoubtedly the international attraction of Japan. Mangas are Japanese comics, and anime is the onscreen act out part. When you visit Japan, one of the most common things you will see is these .

people residing in Japan have not set any age bar in watching these. Even 40-year-old or even older people love to watch them.

Rabbit Island – Okunoshima Island is one of the most iconic islands of Japan and also attract tourists. This is because the island predominantly consists of rabbits.

Kind of unique attitude towards life – Japanese people are also known for their exceptional behaviour towards life, which helps them succeed with flying colours.

They greatly believe in the principle of saving time, and some people consider them a worshipper of punctuality 90% of the people take a bath at night. This helps them to save time while getting ready for work.

The amusing fact of Japanese phones – 90% of Japanese phones are waterproof because they like to take their phone to the bath.

Partying at late night – In Japan, partying at night beyond 12 am is illegal. If caught, they have to pay a fine or bear other consequences.

Service to mankind is service to God – Japanese people are not only known for their innovations but also known for being kind-hearted. In Japan, McDonald’s provides shelter to homeless people to stay at night.

Good luck comes with black cat – They genuinely believe that black cats bring fortune and prosperity to their family. So, they are most interested in taking care of animals.

Punctual Behaviour of Railways – In Japan, trains are known for their precision to arrive on time. A train cannot be late for more than 18seconds. When a train arrives late, officers working in railways apologise to the passengers personally, and they are given a free railway service.

Specially bag for dogs – In Japan, while walking a dog down the street, the owner has a unique bag that collects the poop of the dog so that the dog does not make a mess in the street.

Nippon and Nihon – The nickname of Japan is Nippon which means sun, and the local people call Japan Nihon, which means the land of the rising sun.

The unusual shape of fruits – They have a habit of being different from the whole world. They change the shape of fruits to an unusual shape different from the actual shape of fruits. For example, watermelons are rectangular in Japan.

Devotion to their language – 80% of people of Japan speak Japanese, which show their love and respect for their indigenous language.

Shirakawa go – One of the noticeably beautiful places in Japan that one should visit in winter. It is a traditional village of houses having a triangular roof. People enjoy skiing and hiking.

Jigokundani Yaen-koen – It’s a place where a monkey takes a bath in hot springs. It’s a paradise for Japanese macaque, popularly known as snow monkeys.

Bizarre rule of trains – If a person tries to commit suicide in Infront of a train, then that person’s family has to pay a fine for passengers who would be late for their work.

Metabo law in Japan – This law gives a definite parameter for the measurement of obese people in Japan. People aged 40 or more should have a maximum waistline of 33.5 inches, and that for women is 35.4 inches.

Impressive thinking of workers – You must be pretty surprised to know that there are highways built between the buildings of Japan.

Car parking – There are rotating car parking in Japan. It is one of the crazy innovations of this era.

Hadaka Matsuki – It is a bizarre festival celebrated by men in Japan. In this festival, men run around naked, praying for prosperity in the following year.

Unlucky 4 – Four is considered as an inauspicious or doomed number in Japan. Because in Japanese, 4 is “shi”, which is quite similar to death in Japanese.

japan flag

No signature of people – It would help if you were astonished to know that they don’t have a signature. They have their unique seal, also known as Hanko. Wherever their sign is necessary, they use their Hanko.


Hans Christian Anderson once said that” to travel is to live”.in today’s competitive era where people are hustling hard to survive and make their name. It is sometimes necessary for people to unplug themselves from the busy world and enter another world where they can loosen up a little and relax. It helps them get their energy back and prepares their mind for the tough battle they are going to face.

Visiting places and exploring things not only help you to calm your mind but also helps to discover new passions or interests. If you are a wanderer, Japan must be somewhere on your bucket list. Viewing Japan is like a dream come an actual moment for the wanderer.

The place has a lot more to say than it has. The interesting facts of Japan tempt people more towards Japan. It brings tremendous joy for the people visiting and make them truly happy in all aspects.

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