These 26 Fun Facts About Germany May Amaze You

Germany is one the most interesting place in the world with a wonderful history and colourful cultures. It is located in central Europe and shares borders with lots of countries like Denmark, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Poland.

Whereas the capital city is Berlin located in the northeast part of the country with a population of around 4millions and the total population is around 83millions and has an area of about 357,386km2 making it the 7th largest country in Europe. It is one of the most famous countries in the European region.

Germany’s economy is the largest in Europe and the fifth-largest throughout the world and has some amazing inventions such as automobiles, x-ray technology, Mp3,electric drill, printing press and chip card etc. It is also called a land of “poets and thinkers” and they are famous for all forms of art and classical music.

Germany is one of the populous country in central Europe after Russia where as number of immigrants live and study here. The currency here is Euro and each Euro is divided into 100cents. Since the second world war the country has been developed as one of the worlds largest economies and still it has been moving towards its growth and innovations.

History Of Germany

Between the years 1945-1990, the countries people lived out in a divided land. The country was made into two separate states one as Germany democratic republic(East Germany) And the other as federal republic of Germany(West Germany) and these two states were divided out with borders but also divided with political systems as well.

East Germany was a communist state and west Germany was a democratic form of government. After the year 1990 both separated states we’re reunited again and referred as Berlin republic as great power again in the world.

Fun Facts About Germany

1. Education in Germany is free even for internationals

German universities are always ranked among the world’s best and their excellence is about the international education principles. There exist hundreds of colleges in this country that retain free or very low-fee tuition projects accessible for global students.

This implies on international and domestic undergraduates at common institutes, here u can study for free at no any other expenses. The German college system is incredibly well-structured and creates some of the broadly executed learners in the world.

2. Land of forest

Nearly one-third of the country remains forested. It is recognized as a land of forest. In all, around 33% of Germany’s land region is forest and that is 11 million hectares with approximately over around 90 billion trees and it credits among the densely wooded regions in Europe. One-third of the nationwide region is forested.

3. Germany Loves Bread

Bread is omnipresent in this country. Mostly people retain more bakeries and eat additional varieties of bread than maximum different countries in the world. People here bakes nearly 300 varieties of bread and does not compute local variations. German bread is various any additional bread understood to Europe.

It is dark, leathery and dense, comprised mostly of whole grains. It has some of greatly famous bread are rye-wheat, toast bread, whole-grain, wheat-rye, white bread, and multigrain. Bread is a tack for maximum banquets here at breakfast, break-time and dinner.

4. Attempting To Escape Jail Is Legal In Germany

A unique fact is here is escaping from jail is legal as big as no crime is inflicted in the system. Attempting to escape from jail is not punishable in this country, as the constitution evaluates freedom to be a main human impulse. Though, due to the usage of CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and blocked windows, it is very hard for German jailbirds to escape in the main spot.

5. Beer

The Germans are recognized for their large variety of beer, retained in check by the Deutsches Reinheitsgebot the German Beer Purity Law and the country is widely learned both for its long-standing beer income business. The largest Beer Festival in the world is the Oktoberfest in Munich, where the quantity of the one beer drink is not limited to 500ml but u drink full litre.

Drinking beer in the populace is not almost legal in various parts of the country, but further extremely common. Germany is the second-largest consumer of beer in the world

6. Most taxis in Germany are Mercedes

The major car used as a taxi is Mercedes. Mercedes existed one of the initial to give Diesel engines in passenger cars. Diesel was chosen because it’s reasonable than petrol and Diesels retain adequately gas mileage. Taxi drivers are quickly recognisable by their cream coloured cars capped with yellow taxi signs. Mercedes gives specially configured cars organized for use as taxis as modern from the works.

7. Gummy Bears Are A German Invention

Gummy bears are a brad candy in Germany. Gummy Bears prevailed invented by the candy inventor, Hans Riegel  way around in the earlier 1920s when he began his candy company, Haribo. He became deterred with his dead-end employment as a confectionary labourer and began his own candies company, getting hard, colourless sweets utilizing a copper vessel and marble chunk in his kitchen along with his wife.

Gummy Bears shortly evolved one of the largely popular candy inventions always and their favor  kept growing until today. The candy existed in bear shape. The gummy bears exist delicate, smooth, and sweet. Two of the main components in gummy candies exist gelatine and carnauba resin.

8. The legal drinking age in Germany is 16

Germany is well-known for its drinking culture. It is widely learned for retaining one of the worst drinking ages of any country in the world. The proper drinking age is 16, though teenagers must stay until they’re 18 to drink spirits.

9. Germany made the first magazine

The first magazine in this country was developed in the year 1663, called Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen. It prevailed in publications and philosophical magazines.

