Interesting Facts About Valentine Day May Surprise You

A mouth-watering breakfast with a heart-shaped dessert or sweet homemade candies. A memorable candlelit dinner or your partner on his knees offering you those eye-catching roses. You know valentine’s day has arrived when you see those heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped candies, and red-colored roses flooding the market. However, you will be surprised to know the history and interesting facts about the most romantic day of the year. Let us dig into some of the amazing facts about the most awaited valentine’s day without any further delay.

Interesting Facts About Valentine Day

Greek god – Cupid 

You must have seen the cute chubby baby with an arrow in his hand. This baby is based on the Greek god – Virile god, Eros. He changed people’s feelings and developed love or hate with his magical arrows. Due to his ability to make people fall in love, the Romans changed his name to Cupid around the 4th century BCE. Gradually, around the 19th century, Cupid became the face of valentine’s day because of his ability to make people fall in love. 

Originated from the Roman fertility festival 

This day is all about love and happiness. However, Valentine’s day is dark, unlike the present-day scenario. It came from a primitive pagan fertility festival that observed a lot of bloodsheds. Men used to sacrifice animals and beat the women with their hides, and it was believed that it increased their fertility. Moreover, the women were paired with the menu based on the lottery. This festival is ironic to the modern-day concept of valentines. 

The trend of giving flowers

Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days for florists. The demand for red roses boosts up. But do you know that it wasn’t a traditional way of celebrating this day? The Victorian era introduced giving roses to women, and men started expressing their feelings for women by offering them red roses. Red roses were the favorite flower for the Goddess Venus – the Roman Goddess of love. Moreover, Roses were a lot pricey than they are today, so they were a good and expensive token of love. 

The expensive Valentine’s day

Valentines is not only the most romantic day but also the most expensive day for Americans. The statistics even show it. In 2019, around 20 billion dollars were spent by the Americans on this day. The money is mainly due to the shopping for diamond rings. Many people propose to their loved ones on this day which is the main reason for the high demand for diamond rings. Moreover, customized chocolates, cakes, etc. are also very expensive. The romantic destination weddings or dates can also burn a hole in your pocket. 

Six million couples get engaged 

As it is a day to express love, many couples get engaged on this day. It is estimated that around six million couples in America get engaged on this day, and the huge number surely indicates the importance of this day for couples. 

Valentine’s day is not just for couples 

Are you single without a lover on this Valentine’s day? Well, you can surely buy gifts for your pets. This is a common practice among Americans to buy gifts for their dogs, cats, or other pets. It is estimated that around 45 million Americans buy gifts for their four-legged companions on this day. According to the research, around 752 billion dollars was spent by Americans for their pets. 

More than one St. Valentine 

You must have known that Valentines’ was named after Saint Valentines. But do you know that there was more than one St. Valentine? One of them belonged to the third century who went against Claudius II’s ban on marriages for the soldiers. The Priest did the rituals for the wedding of the soldiers because he believed that ban on marriages created distractions for the soldiers. When the emperor discovered him, he was martyred. 

Another St. Valentine also belonged to this era, jailed for helping the Christians run away from the Romans. It is said that he fell in love with a lady who visited him, and he used to write letters to her stating “from your valentine.” 

Heart on sleeve 

It was a common ritual to honor the goddess, Juno. Here, the men would write women’s names on their sleeves, whom they saw as their future. It was a romantic and serious gesture at that time. 

Custom of “Vinegar Valentines.”

Valentines is known as the day of love and adoration. However, it wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t uncommon for the people to receive vinegar valentines around the early 1840s. Instead of the words of love and affection, it was all mean wordings, musings, or caricatures. It was mainly done to demoralize the unwanted suitor. Many times these vinegar valentines were quite offensive too. 

Chocolate – a genius stroke of marketing 

It wasn’t a tradition to give chocolates on Valentine’s until the 1860s. Richard Cadbury can be said as the real creator of the chocolate giving custom. He and his family used to produce delicious chocolates. Taking advantage of the valentines, they started distributing their chocolates. Richard Cadbury started packing the chocolates in heart-shaped boxes to make them more attractive and increased the sales of the chocolate by many folds. This trend has continued till today, and chocolate comes under one of the largest selling commodities in the valentines. 

Candy machine was first used for medical lozenge 

Heart-shaped candies with cute little messages are popular tokens of love. However, you would be surprised to know their origin. The machine that created the first candies was initially created to manufacture medical lozenges. Seeing the demand for chocolates during Valentine’s, the manufacturer decided to go for candy manufacturing and gave rise to present-day valentines candies. They are popularly known as conversation candies and very popular during this day.

Valentine’s Day became a day of love in the middle ages

In European countries, Valentine’s day is seen as a romantic holiday. Even the offices offer holidays on this day. However, it wasn’t until the middle ages that it became a romantic holiday. 

The Duke of Orleans, Charles, gave the first valentines to his wife when he was under capture. After that, the valentines became known as the day of love and express feelings for your loved ones. Moreover, the trend of writing love letters came into existence. 

Second most famous day for cards 

Christmas has always been famous for exchanging cards. The highest production and sales of cards occur on Christmas. Valentine’s day follows behind Christmas in the sales of cards, and it is the second most famous day to give cards worldwide. 

Penicillin Was introduced on this day

Who doesn’t know about the miraculous discovery of Penicillin? It is the first antibiotic and is considered one of the greatest discoveries in the history of science. You will be surprised to hear that it was brought or introduced in front of the world on Valentine’s day.

Facts About Valentine Day

We hope you liked the interesting facts about Valentine’s day that we collected for you. Now you know much more about this day other than the day for love and affection. The very existence of humans is based on social life. We share several bonds with different people. Each bound has a special meaning and is important for us. We have special days such as mothers, fathers, brothers, daughters, and many more to emphasize these special connections.

As February is around the corner, the most awaited day for the lovers is Valentine’s day. The couples are excited to surprise their loved ones with special surprises or propose to them on this special day. February 14 is celebrated as the day for love and devotion you have for one person. You express your feelings and make the bond even deeper and everlasting.

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