Interesting Facts about SIM Cards

Have you thought about what would have happened if we still didn’t have any electronic accessories around us? Our life today without electronic equipment is a total mess. We can entirely rely on different types of electronic gadgets to provide us with amazing help regarding our daily chores and some extra activities such as exercises, working out, entertainment, and so on. However, electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc., work on Internet connections provided by Wi-Fi or SIM cards.

A SIM (Subscriber Identity/Identification Module) is a small chipped card that detects a network and provides calling, messaging, Internet, and other benefits. Even an emergency call cannot be done without a SIM card, and that is why it has become one of the most crucial parts of our lives nowadays. Primarily, there are three types of SIM cards, standard SIM, micro-SIM, and nano-SIM, among which the 3rd one is used prominently.

Facts about SIM Cards

Almost all the mobile phones and dongles (external internet connections to the laptops or computers), etc., use the nano types of SIM cards. However, there may still exist some mobile phone companies that prepare phones with standard (original size) & micro (one layer smaller than standard SIM) cards. Apart from this information, there exists a lot of interesting yet hidden information that people may not come across regularly. Understanding this extra information becomes very beneficial for the people themselves.

Interesting Facts about SIM Cards

SIM cards are considered one of the best creations for many purposes. With the help of a SIM card, people can not only communicate with their loved ones but can also use the Internet and have access to a lot of other things. A mobile phone becomes much more worthy when a SIM card is inserted. Apart from this, there exist a lot of exciting and mesmerizing facts related to SIM cards that people should surely know to get deeper into this topic.

SIM Cards are considered the Brains of Smartphones – SIM cards can access a lot of information present in mobile phones single-handedly. The complete core of a mobile phone is its sim card, and that is why it is called the ‘Brains of Smartphones.’ Contacts Saved on SIM Cards can be accessed from any Phone.

Facts about SIM Cards

Introduction of SIM Cards took place in the Year 1991 – The making of the world’s first sim card was done in 1991 by Munich founders Devrient & Giesecke. This was one of the best inventions of Munich even at that time, and then it spread to be the best one all over the world.

Microchip & IMSI Pin of a SIM Card – The microchip and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number of every sim help in detecting signals for messaging, calling, and Internet network when inserted in a mobile phone.

Unique MSISDN Number of every SIM Card – Every sim card has its own Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Network Number that makes it different and easily found among millions of other sim cards existing in the world.

New Types of SIMs are now Introduced – Nowadays, the introduction of 2 basic types of SIM cards is done: soft SIM and e-SIM. These two concepts are entirely new to the market, and slowly, every feature is coming to light.

Facts about SIM Cards

Crime Investigation primarily includes the Use of SIM Cards – Tracing a SIM card and the owner’s details becomes much more manageable. That is why it is used primarily in crime investigation, even at the national and international levels.

Mobile Station named SIM Card & Mobile Combination – The combination of SIM card and mobile is a mobile station available at minimal companies. Jio can also be said to be one of those mobile stations where it provides its mobile phone to the users and sim cards.

SIM Cards are found to be continuously Evolving – A SIM card is an invention that changes almost every day. A new network pace is introduced continuously in this field, which is why the SIM card industry never attains stagnancy.

Working Period of a SIM Card – A regular sim card can work for about 12-15 years if any problem occurs. However, the expiry date of every sim card is different according to its structure and making.

Features of SIM Cards – With the help of sim cards, you can call and message your loved ones, access different social media accounts, play online games, sell and buy products, and much more.

Facts about SIM Cards

Invention & Duration of the New Smart LTE Prepaid SIM Card – The invention of the new smart LTE prepaid sim card makes people enjoy all the smart sim services offered by different companies. The total duration of these smart sims is around 100-120 days.

Loopholes of a SIM Card – The loophole of a SIM card is the entering of a virus that damages all the information present in it, like phone numbers and others, without even the users’ notice.

Tracking a SIM Card is much Easier – The encryption technology of every sim card is different, and by taking hold of the same, your sim card can be tracked at any point in time without any trouble.

Next Step after SIM Card Robbery – If, in any case, your sim card gets stolen, then you should immediately call the respective sim card company and ask them to block the sim card right away to stop its misuse.

Connection of SIM Card with Internet Speed –As per the capacity of a SIM card, its internet speed fluctuates. If you are using a 3G sim card in a 4G or 5G mobile phone, it may cause many network and connectivity issues to you.

Facts about SIM Cards

Deleting a SIM Card Permanently – Call the sim card company and place a request to delete a SIM card permanently. Provide your sim card number & wait for further instructions on the deletion process.

SIM Card Attacks or Hijacking – Sim card attacks or hijacking is when your mobile number is transferred to another person, and all the details are facilitated to them. This was previously a prevalent crime, but no more restrictions are imposed on sim card access.

Reason for the Crash of a SIM Card – When a SIM card is not inserted in its slot correctly, 99% of the chances are that it may crash if used as it is for a very long time.

The Use of Blank SIM Cards for Hacking – A mobile phone is also easy even when you don’t have a SIM card inserted in it. This is with the help of a concept called blank sim. An empty sim is inserted and detected in your mobile, and then it is hacked using this blank sim itself. For the same reason, even your empty phones are advised to be protected from getting hacked through blank sim cards.

The interesting facts about SIM cards make it very authentic for people to rely on them entirely. Also, once you know everything about something, using it becomes much more comfortable and reliable for you. The same goes for SIM cards as well, and for the same reason, millions of people worldwide use either single or dual SIM cards in their mobile phones and enjoy its service.

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