Interesting Facts About Tesla Flying Car

Technology around the world is developing at a rapid rate such that a lot of inventions are coming up each day. In the current situation where we are not as patient as our previous generations, and maximum emphasis is on saving time, inventions that can speed up our lives can easily gain widespread acceptance from all parts of the world.

As we have understood that time is the greatest asset anyone can have, inventions that speed up our lives are a sure success. This is why a major section of society is curious and anxious when Elon Musk introduces Tesla Flying Cars, the latest big product from Tesla. Here are some interesting facts about Tesla Flying Cars which you may find useful.

Interesting Facts about Tesla Flying Cars

Flying Car

Flying cars – the dream of many: Flying cars is not a recent dream for many humans. Even at some point in life, we all might have thought of owning a car that can fly. Already, there are several companies that are engaged in constant research and studies on creating flying cars. But, when Tesla, the largest EV maker, declared flying cars as their new big product, it was a fact that those who dreamt of flying cars were creeping toward fulfilling their aim.

Flying Capacity : The flying car of Tesla has the capacity to fly upto a height of 1500ft from the ground level. The battery by Tesla provides it a booster to fly nearly 18-20 minutes. Tesla along with Jetson is the primary brain behind this. It can handle weight upto 190 pounds easily.

The declaration made by Elon Musk: It was through a tweet made in May 2021, that Elon Musk declared that the Tesla Roadster cars that are to be launched in the year 2022 would be equipped with the ability to fly. But, he also mentioned that flying would be possible only for short periods. But, before the official announcement, two years before the tweet mentioned above, he had already told a YouTuber that Tesla was seriously working to produce a flying car. 

Elon Musk’s explanation: Through his tweet, he also made sarcasm of himself by saying, “Although he was a person who laughed at the concept of flying cars thinking that it is impossible, it is an ironic fate that he himself is the one to produce the first flying cars.” When a Twitter handle from Tesla SV posted a short video clip of a Tesla roadster, many people expressed their doubt about whether this could fly. Elon Musk responded by reassuring us that these cars could fly for very brief periods. 

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Features as mentioned by Elon Musk: Elon Musk has mentioned various specifications or features of Tesla Roadsters that enable them to fly. As per the words of Elon Musk, the Tesla Roadster will be equipped with SpaceX options. It is possible for the car to fly because they are equipped with ten rocket thrusters arranged properly around the car. The rocket thrusters also provide the ability to increase the speed from zero to hundred miles per hour in a very short period, that is, about 1.1 seconds. 

Why is it unable to fly for a longer period?: As mentioned by Elon Musk, there are several reasons why Tesla Roadster cannot fly for longer durations, The Tesla Roadster is a sedan model, and they are not equipped with wings which decrease the flying duration. Moreover, from the mention of rocket thrusters, many of us might have understood that it is some kind of ingredient present in the rocket thruster that gives it the ability to fly.

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The light body of the car also contributed to its ability to fly. But, the absence of propellers and the large pounds of weight resulting from all drive wheels make it unable to fly for larger distances.

What can the Tesla flying car do? : So, it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that Tesla cars cannot fly larger distances. So, it can make short jumps or fly jumps in the air. 

The upcoming edition : As Musk mentioned, there is another upcoming Tesla model with more features. It would be a limited edition product. Its features, as said by Elon Musk, are as follows. It would take only an exact time of 1.8 seconds for this car to raise its speed from 0 to 60 miles per hour. Apart from that, the greatest feature is that the maximum speed of these cars will be 250 miles per hour which is way ahead of the latest models of Ferrari. 

What enables them to gain this much speed? : The technicalities underlying this model which enable it to gain such high speed are as follows. These will be equipped with a tri-motor setup. Of the three electric motors, one will provide power to the front wheels, whereas the other two will give power to each of the rear wheels separately.


As per the claim of the company, this model will be producing a torque of ten thousand newtons, whereas its horsepower limit is not declared yet. According to the information given by Musk, SpaceX’s cold gas thruster with ultra-high pressure in a pressure vessel will replace the two rear seats to provide more power.

Medical advice: Elon Musk also warned that people with certain medical conditions should not use these cars as travelling in these cars might provide an experience similar to or greater than riding on a hardcore roller coaster ride. This warning itself is evident to show how high the speed is going to hit.

Price of the car: As of now, the latest high-end model from Tesla is the Roadster. The price tag of Roadster as per their website is a lump sum of two hundred thousand dollars.

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Tesla’s release: In order to release the latest Tesla Roadster, they had brought the car to Los Angeles, to the Petersen Automotive museum. Tesla Roadster will surely provide a grand opening to Tesla after the covid pandemic.

Similar inventions from other companies: As of now, Tesla is the most successful producer of flying cars in the world. But, similar inventions are made by other companies too. A Slovakian aviation company called Client Vision has also made similar attempts and has become successful in producing such cars and has named them Air Car. It can rise to a speed limit of 170 kilometers per hour with a range of about 1000 kilometers.

As of now, there are only a few companies, such as Tesla, who have become successful in creating flying cars. But, the active attempts from a large number of companies around the world assure us that more flying cars will be invented soon. Tesla flying cars would be one of the greatest remarks in the sector of human inventions.

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As per the quote, “Need is the mother of all inventions”, it is our urgent requirement to save our time when we come up with such inventions. Although the flying cars we mentioned are capable of flying only for short durations, we can wish and believe that cars that can fly larger distances will be invented very soon. Let more such inventions come up sooner that can raise the standard of human living.

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