Interesting Facts About UEFA Champions League

If we arrange the different games and sports in the order of their popularity around the world, it is a well-known fact that football will hold the first position. There is no such game around the world which can unite the entire world as football can. Many championships are also conducted worldwide, allowing football fans to embrace and enjoy the game. Among them, some are very popular and followed by people all around the world.


One such championship is the UEFA champions league. It is conducted annually by the European Football Associations, and teams representing different European clubs contest in the tournament for the trophy. Here, we will discuss some very interesting facts about the UEFA champions league, which every football lover will love to read.

Interesting Facts about UEFA Champions League

The first UEFA Championship League – The first UEFA Champions League final was conducted on 13th June 1956. The final was between two clubs – Stade de Rims and Real Madrid. Real Madrid won this final. thus, they became the first champions of the UEFA Championship League.

Coupe des Clubs Champions Europeens  – At the initial stage, when it was founded in 1955, the Champions League was known by the name Coupe des Clubs Champions Europeans, which means the European Champion Club’s Cup. It was only later, in 1992, that it was rebranded to gain the current name UEFA Championship League.

Facts About UEFA Champions League

As a qualifier – Being one of the most prestigious Leagues in the world, a good performance in the UEFA league can be considered a qualifier for some of the world-level matches that include even the most prominent FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup. So, teams and players who perform well in UEFA Champions League get an extra advantage.

Number of teams – In the initial stage, approximately 80 clubs contest the match in order to enter the group stage. Only the well playing 32 clubs among them will be selected for the group stage of the match.

Structure of the game – The League is conducted in such a way that it begins around June. The initial stage consists of a preliminary round. Those who qualify for the preliminary will have to play three qualifying rounds and a play-off round. After all the rounds mentioned above, six teams would be selected. They will be added up to the already selected six teams, which make up a total of 32 teams. These teams will compete in the group stage of the League.

UEFA champions league

The other tiers – The UEFA Championship League is a tier 1 football league that accommodates some of the strongest European football clubs. But, it cannot provide scope for the lower-level teams to compete. So, they organise some related competitions as well. This includes the UEFA Europe League, a tier 2 league, and the UEFA Europa Conference League, a third-tier league.

Real Madrid and the UEFA Champions League – Real Madrid and the UEFA Champions League always share a close connection with each other since its beginning. Real Madrid was the first champions of the Champions League that took place in the year 1955-56. Also, Real Madrid is considered the most successful team in the Champions League as they have won 14 trophies to date. Moreover, Real Madrid holds the position of current UEFA Champions, too, which intensifies the connection between UEFA and Real Madrid.


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are always the greatest football players of all time. Moreover, when it comes to the case of the UEFA Champions League, they are the only players to date who scored more than 100 goals in the League. Ronaldo has scored a total of 139 goals, and Messi scored 123 to date. They are also the ones who have played the most number of matches in the Champions League too.

Who can keep the trophy ? – Till 2007, the system of the League was such that any team who won the title consecutively for three years had the right to keep the trophy permenantly. They need not pass it on to the next champions as a new trophy will be awarded to the new winners. But from 2008, the system has changed in such a way that even though a team win the trophy for three consecutive years, they cannot keep the trophy on their own.

barcelona fc

Teams who won consecutively – Till today, there are only three teams who have managed to win the trophy consecutively. They are Real Madrid, Bayern Munich during the years 1974 – 76 and Ajax during the years 1971 to 73. But after 1992, only one team managed to win the trophy for three consecutive years, which was Real Madrid during the years 216-18. Moreover, Real Madrid is the only team who has won the trophy for five consecutive years. It was during the years from 1956 to 1960.

Fitness of the referees – The UEFA Championship League always maintains their quality so that they do not compromise the quality of referees. Referees over the age of 45 have to retire from their job necessarily. Moreover, the referees also have to go through regular and strict health and physical checkups before each match.

Carlo Ancelotti – Coaches play a great role in determining the success and failure of every game. Carlo Ancelotti is considered the most successful coach in UEFA Championship League. He is the only coach till today who has won 3 finals in the League. 

fc barcelona

The 2013 UCL final – The 2013 UCL final holds the record for the maximum number of viewers. Of all the Championship Leagues that have taken place, it is the most viewed final match of UCL. Approximately 360 million people have viewed that particular match.

Barcelona and UCL – Barcelona is the only club in UCL that has two players who scored 10+ goals in a single season. Messi and Neymar are the two players who scored 10+ goals for Barcelona in the same season. 

The fastest goal – We have mentioned the great football players who have scored many goals in the UEFA Championship League. But, the record for the fastest goal in the UEFA tournament is another player. Roy Makaay, who belongs to Bayern Munich, holds the record for the fastest goal in UEFA. It was in the 11th second of the game that this goal was scored.

fc Monaco

The highest score in the League – Winning the match with a high score is not common in the UEFA league. Monaco holds the record for the highest scoring match. This victory was against Deportivo La Coruna during the season of 2003-04. The score margin was 8-3.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Real Madrid so special when it comes to the case of the UEFA champions league?

Real Madrid is the first team to win the UEFA Champions trophy. Moreover, they are the only team who has managed to grab the championship for five consecutive years. Also, they are considered to be the most successful team in UEFA, with a victory in the 14 Champions trophy.

Who is the top scorer of the UEFA Champions League?

The Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer of UFL to date, with a total goal of 140. He is followed by Lionel Messi, who has managed to score 125 goals in UFL.

Why is UEFA Champions League very famous?

The UEFA Champions League is considered to be one of the most prestigious football leagues in the world. Most of the best football players in the world play under different clubs in UFL. It is also one of the most viewed football leagues, which makes it famous.

Which is the top-scoring club in UEFA?

Real Madrid  has scored the most number of goals in UEFA. They have already scored a total goal of 1000 plus goals till today.

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