These 43 Fun Facts About Canada May Surprise You

It is also sometimes referred to as mini-Hindustan because 4% of its population are of Indian origin. Most people are Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati. The word “Canada” comes from the Huron-Iroquois word Kanata, which means village or settlement. Subsequently, it was referred to as a collection of Huts. It has the second largest area in the world and is the fourth-largest by land area.

Who doesn’t listen to music these days? One of the famous singers – Justin Bieber, also belongs to this place. So, if you are a travel lover, put this place on your bucket list and strike it off as soon as possible. Also, know about some of the interesting facts of Canada before visiting this place so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity to explore this place.

Fun Facts About Canada

Largest Coastline of the world – One of the interesting facts in Canada is its coastline. Its length is about 202,080km which is four times that of Indonesia. If you try to take a walk on its coastline, it’s never-ending.

Many time zones of Canada – It would help if you were astonished to know that there are six time zones in Canada. The time zones are Newfoundland Time Zone, Eastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone, Mountain Time Zone and Pacific Time Zone.

Alert of Canada – It is located in Nunavut, Canada. It has a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. It is the most uninhabited land of Canada.

Binational land border – One of the interesting facts in Canada is its binational land border. It is the worlds longest international border between two nations. It is about 8,891 kilometres long. It has a Canadian border that meets the USA of Alaska in its west.

Officially bilingual country – It is announced as the officially bilingual country in the world. People speak both French and English. 60% speaks English, 20% speaks French, and the rest 20% of the population speaks another language.

Highest literacy rate – It is considered the second most educated country in the world, with half of its population having college degrees. It has around 99% literacy rate.

Hudson Bay area – One of the fun facts of Canada is the less gravity area. There is a place in north Canada having a lower gravity point than the rest of the world. It is in the Hudson Bay area.

Yonge Street – It is considered the world’s longest street, which has a length of around 1896 kilometres. It is present in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Cape Breton Island – It is present in northeastern Nova Scotia and is the only place in North America where Gaelic is spoken. It is known for its majestic landscapes. Its main attraction is the Cape Breton Highland National Park because of its Cabot Trail and unusual viewing places.

Exceptional Churchill – Known as the Polar Bear capital of the world because the polar bears move to islands in Churchill. It is an international tourist attraction centre.

October to November is a good time for polar bear migration. Out of the 25,000 polar bears present in the whole world, 18,000 polar bears are found in the arctic region of Canada.

Spectacular Niagara Falls – It is one of the most famous waterfalls in the world. It is on the border of three places that is Canada, the US and New York. It is the most gasp taking when viewed from the Ontario Canada fall side. Also crowded by towers, restaurants, casinos and high stat hotels.

Banff National Park – It is Canada’s first constructed national park and also the nation’s largest park. It is known for its gorgeous scenery and wildlife. Mammals like black bears, moose, bison, grizzly bears and bald eagles are found there.

Loonies and Toonies – One dollar coin and Two-dollar coin are called loony and toony, respectively, in Canada.

Illegal to kill a mouse – One of the fun facts of Canada is that it is illegal to kill a mouse there. We have to get a license from the government to keep mice in our house as pets.

One of the coldest capitals of the world, Ottawa – It is the capital of Canada, but it is not the most populated city and ranks third in terms of population. Primarily a place for trade and commerce.

Most peaceful country in the world – Canada has made its name in the top ten peaceful countries of the world. Although there has been a disparity between Canada and USA, still it has been made to the top ten list while the USA is in 122nd rank in the list of peaceful countries.

Low quality of bottled water – People of Canada think that tap water is better than bottled water and even tastes better than it. It is one of the fun facts in Canada

The cultural capital of Quebec province, Montreal – It has the largest French-speaking community. Its main sights are the Olympic Tower, ancient buildings of Old Montreal and water parks. It is a good revenue generating centre in Canada for tourism.

Marvellous mountains, Whistler – Spectacular mountains called Whistler and Blackcomb are present in Canada. It is renowned for its famous alpine ski destination in North America. It also has varied types of villages. People use peak to peak gondola transports while moving from villages to the mountains.

Letter to Santa Clause – One of the fun facts of Canada is that their Post Office receives letters from millions of children that have been addressed to Santa Clause.

Vancouver Islands – One of the most prominent tourist attraction centres in Canada. It is the largest island on the west coast of the North American Continent. It is famous for the city of Victoria, the marvellous Butchart Gardens and the surf town of Tofino. Butchart Gardens are filled with cradles of lush green trees and colourful blooms of flowers. 

The surf town of Tofino – It is a coastal town that is centred around surfing. It has aesthetic hidden caves and sandy beaches. It is beautiful and is then scaled up by spectacular forests, mountains and lakes, making it a marvellous surf location in North America.

Learning about batman – One of the fun facts in Canada is that the University of Victoria provides a course on the science of batman.

