Interesting Facts About Life

“You belong here, in this world of air and fire, you were born to walk on this land. All the words above the sea belong to you.”

The definition of life has long been challenging for scientists and philosophers. Life is a process, not a substance. A need for knowledge of the characteristics of living entities complicates it. Human life facts are genuinely fascinating. Have you ever thought about how many random facts have been accumulated throughout our civilization? Here are some of the oddest and most amazing facts about their lives, cultures, history, and other cases.

Interesting Facts about life

Facts about life

Hangovers – Brunch was initially invented to cure hangovers. As per reports, Brunch was the favorite meal of millennials. Brunch was invented by an English writer named Frank Beringer. He also published Hunter’s weekly newspaper article named “Brunch : a plea”.The article describes an alternative traditional Sunday dinner which he dubbed “brunch.”

According to him, brunch is perfect for those guys who have a wild Saturday night, and brunch will be a perfect place for the folks to gather around noon. This brunch will help them to recount the tales of wild nights and enjoy each other’s company. This is called brunch. 

Roller coaster – Have you ever sat on a roller coaster? It must have been an amazing experience. It was invented to distract people from sinful activities. LaMarcus Thompson invented it. He was disgusted by the sensuality of New York’s inhabitants. The saloon and brothels that were so popular in the late 1800s were a disgrace to Thompson. The main motive was to provide a family-friendly, sin-free way to have fun. 

In this way, roller coasters were invented. The railroad tracks of the west highly inspired him. One such railroad track was the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway. It is featured as a high-speed 665-foot drop.

Facts on life

Beauty and the beast – Have you ever thought about why Beauty and the Beast was written? It is believed that Beauty and the Beast were written to help the girls. It will help them to accept arranged marriages and believe in the beauty of their dreams.

The original version of Beauty and beast was a French story written in 1740. According to the original version, the beast was a hideous combination of elephant and fish. As per the children’s literature academic Maria Tatar, the tale was written so that young and beautiful maidens can be encouraged to accept arranged marriages ” For an alliance that required effacing their desires and submitting to the will of a monster.”

Netherlands – It is believed that if you die alone in the Netherlands, someone will write a poem and recite it at your funeral. It is generally done for those lonely folks  who passed away with no kids and no one to calm for their death, and there will be at least one person at their funeral: a poet. They are lonely funerals.

The country has implemented a ritual of lonely funeral poems, in which poets research the deceased, write a poem in their honor and recite it at the funeral. It was a small project started in Amsterdam and has now grown into a country-wide competition. This is perfect to bid farewell to those without one to continue their legacy after death.

Facts in life

Sharks – If you flip a shark upside down, it renders it mobile for up to 15 minutes. The movie might have ended differently if the Amity people had this idea. 

It turns out that the shark’s Achilles heel is turning it upside down. Some sharks enter a state of tonic immobility due to the loosening of muscles and the respiratory system. The shock helps them move into a trance and look like they are dead. After 15 minutes, they become responsive again and return to normal. Some killer whales are ideally used to exploit this trait by forcibly flipping sharks so that they can access prey more easily.

Bergy seltzer – Melting glaciers makes a sound which is called “bergy seltzer .”The sound of melting glaciers and icebergs is similar to fizzling soft drinks. The name bergy seltzer inspires it. It occurs when melting water frees tiny bubbles of air trapped under ice for centuries. This sound is so loud that it can be used to determine the distance of icebergs at sea.

Pando – We all are well known for the fact that Blue Whales are the largest animal on this planet. They aren’t just the largest living organisms.

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The Pando aspen grove comprises 47,000 identical quaking aspen trees covering 106 acres of Fishlake National Forest in Utah. The aspen grove is connected by a single shared root system, which has been around for thousands of years. However, Pando has been shrinking for decades due to extensive human intervention and animal grazing.

Guinea pigs – It is illegal to own only one single pig in Switzerland. In the case of Alpine countries, it is merrier when it comes to Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are squeaking rodents, and they are herd animals. They get depressed if they are left out all alone.

It is an effort from the people of Switzerland to enhance the social rights of the animals, and that’s why Switzerland officially considers owning a single Guinea pig as an act of cruelty. For those already single Guinea pig owners before the law was passed in 2008, rent a guinea pig business that can provide your beloved fur ball with a pal.


Interrobang – The punctuation mark ? It is called an interrobang. This punctuation mark is a combination of the question mark – exclamation mark, which has been widely used in text messages. This mark was invented in the 1960s by an adman named Martin Speckter. He always wanted to lend typographical form to the messages behind advertising campaigns that were questions and exclamations.

Doritos – Doritos are flammable and used as kindling. If you are ever in a bind, throw some Doritos on the grill and spark them up. Though you can make kindling out of nearly anything, the flavored corn chips are convenient because they will burn for a long time. The chips will act as good fire starters because they are made of flammable hydrocarbons soaked in oil. 

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It helps to broaden our knowledge about the world we live in. Life is a quality that distinguishes Matter that has biological processes like signaling and self-sustaining processes. Life is defined as the capacity for growth, reaction to stimuli, metabolism, energy transformation, and reproduction. Various life forms exist, like plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaea, and bacteria.

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