24 Interesting Facts about Santa Claus May Surprise You

Interesting Facts about Santa Claus

Festivals have always been fun and exciting for people all around the world. Every religion has different customs, which is why there also exists variation in the festival celebrations of the people. However, some common festivals are so popular worldwide that people of every caste and religion love to celebrate them wholeheartedly. One of those festivals is Christmas. Every child worldwide waits for their beloved Santa Claus to come to their house every year and give them all of their desired gifts.

facts about santa claus

Santa Claus has always played a crucial role in the life of children because they have always considered him as a source to fulfill their wishes at least once throughout the year. However, there are many mysteries behind the concept of Santa Claus and all that he does during Christmas time. Also, his clothing, his cart, etc., holds great importance in what makes him that way, and that is why understanding everything in detail can benefit us to enjoy our Christmas time much more efficiently. So, knowing as many things as we can about Santa Claus will help us get a deeper view into this concept & love our Christmas to the fullest undoubtedly.

Some Amazing Facts about Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a delightful concept, and there exist a lot of mysteries and secrets behind this concept. Innovations have proved a lot of things, and that is why understanding every small & big thing about Santa Claus in detail is crucial. Following are some interesting facts about Santa Claus that will take you deeper into this concept and make you enjoy the fun of the same to the fullest.

Marvel Comics considers Santa Claus important

Marvel comics portray Santa Claus as a powerful character who is a mutant. This character also resembled X-Men, proving that Santa Claus has a significant impact on the world not only on Christmas but even otherwise.

Santa Claus University specializing in Santa Claus Course

A unique university that emphasizes Santa Claus skills exists in the world. Santa Claus skills include:

  • Ways of avoiding a lawsuit,
  • Knowledge about Santa Claus and different toys,
  • Popular & innovative poses of Santa Claus, and so on.

Facts about santa claus

Santa Claus was granted official Citizenship of Canada

Santa Claus was awarded the citizenship of Canada, and he was also given the official postal code of Canada so that children there could send him letters & interact with him very freely. This was a significant step from the side of the Canadian government towards the happiness of its children. 

Soldiers dressed as Santa Claus executed the opponents of the President of Equatorial Guinea

On the Christmas of 1975, the former President of Equitorial Guinea celebrated a lot as he executed about 150 of his opponent soldiers who were all dressed as Santa Claus at the soccer stadium.  

Letter of Concern for Santa Claus from a little girl

In the year 1961, a small girl wrote a beautiful and concerning letter to JFK enquiring about the health condition of Santa Claus after the nuclear testing of the Soviets. This testing took place at the North Pole, and this cute girl was very concerned about any harm or injury that may have been caused to Santa Claus. This was the purpose behind her letter to JFK. 

Will Ferrell as Santa Claus from United States Government

Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan played a Santa Claus in the Pasadena mall as a hobby until their career took off great later. 

facts about santa claus

The uniqueness of the Dutch Santa Claus

Dutch people predict that Santa Claus does not come on reindeer, but instead, he comes on a grey horse. They also believe that Santa Claus kidnaps all those children who are naughty and takes them to Spain. 

Pilot’s License for Santa Claus

The government of the United States issued a pilot’s license for Santa Claus. This was in the year 1927 and is still remembered as one of the achievements of Santa Claus.

Relation of Santa Claus with Horror & Crime

Santa Claus and horror have a particular relation in Alpine countries. In those countries, Santa Claus is considered an evil companion and is called Krampus, whose role is to murder all the naughty children. 

Reserved Finland Postal 99999 for Santa Claus

The postal code 99999 of Finland is specially reserved for none other than Santa Claus, so interacting with him becomes easier for the children of Finland and even the grown-ups. 

Finnish Film on Santa Claus

In a Finnish film on Christmas, Santa Claus, for the first time, is shown as a monster who kills people. This film is called Rare Export and is a famous film worldwide. 

Pickle Ornament: A famous Christmas Tradition

A pickle ornament-finding tradition is popular on Christmas. In this tradition, the person who finds the pickle ornament first becomes the lucky one to whom Santa Claus presents an extra gift. 

facts about santa claus

Dutch Word for Santa Claus: ‘Sinterklaas’

The Dutch word ‘Sinterklaas’ is pronounced as Santa Claus in English. The translation or meaning of this English word is Saint Nicolas that makes Santa Claus a significant and creditable person, especially on Christmas night. 

Ohio doesn’t let Santa Claus be used for Alcohol

Santa Claus is not included in any alcohol advertisement because it is considered a very joyous thing, especially for children. That is why no reference in the alcohol field is given to Santa Claus. 

Philadelphia Eagles throwing snowballs

Philadelphia Eagles threw snowballs on Santa Claus as a mark of their disrespect or opposing the Santa. This scenario took place back in the year 1968. 

Santa Claus documented Department Store

In the name of Santa Claus, the first documented department store was started in the year 1890. The place where this department store was started is Brockton in Massachusetts & this idea greatly affected the huge visitor crowd. 

‘Big Tex’ started as Santa Claus

There exist a cowboy statue that is 52-feet in height & this was initially started or stated as Santa Claus. This is a statue that is shown in the fair of Texas. 

facts about santa claus

Modern Santa Claus by Thomas Nast

Thomas Nast was the one who discovered or designed the new and modern version of Santa Claus and introduced it to the world. He was also the one who created the elephant for the GOP, and now he had made the world mesmerize for him even more when he brought the latest version of Santa Claus to the notice. 

Coca-Cola did not create Santa Claus image

When Coca-Cola started to image Santa Claus, it was 1930. Till that time, Santa was already worldwide, and it was already started to be used by a lot of companies for promotions & advertisements. 

Santa Claus Statue in Rotterdam

‘Kabouter Buttplug’ is a very famous statue of Santa Claus in Rotterdam. The name suggests that the Christmas tree that Santa Claus holds looks very similar to a buttplug & this is something that makes Santa unique from the others. 

Russian Santa Claus & his family

Russians believe that Santa Claus has a pleased family and lives with his granddaughter. They also believe that Santa Claus distributes gifts not only on Christmas night but also on New Year. This is why they have a unique prediction about their own Santa Claus, and this belief has become a fascinating fact about Santa because of its popularity. 

facts about santa claus

Different Version of Santa Claus by Basques

Basques have created their special version of Santa Claus, and this version is entirely different from the one that is usually considered worldwide. Following the Basques version of Santa Claus, who was called Olentzero, he used to keep his gifts not in any sack but instead in berets. He also does not drink milk, but wine & does not eat cookies either. 

Physical Look of Santa Claus based on Pagan God Odin

Santa Claus has adopted his physical look from the pagan god Odin, and that is why Santa Claus is frequently being compared to that God. Folklore was the one who spread happiness to the world after crossing the problematic barrier of ghosts and their possessions. This took place during the midnight of the spring winter season, and so this resembles a great extent with Santa Claus. 

Central Asian Version of Santa Claus

A particular Central Asian version of Santa Claus exists that says about him as being ‘Ayaz Ata,’ which is God’s respective name for the winter. This is because of the look and general nature of Santa Claus and his unique way of spreading love & happiness among small children all over the world. This is considered in the mythology of Turkey.

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