Interesting facts about June

Days are long, and the weather is warmer. The pride month, which holds the sixth position in the Gregorian calendar, is the month “June.” It comes from a Latin word called “lunis,” which generally refers to the Roman goddess. It is also considered Juno, and Juno is the counterpart of Greek Hera. Juno was an essential and powerful ancient Italian deity who was the protector of Rome, the better half of Jupiter, queen of gods, and goddesses of marriage, childbirth, and fertility.

facts about June

Perhaps that’s why summer weddings are quite popular due to the blessings of goddess Juno. Every month has its share and celebrations, and so does the month of June. It has Father’s Day, pride day, Birthdays, flag day, etc.

Interesting facts about June

JUNE SOLSTICE: It is also called the summer solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. It embraces the first Astronomical summer. The date, in general, lies between June 20 to June 22. The winter solstice in the southern hemisphere remarks the day of the first Astronomical winter, which denotes the year’s shortest day.

MIDSUMMER : Midsummer is celebrated in countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland in Nordic countries and Estonia and Latvia Baltic countries. In Scandinavia, midsummer is also called Sankt Hans . The Christian calendar celebrates it on 24 June, exactly 6months before Christmas. According to tradition and customs, it is believed that it is “preparing the way of Christ “as sunrise decreases after midsummer and increases after Christmas.

BABIES: A child born in June has two-star signs. If the baby is born before 20th June, they are Gemini. Gemini is passionate, adaptable, and smart. Whereas the child born after 20th June has Cancer. Cancer is loyal with great emotional depths. As per tradition and customs, the birthstones for June are Pearl alexandrite and moonstone. The birth flowers are the Rose and the Honeysuckle. The baby’s month this month reaches the height of success. Examples are numerous such as Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Anderson Cooper, Kanye West, Neil Patrick Harris, etc.

facts about June

JUNETEENTH: It is a federal holiday in the United States of America on June 19, and people affectionately call it Juneteenth. In 1865, all enslaved people in Texas were set free from union soldiers. It is also called Emancipation Day and celebrates freedom and equal rights.

FATHER’S DAY: Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is also celebrated. It’s a day to celebrate their sacrifice, hard work, and dedication toward the welfare of their family. It is a day to show respect to them and express gratitude for being an excellent father. It’s celebrated on different dates in the world. However, in Canada and the United States of America, it falls on the third Sunday of June.

CELESTIAL EVENTS: Yes!!! This year’s June is quite extraordinary and unique. It is a full moon that will appear on June 14, 2022. It’s better to mark the calendar!! Not only this, we do have another treat to our eyes. We are lucky enough to see mercury in the morning sky. The date is June 16, and it will appear at its farthest distance from the sun in the morning sky.

PRIDE MONTH: It celebrates the rights and culture, and the month marks the spirit of resistance and acceptance instead of shame for LGBTQIA+communities. It includes massive celebrations, marches, protests, and parades. People gather in considerable amounts to express themselves in myriad forms. A series of protests began in the 1970s in the United States to recognize the rights of this community.

facts about June

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY: The theme of Environment Day of 2022 is ” Only One Earth.” It’s a day to garner people’s attention towards global issues like global warming, overpopulation, and increasing population. That’s why June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day every year.

INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY: Yoga is the spiritual essence of life, and it is a thread that holds and teaches us to be calm and patient. June 21 is celebrated as Yoga Day to encourage us to follow the path of spirituality and make us believe that Modernity and Traditions can always go hand in hand, leading the world to be a better place. The theme of International Yoga Day2022 is “Yoga for Humanity.”

WORLD MILK DAY: It’s a day to recognize the contribution of milk as global food and bring attention to the dairy industry. It was the Food and Agriculture Organization to realize the importance of milk and dairy products in our day-to-day life. It is celebrated on 1st June every year, and they realized the true meaning of milk as a complete food. It’s a day to commemorate the importance of dairy products in society in relevance to economic growth and development as it is the Nation’s sustainable development.

facts about June

INTERNATIONAL SEX WORKERS DAY: This is an issue that needs to be looked upon. The life of sex workers has always been trash. However, in the year 1975,100 sex workers on June -2 came together and raised concerns and worries about dishonorable working conditions and ethics. Unfortunately, the assembled people were summoned and raided by the police in the church itself. As years passed, it became a topic of discussion and subject that needed to be understood by people and accepted. On June 2, the day is observed to preserve their rights globally. Recently the Government of India legalized the Rights of sex workers. Yes, indeed, this is a historical moment !!

FLAG DAY: In the United States of America, Flag Day is celebrated, and it makes sure that the flag must fly high !! The United States Flag Code outlines how to display the American flag correctly.

INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC DAY: It is rightly said that “All reading and no fun makes Jack a dull boy.” International Olympic Day is celebrated on June 23 every year. It draws people’s attention to show the impact and necessity of sports in our lives, promoting mass participation in sports. The theme of the Olympics is always based on three pillars, i.e., “Move,” “learn,” and “discover.”The Olympic Day is not just a mere run or some other activity. Here, countries use culture and educational activities to raise awareness about sports and unity. The 2022 international Olympic Day theme is ” Stay healthy, Stay strong, stay active with Olympic day workout.”

facts about June

WORLD MUSIC DAY: It is celebrated on 21st June every year. It is also called Make Music Day. On this day, the public can play music outside the neighborhood or in public spaces and parks, and free concerts are organized. Initially, Jack Lang, Minister of Culture of France, originated the musical celebration. Later on, about 120 countries celebrated this day as a music festival.

JUNE BEETLE: Do you ever wonder if there is any creature after the name of any month? Well yes !!!… It’s June Beetle! It is also called the June bug. They are nocturnal animals with maroon brown wings and ventral hair in appearance, and they go to the porch light, mistaking it as a bright light for the moon or the stars, and orient the light until they collide. According to research, they are only found in the United States of America during May and June. They survive on a mixed diet of plants and shrubbery. They are pretty unharmful to humans, but they can act as a severe pest to crops and plants.

No matter how scorching summer may be in the Northern Hemisphere or bone-cold in winters. This month is all about celebrating friendship, relationships, and bindings. This month teaches us to be loyal, kind, compassionate, and a real patriot.

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