35 Interesting Facts about Leopard May Surprize You

Facts about Leopard

Leopards are always called super-fast animals and can run at 58km per hour speed. Mostly they are an excellent swimmer and fast runners as they live in a varied habitat that includes mountains, forests, deserts and grasslands. They are also well known as wild cats.

Facts about Leopard

Leopards are found in the continent’s Africa and Asia. Leopard is a secretive big cat. They grow around 3 to 6.2 feet. The name leopard originated from a Greek work called leopards. Leopard is the fourth biggest wild cat in the world after the lion, Tiger and jaguar. It is very not easy to locate and difficult to trace in the wild because they are very fast and mostly rest in the day and hunt at the night.

Interesting Facts about Leopard:

Leopards can see 7 times better in dark than human beings

Eyes are one of a complex structure in all of nature. As leopards use their vision to hunt easily. They can see better in dark than human beings similar to some other animals and it is because of their adapted retinas they can see better which help them to be exceptional hunters.

No two leopards look the same

leopards have rosettes. Leopard still, has a better complex pattern including rosettes which exist irregularly shaped spots that are grouped providing it rose-like markings. This shape on the leopard assists with disguise while a leopard searches by reproducing grass movement and shadows.

Leopards give birth after 96days

Leopards gave birth after 96days on average and they can give birth at any time of the year but the peak time is rainy seasons.

Cubs born with closed eyes

Yes, newborn leopard cubs are born with closed uses and will open their eyes after 7-8 days of their birth. As they are born weak and entirely reliant on their mother. The eyes are bright blue.

The name Leon and pard

The names Leon and pard are derived from a Greek word. The snow leopards were also called as ounce as the scientific name of the animals is Panthera pardus.

Hunt at night and rest in a day

Leopards are the smallest of the big cats but they prefer hunting at night and resting in the day. Try to spend most of the day spent in trees or caves.

Starts hunting at 6 to 7 months old

When the little cubs get the age of six months they go out for her hunt along with her mother. The cubs live with their mother for 18- 24 months. For the first 2-3 months the little cubs were shielded away from predators and protected in a den site.

Facts about Leopard

They can hunt in water

Leopards are very much home in the water and they are known for the strong swimmers because of their strong muscles and legs. They have very incredible strength.

Female leopard called a leopardess

A female leopard is also called a leopardess and there are around 7 species of leopards. As leopards are also called panthers.

Leopards are not picky eaters

Leopards are called carnivores animals but they are not picky eaters. When it comes to the diet they eat around 90 types of species but their prey mainly depends upon the deer, wild pigs, hares and badgers.

Leopards climb so well

Leopards climb trees so well and can easily kill the widest variety of prey. As they are astonishingly strong. And an extremely long tail helps to offset the leopard as it jumps between narrow rocky ledges.

Spend time on trees

A leopard can hunt on both lands and trees. These animals have a powerful jaw muscle which they used to hold and kill their target.

Expert hunters

Leopards are experts in hunting having a fast-moving body and healthy muscle they can hunt easily for a living and they have better eyesight at night to hunt.

Leap up to a maximum 20feet forward

A leopard can easily jump up to 10feets and can easily keep up to 20 feet easily and they can easily run-up to a speed of 60km/hr. As they hunt easily they can keep for large distance and easily land right I. The target. They have powerful legs and strong muscles to jump.

Facts about Leopard

They don’t drink much water to survive

Leopard can survive without water for one to two days. They live from the water they get from consuming their prey. Leopards don’t require much water. because getting wet would hamper their jackets capacity to conserve warmth.

Give birth to 2 to 4 cubs

A female leopard will be pregnant up to an average of 93 to 100 days and will find a safe den and give birth to around 1 to 4 cubs on average and the female leopards can give birth in any month of the year.

There are black leopards that exists

Black leopards are also called black panthers. Black leopards occur in China, India, Bhutan and Myanmar. These black leopards are found in dessert, habitats, and forests.

Ability to hide and secretive

These wild cats are more elusive and secretive and they are predominately solitary. They walk alone and unseen and attack their prey by hiding out in trees and forests. They have a fast move to attack the other animals.

Average lifespan 12 to 17 years

The average lifespan of leopards is 12 to 17 years and the snow leopards live for an age of 25 years with those in captivity living much longer.

Rarely attack humans

leopards are mostly very scared of humans and do resist people. They are the least likely to attack humans. Leopards are very flexible, and they usually attack at night.

One leopard 400 deaths

The leopard of panaar killed around 400 people during the earliest 20th century. It is one of the most prolific men eating recorded in history.

Leopards population declining

Around 75%-90% of leopards population declined in some previous years. The Indian population decreased in large numbers. They are around 4000-7000 snow leopards left in the world.

Facts about Leopard

They can roar

All the four wild cats lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards can roar. The lion roar is big amongst all as it can be heard up to 5 miles. And snow leopards cannot roar expected to the physiology of their throat.

A spotted lions

A Congolese spotted lion, also recognized, by the hybrid of a male lion and female leopard. And leopards are big cats almost related to the lion, tiger, and jaguar. The head is related to that of a lion while the rest body holds similarities to leopards.

Males are much larger and stockier

Male leopards are much larger and have relatively massive heads and feet related to female leopards.

Great success in hunting

Leopards have a great success rate in hunting they are faster and skilled they have some sharp eyes and the smaller cubs hunts from their 5 months of age. As they are the so-called fastest animals on planets.

Difficult to trace and locate

Leopards are one of the hardest animals to trace and locate as they live most of the time to rest on trees, desert and forest.

They have dark spots called rosettes

The spots on leopards are called rosettes because their pattern is related to that of a rose. They have smaller, less complex rosettes that are grouped near jointly. The leopard exists mainly easily recognised by its rosette patterned coat.

The emblem in sports in Africa

The name leopards are the south Africa African rugby board representatives sides as the leopards are famously elusive.

Facts about Leopard

Leopard young stay with mother around 12-16 months

Cubs live along with your mother for 12-16 months. Many cubs stay with their mothers and snow leopards live with their mother for around 18 months and they get trained for haunting their target animal.

Tail is as long as their body

Leopards have a long tail and the tail is not only helpful for communication but also crucial for survival. The tail of the snow leopards is as long as their bodies and it is around 80-100cm long. The tail serves as a balance for climbing the long straight trees.

Leopards can hear 5 times better sounds

They can easily hear all the frequencies 20 times lower than human beings. They have all qualities of a muscular body, high vision eyes and strong legs and body. As ears are essential for every animal’s leopards can easily hear 5 times better than human beings.

China is a home of 60% snow leopards

China is a largely influential country for snow leopards. Around 60% of wild snow leopards leave in China and more than in the world. Snow leopard body parts are utilized for many various purposes in China.

Leopards can prey 3 times and climb straight trees

Leopards can prey on 3 heavy animals and climb straight trees. As they leave trees to hide with competitors like tigers, jaguars and lions. They are the smallest wild cat amongst all but they are the stealthiest predators.

About 2500 leopards were killed in Africa

Over 2500 leopards were permitted to be killed in Africa and another 2500 were thought to exist simmered as the hunter get $10000 to kill the wild cat.

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