25 Interesting Facts About Pizza May Amaze You

Pizza is to be called as one of the most popular and loved food in the world. Pizza have originated from Italy in 997AD. It is basically ancient Greek and Egypt food. It is a type of last bread have made with yeast with ingredients including cheese and sauce. As per the reports pepperoni is the most popular pizza in USA. As in many countries pizza is the most popular foods due to it’s quality and ingredients taste and in the year 2017 throughout the world the pizza market was around 128$ billion and in USA it was 44$ billion spread over.


It’s very hard to find faults foods made with cheese as pizza loved by many people through out the world and October is officially designated as national pizza month in USA. Dominos pizza is a famous multi chain restaurant pizza zone. A movie named pizza man published in the year 2011 is the only pizza themed superhero movie. In this movie frenkie muniz exploited the role of pizza delivery boy. Americans eat a lot of pizzas they eat around 350 slices of pizzas per second and 40% of Americans eat pizzas alteast once a week.

Interesting Facts About Pizza

Pie in Italy – Italy is well realized for its pizza and its freshly baked bread. In Italy the name pie has been used to mean pizza, and the use of pie for pizza dates back to the 1800s. The word pie is however in use commonly with the older generations. Pizza was mainly eaten in Italy and by immigrants from there.

October to be called national pizza month – National Pizza Day is a day to celebrate pizza. Gerry Durnell organized the national pizza month in the October, and It existed celebrated for the first time in 1984 to note the debut of the first theme of Pizza Today magazine. Some people enjoy National pizza month by consuming many varieties of pizzas, and pizza slices.


First Pizza Parlour Still operating – Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizza parlour in Manhattan in 1905, and remained the only pizzeria until 19110. The first pizza parlour existed licensed in New York City, and it is still operating by his grandson, and the pizza is still steamed in a traditional coal oven.

Saturday night is a pizza night – Saturday is the nicest day to eat pizza, and we all love pizza. Saturdays are the day of the week people enjoy pizza the greatly. This is one of the largely fascinating truths about pizza in Italy, and it is certainly true.

American craze east coast – Pizza in America originated on the craze east coast when several Italian immigrants submitted the food to the United States. Craze east coast pizza holds a tradition and retains great quality ingredients.

Over 3 billion sale in USA – Americans eat over 3 billion pizzas each year, and the particular person eats about 46 slices each year. Overall, the USA reports for about one-third of worldwide pizza consumption.

facts about Pizza

Pizzahut online ordering started in 1994 – Pizza Hut launched online ordering, making it the first pizza company to offer the service in 1994, and pizza hut owner is Santa Cruz. PizzaNet was an experiment that initiated in the early 90s, a means for Pizza Hut.

The international pizza expo – The International Pizza Expo is the biggest pizza show held in the Las Vegas Convention Center. The international pizza expo event is technically a business show, with hundreds of booths and seminars on pizzeria management. The largest festivity of pizza experts in the world.

Over $128 billion marketplace worldwide – Pizza has a great value through out the world people love this food a lot it has a variety of tastes, ingredients and flavours. There is a huge demand and around $128billion market through out the world. A huge of number brandings are selling pizza best tastes and USA has around $44 billion spread over.

Pizza was delivered in space – Pizza Hut became the first company to make a delivery into space in 2001.The pizza existed brought the International Space Station onboard a resupply rocket, and the Pizza Hut pizza made the landmark. Pizza in space is a very unique and very rarely occurring task.


The Hawaiian pizza invented in hawaii – In 1954 Sam Panopoulos, a Greek immigrant moved towards Canada has created the Hawaiian first pizza in Chatham, Ontario. Hawaiian pizza is a traditional cheese pizza topped with ham and pineapple.

Dogs loves pizza Too – Pizza is the favorite food and dogs love it too. Many common pizza toppings, like onions and garlic, are deemed harmful and some may be toxic to dogs. Dogs usually love cheese in pizza and can safely eat a small quantity of it. Pizza is heavily refined food, and it retains no nutritious value. It is nicely to avoid providing your dog pizza at all.

