31 Most Amazing Facts about Nike May Surprise You

Facts About Nike

Nike is one of the most trusted brands globally that have mostly fulfilled the demands of all sports lovers. Nike was started in the year January 25, 1964. It is called one of the most famous athletic footwear retailers, and most western countries love these Nike brands. The brand blue Nikes were first named Blue Ribbon. You may have worn at least one product of this world-class brand. The Nike emblem is one of the most famous logos in the world.

facts about nike

Phil knight founded the company, and bill Boardman and the companies products are sold in 160 countries worldwide. Phil knight is the 24th wealthiest man globally with a net worth of around USD 50.7 billion. In 2021 the company revenue amounted to 17.36 billion US dollars. Around the past five years, Phil knight company has invested more than $400 million to drive some good positive impact and focus on developing the national and local organisation’s in education, coaching, leadership development, and community-based initiatives.

Some Interesting Facts About Nike:

18th most valuable brand

According to the Forbes 100 most valuable brands, blue nike has been topped as 18th rank in the world list. It globally most trusted athletic brand used by many famous spokespeople.

“Nike” goddess of victory

The brand name was derived from a Greek goddess of the same name represents victory, and it is also got many awards as a most valuable brand.

Blue Ribbon sports

The brand of this company was first called Blue Ribbon Sports in the year 1964. Later in the year 1978, the company was named Nike till date.

Nike first sportsman sign contract

In 1984, Michael Jordan, a 21-year-old professional basketball player, was the first to deal a 5-year contract with nike. He got around $500,000 per year. The net worth of Michael Jordan is about 1.6 billion, and he is one of the greatest NBA basketball players.

World largest Nike store

The Niketown store of oxford centre in central London is the largest in the world. It covers an area of around 42,000 square feet over four floors. The Ribbon blue nike shoes are world-famous for athletics wear. If the rumours are true, Kinokuniya, the Dubai store, will be the biggest with an area of around 68,000 square feet, and it will be the biggest store for the brand.

facts about nike
blue nikes

Ribbon blue Nike headquarters

Nike is investing a lot in its headquarters. Beaverton is the nike headquarters, Oregon, and the United States. The campus has around 286 acres of area with about 75 buildings.

The famous Nike logo

The swoosh is the logo for American sportswear. The blue ribbon nike is one of the most recognisable and famous throughout the world. The swoosh was designed by the graphic designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971 at the cost of 35$, which would be a significant fact of the Nike brand.

The slogan “ just do it.”

In 1988 one of the most famous slogans was placed as “just do it”. This slogan was for courage and fitness for the athletes to run faster, jumper higher and push their potentials, regardless of the obstacles in their way.

Millions of items sold

It is a brand and the world’s leading supplier of pathetic apparel and shoes. From the year 2009-2021, the companies American revenue amounted to 17.2 billion U.S dollars. 40% of the country products sale in the United States. The co-founder of the company, Phil knight’s net worth is around a 45.5billion dollars.

The ribbon blue nike shoes new technology

Athletics companies love the Olympics. The vaporfly series has new technology. The new vapor fly technology in the blue nikes shoe brand helps runners lose less energy per step.

Nike employees

This is one of the best facts about Nike. The brand is a beautiful platform whereas, in the year 2021, there are around 73,300 workers in the company as worldwide. From health to financial, the company is always ready to help their employees to achieve their goals both in the company and outside.

Nike college assignment

Ribbon blue nike company was formed for a college assignment as knight attended the University of Oregon. As in 1964, Bowerman and knight have started the company as Blue Ribbon sports and have done imported Japanese onitsuka tiger track shoes.

facts about nike

The slogan inspiration

The slogan has helped a lot to the brand just do it has increase it shares in north America from 18% to 43%. This slogan is a worldwide famous will be appearing on products like bags, billboards and t-shirts all over the world. The slogan is a murderer last words the idea came from a convict facing a fire squad. He said lets do it and wiener doesn’t like it and changed it into just do it.

It’s been around for 6 decades

The brand started in the year 1964 and it has been a 6 decades it has been making wonderful platform through out the world. It has become most popular brand used by millions of people.

Nike overnight success

The commercial add of nike was released in the year January 2019 in the united states technology under the title as nike overnight success. Be at a overnight success even it takes 10 years and just do it.

Ribbon blue Nike brand in movies

Around 7 times this brand stole the limelight in movies. Like mike 2002, the wolf of wall street, space jam, do the right things, do the game, terminator and lost in translation are some of the famous movies having this brand used.

Fitness for all

Nike has Made an excellent platform for fitness for all. It has a good app that will help the nike training club app make your fitness habits stick, goal settings daily, and content to be fit daily.

Brand backs education

The eligible college and school students get a 10% discount. You can enroll your name with SheerID, and you will get a promo code. The NSIF funding program started in the year 2007; Oregon helps students to reach their full dreams. This NSIF FUND program helps the students as some good amount invested by nike for students.

facts about nike

Sunk out at a sea

In the excellent shoe spill of 1990, a cargo from Korea to the US encountered a storm and lost 21 cargo containers and had 61,000 shoes inside. Some of the boots washed away.

Dimension six

The brand was also called dimension six. Nike has some differences at the starting it was also named Blue Ribbon.

Shoes can be paired with the smartphones

The blue nike shoes unveiled its new brand of smart shoes. The shoes connect to the iPhone and feature all kinds of functionality.

The first Nike store

In the year 1966, the first store opened in Santa Monica, California. And from 1967 the sales have been increased and got some new store operations in east coast and Wellesley.

Lebron James big deal

Lebron James signed a seven-year deal 90$ million with Nike in 2003 as an 18-year sportsman. Recently Lebron received an honour from Blue Ribbon Nike.

Aztec shoe brand

Nike just wanted a shoe name called Aztec, but Adidas already had the title as Aztec gold and Adidas threatened to sue. Then the Nike brand has changed their brand name from Aztec to Cortez.

1994 NBA MVP Hakeem Olajuwon

In 1994, NBA MVP Hakeem chose a $35 sneaker instead of endorsing shoes from Adidas or Nike as he said how can a poor mother with three child’s buy these branded shoes. Sometimes they kill for them as they can’t steal shoes from stores from other children to give their kids.

facts about nike

Ronaldinho and YouTube commercial video

Ronaldinho becomes the star of the first YouTube video to hit one million views. The footage of the Nike Ronaldinho crossbar advertisement hit one million views.

Turkey has the most significant stores

Turkey has around 93 Nike’s stores in the country. It has twice More stores than Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Poland.

Nike has invested millions in new technology

Nike new Olympic shoes prove the technology is the future of designs. A lot of money has been invested by the team to get some future athletic sports wears.

Christiano Ronaldo Nike contract

Endorsement role plays a massive role in christiano Ronaldo income. He has worn around 60 different clears over 13 years and he has a big deal with ribbon blue nike brand for a lifetime and it’s around €1 billion contract annually as he get us20 million dollars per year.

Foot lockers biggest brand partners

Nike has always been key to footlockers. As footlockers sells sneakers and clothes of some of the top brands. Foot lockers purchases came from Nike. It is a huge brand having lots of customers.

Countries who doesn’t have Nike brand

The ribbon blue nike brand has criticized for contracting with factories like nike sweatshops and the country that includes these factories are china, Mexico , Indonesia and Vietnam as the product selling in these countries is banned.

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