Quebec City – It is located in Eastern Canada. Primarily renowned for its architecture, French heritage and language. It is viewed as an enchanting European village in the country.

Magical City of Toronto – It is the capital of Ontario. It is the most populated city in Canada and one of the largest cities in North America. Mostly known for its diverse culture.

It is filled up with ethnic’s places such as Chinatown, Little India and little Italy. Main tourist attractions are CN tower, the fairy tale castle of Cara Loma, beaches, and outdoor activities.

Vain attack of America – Even being one of the peaceful countries in the world, Canada won against America twice in 1775 and 1812. It is one of the fun facts for Canada.

Vancouver – If you are a nature lover, then Vancouver should be a must on your bucket list. It is located on the coast mountains and Pacific Oceans in British Columbia.

It is mainly known for its marvellous landscape that presents the tourists a place to swim and provides a place for snow skiing. Stanley Park is also one of the major attractions there. It is renowned for its woodlands, gardens, and aesthetic greens.

Smallest jail – One of Canada facts funny is the smallest jail. Coboconk is one of the smallest jails in the world, with around 26.68 square meters of area.

Consumption of Macaroni and Cheese is high – Macaroni and cheese are the classic delicacies of Canadian people, so their consumption is very high.

Discovery of Insulin – Most of the people in the world suffer from diabetes. The marvellous discovery of insulin which is used in the treatment of diabetes, was made in Canada.

Saint Louis du Ha! Ha! – It is considered the most cheerful town in the world. It even holds the world record for having two exclamation marks on the town’s name. It is one of the fun facts for Canada.

The spectacular invention of the electric wheelchair – People of Canada never let their disability be their disadvantage, so that thought drew the inventions of both wheelchairs and wheelchair buses.

Oil reserves – Oil is the most valuable commodity in today’s world. It is used in creating energy, which helps in the production of electricity and other fuel uses. Canada has the third-largest oil reserves in the world.

Jail for Polar Bear – It is one of the Canada facts funny, that jail is made for Polar Bear. It is illegal for a polar bear to barge in the house and steal food in Canada.

The third country in space – Canada was considered the third country in space but had the most advanced space programme at that time.

Pablum – Pablum is a processed cereal that originated in Canada and was given to six-year-old children ready for solids.

Existence of two national sports – One of the fun facts about Canada can be the existence of two national sports. One is hockey, and the other one is lacrosse. Lacrosse is a North American and Indian game where a long-handled stick throws and catches the ball.

Existence of Inuit People – These people mainly live in the arctic regions of the country. Mostly these regions are heavily covered with snow, so agriculture is not an option there. So, people living there are mostly centred on hunting culture.

Humble living – They are considered as one of the humblest people in the world. They have a habit of saying sorry even when it is not their fault. For them, the Apologies act was launched in 2009. According to which, people genuinely saying sorry in court means not admitting to their guilt.

Polar Bear licensed plates – Most cities in the northwest of Canada have polar bear license plates. It is one of the fun facts about Canada.

World-famous Peanut Butter – Who in the world has not heard about peanut butter? Peanut butter, which is considered as one of the compulsory items in Western countries, originated from Canada.

Poutine, cultural delicacy of Canada – It is the national dish of Canada and is made in their functions and ceremonies. It is a classic combination of French fries, delicious curry and iconic cheese curds. It first emerged in Quebec, Canada. It mostly appears on the French menu.

The land is sparsely populated – 90 percent of the land is not inhabited, and the people of Canada occupy only 10 percent of the land. It ranks second in terms of area of the whole world.

Canada’s population is about 0.48 percent of the total world population and ranks 39th in terms of population. According to this data, you can imagine how many people live there.

Softball Sized Hail Stones – Canada is the only country where grapefruit sized hailstones had damage many cars, mirrors brokened, dents to the car bodies. The size of these tennis ball sized hailstones measure approx 10cm. This happens at evening time on 2th august 2022 in western province of Alberta.

Maple syrup and beaver – Canada is popularly known as the land of maple syrup and beaver. More than 60% of maple syrup is produced in Canada, and who does not love to have maple syrup over their pancakes.

canada flag

One of the interesting facts of Canada is that the beaver is Canada’s most populated living animal and the world’s second-largest rodent. It is also known to have renowned attractions, urban comforts, spectacular mountains, majestic lakes and marvellous greenery.


Travel always comes with experience. And this experience constantly changes us to our better selves. Over the years, Canada has become a popular tourist destination. This is due to their serene landscapes, marvellous waterfalls, spectacular beaches, breath taking mountains and many more. Their people are amiable and welcoming.

They tend to help a stranger even in times of their need. Talking to them also feels like home. Once you visit there, you will never want to return home. Their art, culture, lifestyle, people, place, everything is iconic in their ways. After learning the exciting and fun facts about Canada, you will want to visit and enjoy their culture.

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