Interesting facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most popular countries present in Europe. This country is located in a geographically perfect position attracting tourists from all across the globe. All the tourists on a world tour have Ukraine on their bucket list. If you have second thoughts about visiting this place, then make sure to go through the interesting facts about Ukraine. It will surely convince you to see this place and add it to your favorite destination.

facts about Ukraine

Did you know that Ukraine was once a part of the Soviet Union? It got separated when the Soviet Union dissolved in the 1990s. Since then, Ukraine has been an independent country. To know more interesting facts about this place, stay with us until the end of the article.

Interesting facts about Ukraine

The largest country in Europe 

With its vast borders, Ukraine is spread over about 603,628 sq. km and is titled the largest country in Europe. The boundaries expand from Russia present in the East to Poland in the West, and it shares its southern border with the very famous black sea. 

A place for both Mountain or Beach person

As stated above, Ukraine covers a large area, and the geographical cover is also vast, where the border encloses many geographical entities. Are you a mountain or hill loving person? Don’t worry, and the Carpathian Mountains will provide you with the perfect place and ecstatic scene. In addition, you also get the pretty beaches lying close to the city of Odessa. 

Vibrant Culture 

Ukraine is well-known for its vibrant culture. The decorations at various festivals are eye-catching. It will leave you mesmerized, and you will want to see more. Two of the cities famous for their vibrant culture are Kyiv and Lviv. The people here are also very kind and helpful. 

facts about Ukraine

UNESCO heritage sites 

UNESCO gives protection to heritage sites to be preserved for longer durations. A total of seven sites are present only in Ukraine, which is under the Protection of UNESCO. They are commonly known as UNESCO heritage sites. These include the Saint- Sophia cathedral in KYIV and Lviv’s historic centre. Chernivtsi University, wooden churches in the Carpathians, the beech forests etc., come under the UNESCO heritage sites in Ukraine. 

Two Major languages followed in Ukraine 

You must have guessed the official language in Ukraine. The official language is Ukrainian. However, you will be surprised to know that a significant Ukrainian population also knows the Russian language. Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union till the 1990s. Therefore, most people know both Russian and Ukrainian. 

Capital city is the largest city in Ukraine 

If you are planning to visit Ukraine, you must have heard about Kiev, which is its capital city. Kiev is famous for its customs and vibrant celebrations. It is not only the capital of Ukraine, and it is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the country. It is also the largest city in the country. It covers an area of 323.9 sq. miles with a population of about 2,797,553.

Kiev is the central hub 

Kiev is one of the busiest cities and the primary working city in Ukraine. There are many hi-tech universities and colleges in Europe, and most of them lie in Kiev. Moreover, it is the industrial and scientific hub in Ukraine. In addition, you can also visit various historical landmarks present in Kiev. In short, you can enjoy almost everything here. 

facts about Ukraine

Half of the population is Ukrainian ethnic 

Several ethnic groups are living in Ukraine. But the Ukrainian ethnic population is almost half of the total population. Other ethnic groups are Russians, Romanian Jews, Greeks, Tatars, Poles, etc. 

Deepest metro station 

Metro stations have been a great boon to humanity, and they make travelling convenient. If you plan to visit Ukraine, then you must visit its metro stations. Kiev consists of Arsenalnaya metro station, which is almost 105 metres deep and is the deepest in the world. It was constructed in 1960 and is situated close to the Parliament House. 

Secret tunnels in the deepest metro. 

Arsenalnaya metro station is the deepest metro station situated in the world. As mentioned above, it is located near the Parliament house. Therefore, it is believed that there are secret tunnels for the political elites, and it may be done for their easy movement. 

The first University in Eastern Europe

Ukraine is one of the countries having good educational institutions. The National University of Ostroh Academy is the first university ever built in Eastern Europe. It was constructed in 1576 by a famous Prince named Vasyl-Kostiantyn, and it was the first higher educational institution for institutions in Eastern Europe.

High Literacy rate 

This is one of the most educated country. It ranks as the fourth most educated country globally, with a literacy rate of about 99.4%, which is a significant percentage. It has about 80 institutions dedicated to research and around 150 colleges and universities for higher education.

facts about Ukraine

“Summertime” originated from Ukraine 

You must have heard the song “Summertime” at least once in your life. It is a very famous song worldwide and was written by the renowned writer- George Gershwin. You will be surprised to know that he got inspired by an ancient song – “Oi khodyt Son Kolo Vikon”, whose English translation is – The dream passes by windows. 

Ukraine was once the Nuclear superpower 

Ukraine wanted its independence from the USSR and surrendered its nuclear powers to Russia. But initially, it had several nuclear warheads counting over a thousand in number. Ukraine was the third-largest producer of nuclear power in the world. It gave the nuclear powers to Russia and, in return, got financial assistance and complete security from other nuclear powers. 

The Chernobyl Disaster 

You must have heard about the three most popular Nuclear disasters: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl disasters. The Chernobyl disaster took place in 1986 due to a fire and explosion in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This power plant is located in Ukraine, and due to this, a considerable amount of radioactive particles got spread in the environment. It affected most of the West of the USSR and Europe. 

People love to stay at home

The country is a great tourist place, and it attracts several tourists worldwide, and it even keeps its citizens attached to the place. According to a survey, it was estimated that around 80% of the Ukrainian population had not traveled abroad. 

facts about Ukraine

Wedding ring on the right hand 

It is a common custom worldwide to wear the engagement ring or the wedding ring on the left hand’s ring finger. However, Ukrainian culture is different. The people wear their wedding rings on the ring hand. So, next time you see someone wearing their ring on the right hand, you can guess that they may be a Ukrainian. 

One of the largest food supplier 

Ukraine has vivid locations to visit, along with outstanding architecture. However, you will be astonished to know that it is also ranked as the third-largest grain supplier worldwide. So, Ukraine is not only an aesthetic place but also a food supplier. 

Independence day on 24th August 

As mentioned earlier, Ukraine was under the control of the Soviet Union. It declared its independence on the 24th of August in 1991, and it became an independent country from that day onwards and celebrated its independence day on 24th August every year. 

One of the most visited McDonalds

McDonald’s is one of the most famous brands for burgers worldwide. We get mouth watering burgers and many other dishes. McDonald’s has its franchise in several countries. The McDonalds present in Ukraine is the fifth most populated McDonalds globally. The reason may be the significant number of tourists, its location near the Kyiv station or maybe just the love for burgers in the Ukrainian citizens.

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