Interesting Facts About ODI Cricket

Cricket is considered the Gentleman’s sport and it is one of the most popular sports that is played worldwide. It has mainly three formats. The test series is played over five days, the One Day innings (ODIs) are played in one Day, and the more recent one and arguably the most popular format, T20 (twenty-over cricket match). Although T20 is the popular format, ODI has not lost its spark. Many Cricket enthusiasts would enjoy an ODI more than a T20.

Interesting Facts About ODI Cricket

Facts About ODI Cricket

A world record that lasted for four hours: The 2006 ODI match between South Africa and Australia is arguably the most excellent ODI ever played. Australia, batting first, did the unthinkable 434/4, which was the highest ODI score by any team. It was a world record. The interesting part is that the record lasted for only four hours. South Africa successfully chased the unthinkable and scored 438/9 with one ball to spare. This event shocked all cricket fans. In that match, several records were created.

  • Ponting set a new record for the fastest 150 runs in ODI cricket at that time. He achieved it in 99 balls. In the chase, Gibbs fell one ball short of achieving this feat. He made 150 runs in 100 balls.
  • Mick Lewis finished with the bowling figures of 10-0-113-0. This remains the most runs conceded in a single ODI match.
  • It made the record for the highest Aggregate runs in a match, 872 runs.
  • Most number of fours in a match by a team, South Africa, 89 fours.
  • Highest successful run chase by any team.

Most players used by one side in a match: The United Arab Emirates owns the record for most players used by any team in a match. This record was created in the ICC world Cricket League championship, 2015-2017/18. UAE used 27 players for the match.

Largest margin victory: The win by the most significant margin (in terms of runs) is held by New Zealand. The match was played between New Zealand and Ireland on 1 July 2008 in Aberdeen. New Zealand Batted first and scored 403 runs. While chasing this mammoth, the Irish team fell short by 290 runs. This record is followed by Australia, who won by 275 runs against Afghanistan in a match played in Perth on 4 March 2015.

Facts About ODI Cricket

The win by the highest margin (In terms of balls remaining) is held by England. The match was played between England and Canada in Manchester on 13 June 1979. England chased the total of 46 runs, achieving 277 balls remaining. This record is followed by Sri Lanka, which won against Zimbabwe with 274 balls remaining.

Lowest innings Total: The lowest innings total was scored by Zimbabwe against Sri Lanka in Harare on 25 April 2004, and Zimbabwe managed to score only 35 runs and lost all ten wickets in 18 overs. A similar thing also happened on 12 February 2020, when a cricket Match was played between the U.S.A. and Nepal, where the U.S.A. managed to score 35 runs losing all the ten wickets in 12 overs.

Highest Innings Total: England makes the Highest Innings total. England scored a massive 498 with the loss of four wickets vs. the Netherlands in a match played at Amstelveen on 17 June 2022. This was also one of the most interesting matches in ODI history. Philip Salt’s 122 runs off 93 balls, Dawid Malan’s 125 runs off 109 balls, and Joss Buttler’s 162 not out off just 70 balls made England achieve this feat. In response, the Netherlands scored 266 runs losing all its wickets, with Scott Edwards scoring 72 runs off 56 balls for the team.

Facts About ODI Cricket

Interestingly, the previous record for the highest One day total was also held by England. England is the only team that has recorded of highest score. Well this milestone got achieved in 2018 against Australia. England got a huge score of 481 runs with lost of 6 wicket. The team scored 444/3 against Pakistan in Nottingham on 30 August 2016. It seems England is competing with itself. Another interesting fact, England is also the record holder for the highest team score in Test cricket.

Shortest completed innings: The U.S.A. holds the shortest completed innings record in a match against Nepal. The U.S.A. was all out in 12 overs, i.e., 72 balls.

The highest average of runs per wicket: Pakistan achieves this unique record. The match was held in Bulawayo on 20 July 2018 against Zimbabwe. Pakistan Scored 399 with a loss of 1 wicket, and the average per wicket is 399 runs. In this line, the second rank is held by India when it scored 362/1 against Australia in Jaipur in a match held on 16 October 2013.

Most Ducks in an innings: Pakistan holds this weird record. Pakistan scored 13 with a loss of 9 wickets, and six players were gone for a duck. This match was between Pakistan and England. Other similar records are Pakistan scoring 43 runs with ten wickets loss against West Indies with six ducks, South Africa with six ducks against Australia, when it managed to score only 106 runs, Zimbabwe, with six ducks against Sri Lanka scoring only 127 runs with the loss of all wickets, Pakistan, with six ducks again, against Sri Lanka, with a score of 199 runs losing all the wickets.

Facts About ODI Cricket

Most ducks in a match (2 innings): This record is held in the match between England and West indies when an aggregate of 8 ducks was registered. The match was played at Lord’s on 23 June 1979.

Most sixes in an Innings: The most sixes in an innings were registered by England when it scored 498/4 against the Netherlands. The English team hit 26 sixes and 36 fours to achieve this feat.

Most sixes in a match (2 innings): Most sixes in a match are registered when a match was played between England and West indies at St. George’s on 27 February 2019. The aggravate of 46 sixes were hit by both teams. This record is followed by a match between India and Australia, where 38 sixes were hit.

Most number of bowlers used in an Innings: New Zealand used nine bowlers in a match held in Auckland on 20 march 1983 vs. Sri Lanka, winning the match.

Facts About ODI Cricket

Most no-balls in a match: Day cricket registered the most significant number of no-balls in a match between West Indies and Australia. The match was played in St. John’s in 1978, and there were an aggravate total of 28 no-balls.

Most number of hundred partnerships in an innings: The most significant number of hundred partnerships was made was 3. This record is held by South Africa, New Zealand, and England.

The highest number of consecutive wins by any team: Australia holds the highest number of consecutive wins by any team. Australia consecutively won 21 matches. This is followed by South Africa and Pakistan, with a consecutive total of 12 wins.

The highest number of double centuries in ODIs: Rohit Sharma holds the highest number of double centuries in Day Cricket. He has scored three double centuries, 264, 209, and 208*. He also holds the record for the highest individual score in ODI, 264.

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