Pizza role of catching a serial killer – Lonnie David frankly has murdered around 10 people and was arrested in the year 2010. After taking lonnie David DNA test of piece of pizza police arrested him.

Pizza Museum in philadelphia – The world’s first pizza museum that too fulfils the largest collection of pizza memorabilia Located in Philadelphia neighborhood of Pennsylvania. The team behind Pizza Brain is headed by Brian Dwyer and also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest exhibition of pizza related elements in the world.


World biggest 50,000 pounds pizza – The worlds biggest round pizza baked by Dovilio Nardi and his team, and Nardi and his team called the pizza Ottavia. The nice looking, mouth-watering, and it’s 100% gluten-free. Ottavia is though registered as the largest pizza always earned. The Ottavia is the Guinness Book world record owner for the biggest pizza ever organized. This huge pizza has achieved a great value through out the world.

40% of USA people eat pizza every week – This is one of the world’s most popular foods. Additional than 40 Percent of Americans eat Pizza Weekly. It is considered the greatly famous meal in the world, and certainly one of the favourites in the USA. The USA holds second place for pizza consumption.

Japanese use mayonnaise – Japan ranks 11th among countries that eat the most mayonnaise, and they admire mayonnaise in a variety of ways. A Japanese pizza commonly retains a veritable grid of Mayonnaise. And horizontal and vertical lines, crossing around back and forth, stemming in significant range. Mayonnaise is something of a pizza staple in Japan, and mayonnaise is a very famous pizza topping in Japan.

The oldest pizza marinara – Marinara is a oldest traditional Neapolitan pizza with a topping of tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and extra pure olive oil. It has no cheese. The marinara pizza was created at Pizzeria Port alba, the oldest pizzeria in the world. Marinara pizza originated in Naples, Italy, and marinara Pizza was eaten mainly in Italy and commonly by poor sailors.


The worlds expensive pizza – The most expensive pizza in the world is Louis XIII its Costing a whopping $12,000, and this pizza is creator by master chef Renato Viola. It requires to be rest for 72 hours to create the flavour. The pizza is topped with mozzarella, three kinds of caviar, cheese, admitted lobster and pink salt. And it takes nearly three Days to prepare a perfect Louis XIII Pizza.

You can lose weight eating pizza – You can achieve weight loss goals by choosing healthier pizza options, adding some nutritional importance to your pizza, green vegetables are an enormous source of vitamins and minerals. You are adding mushrooms, onions, olives and green peppers to a large thin coating pizza and adding smallest calories to each slice. So, You should only select pizza toppings, which exist good for your weight lose diet.  Adding some healthier pizza options can give you some good health.

Pizza to cure diseases and broken hearts – Pizza can be healthy to cure diseases and broken hearts if you bring it the right way with Some healthy foods, very as cheese, eggs, salmon, and nuts, can help improve levels of serotonin.

The domain pizza.com worth – The domain pizza.com worth for $2.6 Million, and Chris Clark bought the domain Pizza.com name in 1994 for twenty bucks. Domain squatting is a crash or miss way to receive a short buck.


The first pizza order via computer – In 1974, the first pizza ordered by computer. Donald Sherman, a man with Moebius Syndrome who used a voice system integrating computer to order the pizza, and he retained never ordered a pizza over the phone previously.

350 slices of pizza eaten in US – Americans eat approximately 350 slices of pizza per second Pizza has serve one of America’s popular meals. There are nearly 61,269 pizzerias in the US. Every person in America consumes approximately 46 pizza slices a year. Americans has almost some great records of eaten pizzas in large quantity and different types of pizza.

DVDs that smelled like pizza – In 2013, Domino’s selling DVD discs that arise out of the player smelling like pizza. They heat up from whirling in a DVD discs player. The smell of pizza slams out from the fans and is even stronger when ejected, and the DVD discs are moreover published to look like pizza.

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