16 Interesting Facts About The Color Orange May Amaze You

Color orange is an essential combination of yellow and red colors, and this keeps advancing as the different layers and shades of orange keep evolving. When new contracts are mixed with orange, incredible combinations are formed, and this is best known by those who are always in contact with colors.

From the sun with the slightest glimpse of orange to orange fruit itself, 90% of objects include oranges in them. Even a slight spark of orange can change the whole look of an object, so this color holds a lot of importance in people’s life.

Facts about the Color Orange

Orange symbolizes Glory and Wisdom present throughout the Earth –The actual meaning of the word ‘Orange’ is glory and wisdom that the whole Earth has spread throughout itself. This glory and wisdom cannot be bound to any parameters, which is why it is observed that the presence of orange is almost everywhere and in everything. 

Elizabeth Era had Nobility who Wore Orange – In the Elizabeth era, the Nobility were the only ones who wore and were allowed to wear orange outfits and use orange-colored things. This is because the orange symbolized pride and pleasure for them, which could only go to the royal family, so these restrictions mattered a lot. 

The Orange word comes from Persian and Sanskrit Script – In Sanskrit, orange is called ‘Narang,’ while in the Persian script, this color has a name as ‘parang.’ Both these colors symbolize the place from where orange takes its recognition. Eventually, the widespreadness and recognition of this color worldwide are unbelievable, so understanding its roots is also essential. 

US Army Signals are of Orange Color – The signal color of the US army is orange because this is the symbol of togetherness and recognition of each other. According to the US Army, orange represents their togetherness to fight any condition with dignity and being constantly available for each other, even if this means losing their lives for the protection of their country. 

Orange Vehicle symbolizes a Fun-Loving and Trendy-Natured Person – It is believed that the person with an orange vehicle is a very fun-loving person whose nature is trendy. 

American Football Teams consider Orange Color the most – American football teams consider orange color to a great extent and have a lot of orange-colored things in their kits. Also, this consideration is not limited to the games but is also spread in the minds of people in all corners of America. 

Orange Fruit doesn’t appear the same in all parts of the World – Orange fruit has variations in different parts of the world, and this is noticed by many people worldwide. In some places, the color of these fruits is complete and fresh orange, while in some places, these fruits initially seem to be green and then may or may not turn into orange color. 

Representation of Orange Color in Fengshui is Fire – The representation of the orange color in Fengshui is fire, and this is a very significant and noticeable concept in ancient scripts. Hence, it is proved that the orange had a lot of importance even in ancient times. 

Association of Orange Color with the Saints – Orange is a very pure color that represents power and strength & is very close to the saints for the same reason. Saints wear orange-colored clothes when they perform puja and other traditional occasions. 

Orange Fruit shows different Colors in different Weather Conditions – In cold weather, i.e., winter, the outer skin of oranges is the same (orange-colored), but in the summer season, this skin changes to green-colored. This is because of chlorophyll’s presence and excess production in these oranges that change their color according to weather changes. 

The Original Color of Carrots surprisingly wasn’t Orange – The original color of carrots was purple and not orange, but eventually, with the hybridization of carrots, they eliminated the purple color and adopted the orange color on them. Also, this way, many other fruits, and vegetables received the color that exists today and is entirely different from their original species.

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Tangerines and Vietnamese Oranges are different on the inside and the outside – When it comes to tangerines and Vietnamese oranges, they have layers of colors in their fruits. The inside of these oranges is orange-colored, but the outer part is entirely green and not orange. This is very distinct from the other oranges available worldwide, which is why this species is also considered distinct from the other oranges present in every other place.

Netherlands Soccer Team plays in Orange Kits – The name of the Netherlands soccer team is ‘organje’ because they have all the orange outfits and source kits available. The whole soccer kit that they carry as well as their jerseys, are colored orange, and this makes them identical to the other countries and their soccer teams.

Dutch Royal Family has Orange as its Prestigious Color – Dutch royal family recognizes orange as a very prestigious color, and only they were the ones to wear it in the Netherlands. Eventually, this color became the symbol of the Netherlands and still holds much more critical for the royal families in the respective place due to the same reason.

25th Day of Every Month is celebrated as Orange Day by the UN – UN observes the 25th of every month as Orange Day to acknowledge the contribution and existence of women in the world. This campaign is called ‘Unite to End Violence against Women. A lot of people actively participate in it, and that is why a lot of improvements have also been brought regarding women throughout the world.

Orange Ribbons are used for Various Social Purposes – Wearing orange ribbons serve a lot of purposes, and the most crucial ones among them are to support illness awareness for ADHD, self-harm, sclerosis, and also for animal cruelty. This awareness is noticed throughout the world in many different forms, and its adoption holds a lot of importance for making a better future for ourselves and the next generation.

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All the above facts about the color orange can be considered by the people as a top priority so that they can make the best use of this color for their benefit. Orange is a beautiful color, and making the best out of it for more and more purposes will always bring brightness and impact to your life and your workings.

Facts about the Color Orange

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many shades of orange are present currently?

There exist even more than 100-130 shades of orange, and some of these can be listed as

  • Apricot orange color,
  • Papaya whip orange color,
  • Xanthous orange color,
  • Carrot orange color, etc.

 What are the things that are colored orange color?

Natural things like capsicum, carrots, marigold, etc., have an orange color. At the same time, other substances such as candles, balls, pebble stones, bangles, and some others are also covered in orange. 

 Why is Orange considered a trendy color?

Orange has a remarkable impact on every color it combines with, which is the best part about this color. It can merge with any lighter color to create a new color contrast, while it can merge with brighter or darker colors to bring a new shading to the picture. So, orange is a multi-talented color, and its involvement cannot be refused for any decoration or activity.

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