10. Germany named 1st to approve the Daylight Saving Time(DST)

It was the first nation in the world to adopt Daylight saving time on April 30, 1916. Because, as it looks like, for Germans it prevailed all about the war. In an action to preserve fuel wanted to produce weapons and bombs for World War I in their manufacturers. Daylight Saving Time is the process of setting the clocks one hour forward of standard time to bring the help of more sunlight in the summer and fall sunsets.

11. They has a lot of castles

The pointers down has the best variety of wonderful castles. Castles are extremely popular here. There are around 20,000 castles in Germany, most of them prevailing at least 100 years ancient. Several of these castles were swivelled into museums, hotels, or cultural design centres for society to admire.

12. The capital of the country was changed several times

Germany’s capital centre keeps shifted many times. These cities retain all at one time or another prevailed capitals of modern-day German territory. Aachen during the Carolingian Empire, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Berlin, Weimar during confusion in Berlin, Bonn and, since 1990, Berlin again.

13. There are 35 dialects of the German language

Dialects vary leaning on the country it is said in. German includes in many dialects, greatest of which pertain to either the High level or Low level German dialectal communities. The major variation between High and Low German is in the key system, particularly in the consonants. Various dialects retain a great influence in maximum regions

14. The first printed book was in Germany

The first book to always be printed prevailed the Bible by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1450s. Johannes Gutenberg developed the skill of printing with portable metal variety, a modern technique that would bring it apparent for editions to be printed shortly and in capacity. In 1455, the Gutenberg Bible evolved the first great book printed in Western Europe. Still this key event existed in a small German city named Mainze.

15. Don’t celebrate anyone’s birthday ahead of time

Germans believe it bad luck to celebrate birthdays ahead. They think in a perspective that a before congratulation for a birthday remembers the recipient that he or she could depart before the virtual date arises. Telling “Happy Birthday” to a German before the real date can steer to furious looks and even anger. For maximum Germans an advanced birthday wish is bad luck.

16. German highways have no speed limit

It could be the happiness for speed enthusiast because there exist 65% of the highways in the country retain no speed limit and are named the Autobahn. It exists the barely European country to not retain a common speed limit on its highways. There exist additional than 8,000 leagues of autobahn, Speed limits are assign by the federal government.

17. Fanta used as a star ingredient in deserts

Fanta is one of the largely popular soft drinks in the world. During World War II, Coca-Cola syrup existed hard to import into Nazi Germany. As an outcome, Germans formulated the insanely sweet orange soda, also realized as Fanta.

18. Rank in Global peace Index

Global peace index is a report produced by IEP(institute of economics and peace) measures the regions and nations rankings based upon the level of societal safety and security. The rank of the country in global peace index is 22nd out of 163 countries according the peace index of year 2019. Mostly many students from other countries would love studying and doing a job here.

19. In Germany Almost everything is closed on Sunday

It’s all because of a “shop closing law” other than gas stations, train stations and airport almost all shops to be closed on Sundays. A German federal law since 1956 it bans all stores to close their doors for every Sunday.

20. It is one of the least corrupted country

Around out of 180 countries Germany ranks 9th in the worlds corruption perception index(CPI) with a score of 80marks leading above of big countries like US, Spain, France and UK. The level of corruption here in public sector is low. Compared to the some old corruption perception index score of 2009 was 79 and it has been increased with a score of upto 80 marks in the year 2019-2020.

21. Longest word published in German language

The longest word is of around 79 words and it holds a Guinness world record for being a longest word in a German language written as Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft as it has been translates in English as association for subordinates officials of the main maintenance building of the danube steam shipping electrical services.

22. Octoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world celebrated in Munich

Octoberfest here is the worlds largest beer festival. It is to be held annually in Munich and it is a festival of 16-18 days every year runs from mid or late September to the first weekend of October around more than 6million of people around the world particulate in this festival.

23. The tradition of Christmas tress

This a tradition of Christmas tree has began during the 16th century in Germany the devout Christians has brought decorated trees into their homes.

24. Consumption of alcohol in public is permitted

Here beer and water prices are equally the same and the best part is drinking alcohol in public is legal and they are called be of the heaviest alcohol drinking nation in Europe and according to the world health organization the European region has the largest alcohol intake through out the world.

25. The popular drink Fanta was made here

Fanta to be called an orange soft drink and it was created in Germany in the year 1940 during world war 2 in Nazi and it has been called one of the famous soft drinks throughout the world owned by Coca-Cola

german flag

26. Citizens can travel to over 100 countries without a visa 

According to the current henley passport index report, Germany has the third most powerful passport In travel freedom and it holds the highest freedom of travelling internationally means people from here mostly can travel without a visa or travel approval easily.

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