Interesting Facts about Oracle

We all are well aware of the role played by computer technology today. In the present world, where even the daily lives of common people are greatly influenced by computer technology, discussing Oracle Corporation is a worthy discussion. With the growth from a tiny company to one of the world’s largest producers of software products and services, Oracle has seen several ups and downs in its history of about forty-five years. Here, we will discuss some interesting facts about Oracle, which are competent enough to amuse the readers.

Interesting Facts about Oracle


The name – It was not named Oracle Corporation in the initial stage. Started just as a small database management company, it was first named Software Development Industries during its creation which was later renamed Relational Software Inc. It was only in 1982, it was named Oracle Systems Corporation. This name was later modified in 1995 to the current name- Oracle Corporation.

The founders – Oracle Corporation was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates in 1977. Larry Ellison was the first CEO of Oracle in which he remained in the post until 2014. Currently, he is the company’s executive chairman and CTO. 

The first projects – The very first projects received by Oracle included projects from the Central Intelligence Agency too. It might be surprising to know that the project code of the project assigned by the CIA to Oracle was also coded as ‘ORACLE.’

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Current position – Currently, Oracle is the world’s third largest software development company in terms of revenue and market capitalization. The other two ahead of Oracle are Microsoft and IBM.

Contribution to the educational sector – Oracle has already provided significant contributions in the educational sector as well. There are almost 2.2 million students around the world who have benefited from the educational donations provided by oracle. The company had provided donations worth USD 5 billion in a single year to the educational sector.

Emphasise fresh talents – Generally, companies with great wealth and positions tend to appoint experienced professionals for various positions in the company. Contrary to this practice, Oracle is one of the few big companies that emphasize fresh talents by providing equal opportunities to freshers. By doing so, Oracle provides thousands of youngsters an opportunity to learn, grow, and gain experience.

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The first commercial version – Oracle 2 was the name given to the first commercial version of Oracle. Although it was the first version, the name was followed with the suffix ‘2’ to provide a sense of feeling to its customers that they had already worked out the bugs from the product.

The inspiration – The inspiration behind the creation of Oracle came from an IBM researcher. The founders of Oracle, Ellison Miner, and Oates, were greatly influenced and inspired by a research paper written by an IBM researcher, which gave them the initial ideas for Oracle.

High risk – It was during the year back in 1998 when Oracle made internet-ready products. At that time, there was not much customer demand for the same, so it was a huge risk. Thus Ellison said, “If the internet turns out not to be the future of computing, we’re toast. But if it is, we’re golden”. The high risk undertaken by them in the venture is clearly seen in his words. However, as we all know, the internet turned out to be the future of computing, and Oracle had turned golden.

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Oracle and Java – Oracle, one of the world’s leading software developers, has made several acquisitions. In 2010, Oracle bought Sun Microsystems through an acquisition, and the most significant gain for Oracle from this deal was Java. Oracle recognizes java as the “most important software they have ever acquired.” This shows how much value Oracle gives to Java and how important it is to them. 

Oracle Analytics Cloud – It was in the year 2014 that Oracle introduced Oracle Analytics Cloud. It is a complete platform that enables the analysis of any data in the cloud while at the same time ensuring easy access to the data too. The users of Oracle analytics cloud include Volkswagen, Daimler, and even the US Air force.

Innovative Energy Solutions – Oracle has always been trying hard to conserve energy and preserve the environment, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. Almost 20 tons of plastic wastes from Oracle offices are recycled each year, with the prime aim to reduce the deposit of non-biodegradable wastes. They have been making investments in innovative ideas and projects that intend to conserve energy.


Ups and downs – In its history of 45 years, Oracle has seen not only success and growth but also failures and downs. There were several lawsuits in which Oracle was involved. One such lawsuit caused the reason for Oracle to fall into bankruptcy. The issue was very severe such that they even had to discharge many employees. Later, this issue was resolved, and Oracle grew bigger to a position as we see it today.

The conflict between Oracle and Google – Oracle has clearly defined rules and regulations, and they are always keen on following them. No matter who is on the opposition side, Oracle always stands firmly by the laid rules. This has led to a conflict and lawsuit between google and oracle. The reason for the conflict arose when Google used Java APIs without prior permission or consent from Oracle.

Oracle, with its clear vision and never-ending motivation, had managed to reach the position today from a small data management firm. The oracle software has been helping billions all over the world to effectively manage their data and analyze them when required to do so. Bringing up timely updates whenever and wherever required to meet the needs of the changing conditions of the world has enabled Oracle to reach the position it is in today. 

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Their strong connection with the ethics and firm behavior in holding on to the rules and regulations laid down has gained them an excellent name in this sector. Moreover, the ideas of emphasizing on the young generation and investments made in the education and energy conservation sector also helped them to grow a great deal.

Why Oracle cloud?

The latest innovations made in the field of computer technology have now paved the way for cloud computing services. The cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation, known as Oracle Cloud, is competent in providing its customers with servers, storage, networks, and applications. They make this possible by providing service through data centers that are connected by a global network of Oracle Corporation.

Advantages of Oracle cloud – The most significant advantage provided by Oracle cloud to its customers is security. The cloud computing service is designed to ensure data security and provides features such as internal threat detection, automated threat remediation, etc. This is the answer for those thinking why oracle cloud should be the primary option for those looking for cloud computing service. They ensure that each personal data is well protected so that it cannot be accessed or exploited by any other users.

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