Interesting Facts About Yellow Color

The word Yellow is derived from old English gold, which means yellow and yellowish. It has a wavelength that ranges from 575-585 nm. It is considered the primary color in the subtractive color system used in paintings or color painting. Suppose you think of the RGB color model.

In that case, it is used to create colors on television and computer screens, and yellow is a secondary color combining red and green at equal intensities. Carotenoids also give yellow color to autumn leaves, corn, canaries, daffodils, and lemons. Carotenoid pigment is one of the prime pigment that protects plants from excess pigmentation.

Interesting Facts about Yellow Color

facts about yellow color

History : According to some historians and pages of history, yellow is the oldest color. In prehistoric times the yellow color was extracted from ochre. These yellow colors, extracted from ochre, were considered the first pigment in cave art. This bright yellow was commonly used in paintings of ancient Rome and Egypt. After all, it represented or depicted skin color.

The yellow color was extensively used by Renaissance and medieval artists and was commonly called Indian yellow. This Indian yellow pigment was obtained when a cow eats only mango leaves. This color was used to show any outsider, especially Judas Iscariot from the Bible.

Controversy : Yellow is considered the color of controversy. We all are aware of the fact that yellow represents cheerful color and optimism. However, it can also be associated with radicalism, decadence, and wickedness. The Yellow Book, a famous magazine in Victorian England, covered controversial French art and novels.

Yellow Color

It is said that the Author, Oscar Wilde, was arrested for gross indecency for his relationship with a male aristocrat who was carrying the magazine on him at that time. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the racist term yellow peril describes what some believed to be the dangers Asian countries posed to the west.

Psychology speaks : If we believe in psychology and listen to the words of psychologists. Yellow is considered a happy, optimistic color. After all, it is associated with sunlight and summer time. Yellow is also associated with spontaneity and celebration, stage performers prefer yellow costumes. If you pair it with black color, it looks like wasp’s coloring, bringing about feelings of alertness and cautiousness. It is proven that yellow increases body metabolism. However, too much yellow color is over whelming and causes eye fatigue.

Meaning :  If we dig into ancient religious texts, we will know that yellow is a pious and sacred color. Yellow like gold represented eternal, imperishable, and indestructible. If we dig into Vedas, Puranas, and ancient texts of Hinduism, we will acknowledge that they worshiped the sun, and the sun god was depicted wearing yellow. The ancient Egyptians believed that god had gold skin and bones, so they used yellow for their skin tone art.

Yellow Color

Yellow plays a very crucial role in Buddhism. After all, it signifies humility. However, these yellow colors also represent negativity. The expression “yellow-bellied” refers to cowardice. Yellow sometimes gets associated with deceit. For instance, let’s take “Yellow Journalism”. It refers to journalism that is exaggerated, sensationalist, and not legitimate.

Birthstone : Birthstone comes in a variety of colors, including yellow. The essential yellow color birthstones are citrine and Beryl. Citrine is the November birthstone. It is also called Virgo Planetary stone. Citrine comes in shades like yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, and reddish brown hues. Citrine symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness.

It is frequently utilized to add manifestation in financial prosperity and opportunity. It is believed that citrine activates the solar plexus chakra. This solar plexus chakra aids the development of self-assurance and mental fortitude. It is considered to t a potent cleanser and regenerator, which is essential for spiritual healing.

Yellow Colored parrot

Beryl is another birthstone of November, which is yellow. It also comes in various shades of yellow, ranging from pale to yellow ochre. These stones also have some healing properties. It treats mental illness, bladder issues, and kidney stones and boosts the Central Nervous system. According to folklore, these stones keep evil spirits away.

Let’s measure : Have you ever wondered which color is used to prepare such a brilliant and beautiful color?

Yellow is a color between orange and green on the visible spectrum of light. The color yellow has a wavelength of 570 to 590 meters. Yellow is considered a bright color as it reflects a lot of light. When you measure yellow samples in a spectrophotometer, you will realize that the brightness of the yellow color won’t impact the data.

Yellow Colored foliage

Signature Color : The signature speaks about your priorities, qualities, and abilities. Yellow represents joyfulness, vibrates, and brightness. It is traditional. It is believed that the yellow color is linked to confidence.

It is said that if you are disturbed by the yellow color, you are dealing with an emotional imbalance in your life. Surrounding yourself with too many yellow-based things can create a huge negative impact.

Companies and Brands: Several companies and brands use yellow as a color identification. Companies also go above and beyond for their logos to be seen.For instance, Lays is a popular snack for kids and adults. The yellow packaging of a particular flavor made an everlasting impact on customers all over the world.


Mcdonald’s creates juicy burgers, making people revisit the place again and again. Initially, McDonald’s was not famous. However, after changing the logo to yellow, it captivated people. Similarly, Subway and Burger king have also used a good amount of yellow in their logos. Snapchat has a yellow logo. Snapchat is considered to be one of the leading social networking sites. The National Geographic channel has unique wildlife content, which uses yellow color to represent the sun.

Literature: Other literature has different interpretations. Writers used yellow color to depict intense emotions. Some authors also used yellow to portray pleasant things. Most of the writers were convinced by the notion that yellow represented instability and dishonesty. J.D. Salinger, in this book, ‘Catcher in the Rye, ‘used yellow to show cowardice. The protagonist calls himself a yellow guy. The yellow word guy represents intense yet violent.

One of Britain’s leading journals of the 1890s is named Yellow book. Yellow journalism is widely used in the United States. It refers to the work and publications with little to no reliable content. It generally focused on striking headlines to boost profits. Yellow colour represents gentleness, humourz envy, jealous and duplicity

sun flower

Yellow dye :  Yes !! We will learn about many plants’ roots, leaves, blossoms, and bark. These plants are celery, peach tree leaves, Dandelion, Alfalfa seeds, Crocus, Bay leaves, and Hickory leaves. Certain food contains yellow pigments like pickels, pasta and marshmallows.

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