Interesting Facts about Tornadoes May Surprize You

Interesting Facts about Tornadoes

Tornado’s have strongest winds in the world. They are also called as twisters, cyclones or whirlwind. There are around 1500 injuries and 70 fatalities each year in USA and average travel 3.5miles and last from 10 seconds to more than a hour. Tornados are to be called as most violent storms

Facts about Tornadoes

Kentucky tornado

There is a history of Kentucky tornados since 1950 and there have been several tornados hit Kentucky USA. 100s of people died in Kentucky tornado. There are some of the regions in USA called as tornado alleys as they are tend to be more frequent and causing more damage in the region.

Tornados last from seconds to hours

The average tornado travels up to approximately 3.5miles and last up to 10 seconds to more than a hour. Where as the weaker tornados last up to 10minutes and travel small distances and an EF5 is the most powerful tornado.

Over 1,000 recorded in USA each year

They are always more in USA and around 1000 twisters occurs each year in the country. The fastest winds occurs in tornados and there have been many killed, injuries and fatalities due to these deadliest twisters.

Highest elevation tornado

The highest elevated tornado occur in 2004. Mostly tornados tends to move higher elevations rather than downhill and the EF4 tornado was of around 12,000ft height and was in the sequoil national Park, California.

There are many tornado names

There are many names for tornado people call them as whirlwind, twister, windstorm, cyclone, typhoon, funnel etc.

The largest tornado 2011

The EF5 2011, joplin tornado was one of a super outbreak. It has affected southern, eastern and central parts of USA. This deadliest attack by nature has killed around 158 people and 1150 injured.

Facts about Tornadoes

Tornados different shapes and sizes

Tornados are one of the most powerful and violent type of destruction and they come in many different types of sizes and shapes. Whereas the destructive tornados are big in size. They have different colours like yellow, pink and orange.

Deadliest tornado of bangladesh

It is to be called as one of the costilest and deadliest tornado in Bangladesh history. Occurred in 26 April 1989 manikganj district. It has affected 80,000 people becoming homeless , injuring 12,000 and 1300 killed.

Tornado has 70% false alarms rate

Tornado has been known to destroy several houses and a 70% of false alarm rates. There are often false alarm rates and only around 3 tornados occurs from 10 which has been issues as a region for tornado destruction.

Called as twisters in USA

Tornados are hitting USA since so many years and people also called them as twisters. There are around 80 people killed and more than 1500 injuries in USA per year. More than 1,200 tornados strikes USA per year. These called twisters are the most violent storms occurs on earth and very costliest.

Can reach a speed of 250 miles per hour

Tornados are so destructive they more the wind speed the more it will affect. The most violent and destructive tornados are the ones having the wind speed of 250 miles per hour or more. The fujita scale is used to measure the wind speed. The heavy wind speed twisters can affect a large number of houses and can injure a large quantity.

The first tornado

In the year 1973 the first tornado instrumentation occurred in USA. Samuel Williams instrumented the tornado and the first photograph of tornado taken on 1884, Kansas. These are the two first recorded tornado information.s

Waterspout tornado

Water spout tornados are the tornados that occurs or developed water surfaces. These are very rare but scary to watch. These are very dangerous and can cause a severe damage on earth.

Facts about Tornadoes

Tri state 1925 tornado

The tri state 1925 tornado destruction having a death toll of 625 people to called as a deadliest single windstorm. The tornado occurred in Indiana devastating to Missouri and Illinois.

Tornado touched down every state

Tornado has reached every state of USA and around 1,200 of tornados occurs in USA killing a large number of people and injuring the most. Texas and Kansas averages the most tornados in the country.

Tornado can destroy big cities

Tornados can strike anywhere and anytime and tornados can also hit urban cities and areas but it is very rare. But they can hit anywhere and cause a deadliest and costliest loss.

Hundreds can die in a single strike

Tornados are very powerful due to their high wind speed they can destroy a large city and hundreds can die in a single span of tornado. They are to be called as very dangerous and most of the American got affected with it.

Strongest winds ever recorded

On may 3 1999, okhlama city the strongest wind speed was recorded. This was the deadlist strong windstorm causes ever in USA. Wind speed reaches near upto 300mph.

One of a costliest tornado

The joplin tornado occurred on may 22,2011 is to called as on the the costliest tornado With a damage estimation of around $3.18 billions.

Region called as tornado alley

Most parts of the USA are called as a tornado alley regions including Kansas, texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. These regions are called as twisters alleys as tornados are called as most violent on earth.

Facts about Tornadoes

Mostly likely to appear from 3pm to 9pm

Tornados can happen in any time but likely to appear form 3pm to 9pm. Most of the people called them as violent call of air. These twisters are unpredictable and unstoppable.

Tornado moves 30,000 pounds machinery

The pampa, texas twister moves 30,000 pounds of machinery. This is to called as a heaviest thing moved by tornado occurred in the year June 8 1995.

Fujita scale for tornado

The fujita scale is a tornado rating scale and was first developed in 1971 by Ted fujita. The scale is mostly used for rating the intensity and damage caused by the tornado and it also can help in estimate the wind speed with the tornado.

Antarctica has no tornado

No matter with the size but tornados are the strongest and deadliest disasters on earth. These are occurred in all parts of the earth except Antarctica and it has hit every continent except Antarctica.

Tornado supercells

Thunderstorm from super cells are the most dangerous and common. Super cells appears to be very rare but can causes a severe damage as they can produce high winds and long lived tornados.

Tornado starting as transparent

Tornados nearly appears transparent until debris and dust picks up and forms cloud within the twister. These tornados are transparent at first until they pickup the dust and get the dark colour.

Different shapes, structures and colours

Tornados are to be called as the strongest disasters occurring in the world. They mostly looks like a narrow funnels having several shapes , structures , sizes and colours.

Most spin in cyclonic direction

Tornados always rotates counter clockwise and the cyclonic direction twisters are very dangerous and costliest disasters whereas the anticyclone direction tornados are very small and less damaging. The cyclonic direction tornados are to be called as very strongest and can injure a large number of people.

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