Interesting Facts About October

We all are well aware of the fact that time is a highly precious asset of our lives. The months of a year plays a vital role in helping us plan our activities in the future and keep track of the events in the past too. Although it is the tenth month of the year, it is named Octo because earlier October was the eighth month according to the ancient Roman calendar. We will discuss some interesting facts about October, the tenth month of the year.

Interesting Facts About October

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The interrelationship between October and February – There lies a secret relationship between October and February that many of us may not notice. The relationship is that October and February always end on the same day. That means if February of this year ends on a Monday, October of the same year will also end on Monday.

The first full moon of winter – October is also called by the name ‘Winterfylleth’. It is called so because Winterfylleth means fullness of winter, and October is the month that shows up the first full moon of the winter season.

The birthstones of October – As every month has its birthstones, October also has two birthstones. Tourmaline and Opal are known as the birthstones of October. The features of a Tourmaline include calmness, peace of mind and tranquillity, the ability to cope with stressful conditions, avoid negativity from our lives, etc. It is also known to help us control anger and avoid the negativity that may come across in our lives.


Zodiac signs – The two zodiac signs that belong to October are Libra and Scorpio. If a person is born between October 1st and 2nd, you would belong to Libra, and if you are born between the 23rd and 31st of October, you would belong to Scorpio.

People born in Libra are generally calm and peaceful people with a great loving and caring nature. On the other hand, people born in Scorpio are passionate and hardworking people with a strong will.

Calendula, the birth flower – Calendula, more commonly known as marigold, is considered to be the birth flower of October. The bright yellow color of the flower represents the beautiful month of October when the old leaves fall off to pave the way for new leaves and flowers.


Winmonath – October is known as ‘Winmonath,’ which stands for wine month. It is named so because October was the month wine was produced.

Oktoberfest – Oktoberfest is known as the largest volksfest in the world. It is the festival of beer. It is also a great place to chill out, where many fairs occur. The fair starts around the month of mid-September and lasts till the first week of October. 

World Vegetarian Day – As we all know, many vegetarians among us need not harm any living organism for their food. October 1st of every year is celebrated as world vegetarian day in honor of vegetarians worldwide.


International Beer and Pizza day – Beer and pizza play a very role in our food habits. Beer as a drink and pizza as a fast food dish is accepted and approved worldwide these days. October 9th of every year is celebrated as International beer and pizza day.

The Halloween month – Halloween is a worldwide festival that is celebrated worldwide. Many countries consider October to be the best time to celebrate Halloween. So, October is considered Halloween month, as many countries celebrate Halloween.

National Cat Day – National Cat day is celebrated on October 29th of every year, and it is a great occasion to memorize and embrace our cat memories and cat love. Only cat owners can know how important they are in our lives and how competent they are in changing our moods. Moreover, the love they will provide us with is precious and incomparable.


Healthy living – Experts’ study conducted in Chicago suggests that children born in October tend to live more than others. This is so because as they are born in October, which is the autumn season, they are less likely to get infected by several diseases at their early stage of life.

They also need not face seasonal vitamin issues, thereby increasing the health standard of their living. People born in October may even be capable of hitting the golden age of 100.

October revolution – October revolution was a great movement that was initiated under the leadership of the Soviet Union during the Russian revolution. It is officially by the name Great October Socialist Revolution.

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Although the movement took place in November, it was named the October revolution because people at that time had not changed from the Julian calendar. This movement involved an armed insurgency at Petrograd, which marked the beginning of the Russian civil war.

The statue of Liberty – We all might be very familiar with the Statue of Liberty, which is situated in the United States of America. It was a present received by the US from France. It was in October during the year 1886 that this statue was presented.

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October and the US presidents – There is a close connection for October with US presidents as well. The majority of American presidents to date are born in October. No other month of the year owns such a position. Moreover, five of the first ladies were also born in October.

October and Bill Gates – The founder of Microsoft and one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates, was born in October. As per records, he was born on October 28th, 1955.

Awareness month for domestic violence – We are aware of the fact that there is a considerable section of people even in our society who indulges in domestic violence. This has gifted many with pain and tears for a lifetime.

Various awareness programs are conducted to create awareness in people regarding domestic violence. October is considered the awareness month against the domestic balance in the UK.


Less cardiovascular diseases – A study conducted by Columbia University shows that people born in September, October, and November are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

Adopt a rescue dog – Saving a dog is the best way through which we can earn immense love. Adopting a street or rescue dog is one of the kindest activities humans can engage in. October is celebrated as adopting a rescue dog month, in which people are encouraged to adopt and take home a rescue dog and give a new life to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is October named so even though it is the tenth month of a year?

Although October is the tenth month of the year, its name signifies the number 8 because, in the earlier calendar, which was used before, October was the eighth month.

Why is October called Winterfylleth?

Winterfylleth means fullness of winter, and October is called so because it is during October that the first full moon of winter appears.

What is the October revolution called so, even though the movement was started in November?

October revolution is called, so I want to it was started in November because people of that time were following the Julian calendar, which showed October during that period.

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